Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 28 - Jing Daoxian

Chapter 28: Jing Daoxian

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Zhou Wen was still a pure and innocent virgin who had never been in a relationship before. Furthermore, always being focused on cultivation, he had never considered this problem.

The elder’s question was somewhat odd, but Zhou Wen answered after some serious thought, “Women with smaller breasts.”

The elder was delighted to hear that as he said with a smile, “That’s exactly what I think too. Only women with smaller breasts are beautiful. What’s so nice about big-breasted women? They are no different from cows. Only babies who still suck on their mother’s tit will like cows.”

Although Zhou Wen didn’t agree with the elder, he didn’t think it worth arguing with him. He chose women with smaller breasts because having big breasts made it unsuitable for combat. It would affect one’s sense of balance.

The elder’s complexion seemed a lot better once he broached the topic of women. He continued asking in excitement, “Lad, let me ask you another question. Do you like gentle women who are docile and obedient or women who are shrewd and unreasonable?”

This old man sure is odd. Does he have a screw loose? Who wouldn’t like a docile and obedient woman and instead like an unreasonable shrewd?

Zhou Wen had the intention of answering that he preferred docile women, but he felt that choosing this would only excite the elder even more. There would then be no end to the conversation. Besides, Zhou Wen had no interest in continuing his chat with the elder.

“I like shrewd and unreasonable women,” Zhou Wen swallowed the words he wanted to say and spoke against his will.

To his surprise, the elder smacked his thigh before Zhou Wen could even finish his sentence. He said in great excitement, “Not bad! Not bad! It’s only when women are shrewd and unreasonable that they are cute and fun. Those docile and obedient women are no different from dead fish. What’s so fun about that? I never expected a young lad like you would have such refined taste in women…”

The way the elder treated Zhou Wen as though he was a confidant left him bewildered. He was momentarily at a loss for words.

He’s a lunatic indeed. Zhou Wen was increasingly convinced that the elder wasn’t mentally sound. Otherwise, how could he have said such inane stuff?

If Zhou Wen had chosen honestly, he definitely wouldn’t have chosen unreasonable shrewd women.

“Uncle, where do you live? Do you need me to take you home?” Zhou Wen really didn’t want to be caught up here. All he wanted was to send the elder off and find somewhere to eat so that he could return to his gaming.

The elder ignored Zhou Wen and continued rambling, “Lad, you have exquisite taste when it comes to women. You are a genius. However, you don’t look good and your body condition isn’t great. One’s body is crucial when hitting on chicks. If you don’t have a good body, you will be lacking in the strength needed, despite having good taste…”

What the hell? You call this good taste? Zhou Wen regretted agreeing to the elder’s request for a chat.

Having said that, the elder groped around before pulling out a tattered diary. “You are quite a fine lad and are rather compatible with me. Written in here is a Primordial Energy Art. If you cultivate it, it will be beneficial for you. As long as you can master it, you will have the strength to deal with any problematic women in the future.”

A dark cloud hovered over Zhou Wen. The elder seemed to be implying that the cultivation of Primordial Energy Arts was meant to deal with unreasonable shrewd women.

“Uncle, thanks for the offer. However, I’ve already cultivated in a Primordial Energy Art. I don’t need any others.” Zhou Wen already had the Sun Strafe Art, so he naturally wasn’t very interested in other Primordial Energy Arts. Furthermore, he doubted that the elder’s Primordial Energy Art was anything impressive.

The elder glanced at Zhou Wen and said in contempt, “Although this Skyfiend Treatise isn’t a top-grade Primordial Energy Art, it’s not anything your crappy one can compare with. Useless Primordial Energy Arts like Ascetic Meditation are meant for trash. You are a lad with exquisite taste. You shouldn’t be cultivating in such a trashy Primordial Energy Art.”

“How do you know I cultivate in Ascetic Meditation?” Zhou Wen was alarmed.

The elder curled his lips. “Although you don’t look well, there’s a yellow jade-like luster suffusing your skin and flesh. Your eyes are spirited and your bones are huge. Clear signs of cultivating Ascetic Meditation. However, it’s also at the beginner level. It’s good that you are still a beginner; otherwise, cultivating such a trashy Primordial Energy Art would have been a waste of your youth. It would have ruined your entire life.”

Zhou Wen sized up the elder. He hadn’t noticed before that this sickly old man was so keen.

As though reading his mind, the elder said, “Dazed? This Skyfiend Treatise is hundreds if not thousands of times better than Ascetic Meditation. It’s stronger than any Epic stage Primordial Energy Art at present. As long as you master it, you would definitely amount to much in the future. Although it wouldn’t make you invincible, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to advance to the Epic stage.”

“Thank you. I can’t accept something this valuable from a stranger. I’m very grateful for your kind intentions, but if there’s nothing else, I’ll be making a move now.” Zhou Wen didn’t know about the authenticity of the elder’s Skyfiend Treatise for he had never heard of such an Epic stage Primordial Energy Art.

Regardless if it was one, Zhou Wen already had the Sun Strafe Art. There was no need for him to cultivate in the Skyfiend Treatise of unknown origins.

With that said, Zhou Wen turned around as he prepared to leave. With the elder’s queer actions, he didn’t wish to attract more trouble. It was best he left as soon as possible.

“Stop right there.” Just as Zhou Wen turned around, he heard the elder’s cold bellow.

Zhou Wen wanted to ignore him and leave, but just as he opened his stride, he felt as though his body was being grabbed by a huge invisible hand. It yanked him back, turning him around to face the elder.

The elder’s turbid eyes were shimmering with a fearsome glint that resembled light bulbs.

He sat on the bench as he coughed slightly with his hand over his mouth. However, Zhou Wen could only stand motionless in front of the elder due to the invisible hand.

“I, Jing Daoxian, have reigned supreme for decades and no one has ever lived to say no to me.” The elder glared at Zhou Wen as he spoke coldly.

He found the words “Jing Daoxian” familiar; however, it was only when he matched this name to a memory did his expression change drastically.

When the dimensional storms first happened—in the period before the League government was established when it was the most chaotic period in human history—there had been a vile and bloodthirsty people. The most terrifying and evil of them all was named Jing Daoxian.

The legends of Jing Daoxian’s cruelty was enough for a novelist to write an epic tale, spanning ten million words or more.

Jing Daoxian was most infamous for storming the League government’s office, killing twenty-seven Epic experts. The rest of the lower-stage experts were too numerous to count. He had turned what represented the highest authority of the League into a river of blood.

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