Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 15 - Don't Disturb My Gaming

Chapter 15: Don’t Disturb My Gaming

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When Zhou Wen’s gaze was forced away from the phone screen, he immediately frowned.

He had just seen a Mutated Vigor Ant rush over and if he didn’t control his blood-colored avatar to take on the battle, it could easily lead to a “GAME OVER.”

Without having the luxury of time to think, Zhou Wen only wished to shift his gaze back to his phone. He instantly extended his hand and pressed it against Xiaoya’s face. With a slight nudge, he said, “Don’t disturb my gaming.”

Zhou Wen didn’t use much of his strength, but he had forgotten how substantially his Strength had increased recently. Xiaoya hadn’t cultivated at all, so her physical constitution was inferior to even the typical high schooler.

This casual push ended up pushing Xiaoya entirely backward as she plopped to the ground.

“Pfft!” Upon seeing Zhou Wen pushing Xiaoya to the ground with a look of contempt, Li Xuan spewed out a mouthful of alcohol as he choked and coughed.

The room instantly fell silent as the eight sexy girls looked at Zhou Wen as though he was a monster.

Xiaoya was half-slumped on the ground as she wore a look of disbelief. She next felt aggrieved and furious. As she got to her feet, she cursed, “Why resort to violence? Serves you right to be single!”

Zhou Wen was focused on killing the Mutated Vigor Ant and hadn’t noticed her rage. He ignored her and continued rapidly firing commands into his phone.

Upon seeing Xiaoya’s aggrieved look, Li Xuan was amused. This punk’s quite interesting!

Xiaoya was a headliner at this private club. Although her demeanor was inferior to the top escorts in the big cities, her figure was unparalleled. Even Li Xuan found Xiaoya excellent in everything other than her demeanor, speech, and actions. She left him rather mesmerized.

However, Zhou Wen’s look of contempt when he pushed her amused him greatly.

If it isn’t because this punk is a naturally insensitive man, there’s a high chance that he has gynophobia because of the beating he suffered under An Jing, a woman. Li Xuan thought without any ill intent.

Zhou Wen sat there gaming the entire time. Li Xuan quickly lost his interest in him and began reveling in fun again.

The entire club’s top floor had been reserved by Li Xuan. There was everything one needed. Li Xuan’s ignorance of Zhou Wen was something the latter enjoyed as well. He could keep grinding in-game.

After storming the Ant Nest for an hour, Zhou Wen once again arrived at the area he had previously spotted the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. Indeed, it had grown a pair of silver wings and its entire body was silver like the typical flying ant.

It was extremely fast and even though Zhou Wen was prepared, he wasn’t able to last long against it. Soon, he had his chest impaled by the Silver-Winged Flying Ant as it flew across the sky.

It was extremely fast and it was very agile in midair. It was able to change trajectory like a bat, causing Zhou Wen’s Vigor Divine Fist to be of no use against it. He couldn’t hit it.

Although the Silver-Winged Flying Ant is powerful, it’s unlikely to have reached the Legendary stage. Killing it isn’t impossible, but I need to make careful plans. Zhou Wen thought.

From his observations, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Strength and Constitution were not weaker than that of the Mutated Vigor Ant. Furthermore, its speed was much faster than the Mutated Vigor Ant. This was also why it was so difficult to beat.

Rank 9 Vigor Divine Fist was likely capable of injuring the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, but without being able to touch it, no amount of Strength mattered.

Also, the ant horde’s influence on Zhou Wen was significant. Although Zhou Wen and his Mutated Vigor Ant weren’t afraid of a huge group of Vigor Ants, it severely restricted his freedom of movement, making him unable to dodge the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s attacks in the confined space.

From the looks of it, to kill it, I need to deliver the attack at the moment it approaches. However, it’s not easy to grasp the opportunity. Zhou Wen entered the game again and as he stormed towards the area where the Silver-Winged Flying Ant resided, he considered how he could seize the opportunity to deliver a counterattack.

After about an hour, Zhou Wen once again arrived in front of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. At the instant the latter charged and appeared above the blood-colored avatar, Zhou Wen threw out Vigor Divine Fist in a bid to kill it.

However, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s body did a bizarre twist when it was less than half a feet from Zhou Wen’s fist. While dodging the Vigor Divine Fist, its blade-like claws decapitated the blood-colored avatar from the back.

Zhou Wen made repeated attempts, but all of them ended with failure. The Silver-Winged Flying Ant was just too nimble and his Vigor Divine Fist just couldn’t touch it.

The only time he hit the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was when he used Inch Punch. He threw out the punch when it was extremely close to him and had successfully hit it.

However, Inch Punch wasn’t augmented like a Primordial Energy Skill. It wasn’t too effective when hitting the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and failed to seriously damage it.

If only Vigor Divine Fist can deliver strength just like Inch Punch. That way, I don’t have to waste so much time swinging my arm. I’ll then have the chance of releasing my strength instantaneously when it’s in close proximity to kill it. Unfortunately, Vigor Divine Fist is an in-game technique… That’s not right… The in-game character is no different from me. If I’m able to use Vigor Divine Fist like Inch Punch, I’ll be able to deliver explosive strength at short distances. As such, my in-game character will also be able to do it… Realizing this, Zhou Wen put away his phone and began experimenting with how he could deliver Vigor Divine Fist using the principles of Inch Punch.

Vigor Divine Fist was a very open and showy move, a Primordial Energy Skill that delivered a critical strike. When delivering it, he had to make some huge retracting moves, somewhat different from Inch Punch. Clearly, to modify Vigor Divine Fist’s delivery to be similar to Inch Punch’s was very difficult.

Zhou Wen made repeated attempts and although it was very difficult, he wasn’t willing to give up.

Li Xuan woke up from his nap and saw Zhou Wen throwing out punches again and again in the corner as if he was practicing punching.

He didn’t pay much notice at first, imagining that Zhou Wen was tired from gaming and was simply stretching his body. However, when he realized Zhou Wen was still punching two hours later, he couldn’t help but observe.

This is Inch Punch? But the way strength is delivered and the magnitude of the movement is too much. It’s terrible. Li Xuan lost interest after watching for a moment. Zhou Wen’s punches weren’t anything worth watching.

Two days before the college entrance exams, Zhou Wen kept trying to fuse the Vigor Divine Fist and Inch Punch together. He had a brief inkling of what was needed but was unable to fully master it.

Time quickly passed and the college entrance exams began. The first three days were ordinary high school subjects. After Yu Qiubai came with their candidate passes, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan headed for their exam centers separately and completed their own examinations.

On the fourth day, Zhou Wen came to the combat test venue and met up with Li Xuan.

The combat test was held in a dimensional zone. As every dimensional zone was different, there were some differences in the combat test across districts.

Guide City’s combat test was held in Guide Ancient City. In the dimensional storms decades ago, a dimensional rift opened, turning the area into a dimensional zone.

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