Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 14 - Li Xuan

Chapter 14: Li Xuan

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A silver ant that can fly. Could it be a Legendary stage dimensional creature? Zhou Wen thought.

He had planned on reviving the blood-colored avatar and heading for the area where the silver flying ant had appeared, but with noon almost approaching, Zhou Wen could only put it on hold.

Although Yu Qiubai had tacitly allowed him to skip classes, he had arranged for Zhou Wen and Li Xuan to meet at noon. Therefore, Zhou Wen needed to make the trip.

Zhou Wen originally imagined that they would meet in school, but to his surprise, Yu Qiubai drove Zhou Wen out of school after morning classes and arrived at a private club east of the city.

“Li Xuan is quite someone with an ostentatious character, but he’s not a bad person. You are only here for the test, so don’t take anything else to heart.” Before entering the club, Yu Qiubai exhorted Zhou Wen with deep underlying tones.

“Sir, don’t worry. I know what I should do,” Zhou Wen said with a nod.

Although Zhou Wen was already mentally prepared, he was still somewhat surprised when he saw Li Xuan inside a luxurious private room.

A teenager who looked about sixteen was sitting on a huge sofa. His shirt was untidy and frivolous and around him were beauties.

“Old Yu, come and have a drink,” the teenager raised his glass of alcohol when he saw Yu Qiubai, slipping effortlessly into addressing him by an affectionate diminutive.

“There’s no need for that. I still have classes this afternoon.” Yu Qiubai seemed accustomed to this. As though not noticing the sexy ladies, he pointed to Zhou Wen and introduced, “Li Xuan, this is the Zhou Wen I mentioned before. He’s very capable and should be of some help for your test.”

“Old Yu, don’t worry. On your account, I’ll let him join me. Getting a pretty good result won’t be a problem,” Li Xuan downed his alcohol and said indifferently.

“Hearing you say that puts me at ease. I still have lessons so I’ll be heading back to school. Have a discussion with Zhou Wen about the combat test,” Yu Qiubai said.

“Old Yu, are you really not going to have any drinks? The alcohol and women here are really good.” Li Xuan said with a chuckle.

“Thanks for the offer. I still have classes, so I’ll be heading back.” Yu Qiubai waved his hand and said to Zhou Wen, “Leave the application to me. Stay here for the next few days to familiarize yourself with Li Xuan and the rest. It will be good for you during the combat test.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Zhou Wen was rather moved.

Yu Qiubai had no ties with him; yet, he was helping him at the risk of offending An Tianzuo. It left him feeling very grateful.

“By getting into a reputable school and having a decent future is a way to not let me and the former principal down.” Yu Qiubai patted Zhou Wen on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll be heading back. Have a good discussion with Li Xuan about the details.”

After Yu Qiubai left, Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan who was reveling amidst the embraces of the beauties. He asked, “Do we get the other two teammates here and do some teamwork training before the test begins?”

Li Xuan narrowed his eyes and said to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, right? I’ve heard of you, the number one genius in Guide High School.”

“Just some random rumors. Don’t treat it seriously,” Zhou Wen said.

“That’s right. In a small city like Guide City, how can there be a real genius? If you were really a genius, you wouldn’t have been defeated by An Jing’s single strike,” Li Xuan said languidly. “There’s no need for any teamwork practice. I’m allowing you to join my team solely because of Old Yu. When the time comes, make sure you follow obediently behind us and not give us trouble.”

“That works,” Zhou Wen said, unfazed.

“Do you drink? If you can finish this bottle, I’ll let you choose from them.” Li Xuan placed a bottle of alcohol in front of Zhou Wen.

“I don’t drink.” Zhou Wen shook his head.

“Up to you.” Li Xuan found Zhou Wen boring and ignored him as he began having fun himself.

Zhou Wen found a corner to sit down and began gaming on his phone, continuing his grinding fest.

He wasn’t interested in staying here, but since Yu Qiubai had requested he stay behind, he didn’t think it was right to leave. Therefore, he just stayed behind to game.

Seeing Zhou Wen sitting motionless in the corner gaming, Li Xuan had a feeling of contempt for him. To wallow in self-misery just because of a little setback. For this good-for-nothing, Old Yu had to beg me. It wasn’t worth it.

Suddenly, Li Xuan’s heart stirred. He whispered to a sexy girl beside him.

“You’re naughty.” The girl jokingly snapped back as she walked towards Zhou Wen with her hips swaying.

Zhou Wen was busy grinding, eager to rush back to where the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was. He wanted to know what level the dimensional creature was.

Just as he was getting into it, he suddenly felt a softness touching his arm. Then, a sweet voice rang in his ear. “Hey Handsome, what’s this game? Is it fun?”

“Yes.” Zhou Wen continued grinding without looking up. After all, even if they saw the game, the cartoon-styled ants and the interface made it difficult for one to connect it to the dangerous dimensional zones.

Besides, Zhou Wen had never heard of a dimensional zone that was an ant nest.

When the girl saw Zhou Wen ignoring her, she subconsciously bit her lip. Then, she reached out to caress his cheek. She slightly used some force as she turned Zhou Wen’s head towards her as she leaned into his ear and breathed out. “What’s so fun about the game? Why not play a game with me?”

As Li Xuan drank, he watched Zhou Wen’s reaction with piqued interest. He thought to himself, Zhou Wen is such a gaming addict. He probably has never touched a woman’s body, much less a woman as coquettish as Xiaoya. Will he end up with a nose bleed as a result?

Xiaoya had only thought of turning Zhou Wen’s face slightly. Under such situations, men would automatically look at her, but despite doing so, Zhou Wen’s face was unmovable, like a rock. His eyes were still peeled to the phone screen.

A little peeved, Xiaoya exerted some strength, and forcibly turned Zhou Wen’s head. As she used too much strength, Zhou Wen’s cheeks were a little deformed from the squishing.

Zhou Wen was grinding and was unwilling to be unfocused. The blood-colored avatar was amidst a horde of Vigor Ants, so any moment of distraction led to possible death—the loss of one drop of blood.

Over the past month, Zhou Wen had been using his blood to game. With so much blood being expended, he was beginning to suffer from anemia; therefore, he didn’t even wish to lose one drop.

Although Zhou Wen was facing her because of her twisting, Xiaoya realized that his eyes were still diagonally peeled to his phone screen. Enraged, she reached out her other hand and held his face with both hands. She turned his head even more, making Zhou Wen have no choice but to look at her. Then, she revealed a mesmerizing smile and said sweetly, “Stop gaming. Let’s have some drinks, alright?”

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