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Chapter 29 - Lost Immortal Sutra

Chapter 29: Lost Immortal Sutra

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Many of the history books in the League had depicted that battle, the Day of the Fiendish Calamity. As for Jing Daoxian, he had the nickname of Fiend King. The number of Epic experts back then weren’t as numerous as the number these days, so to kill twenty-seven Epic experts basically meant slaughtering most of humanity’s strongest experts. It set back humanity’s strength by at least ten years.

Zhou Wen stared at the elder in front of him, finding it difficult to put this sickly old man with the terrifying Fiend King of legends.

“You are Fiend King Jing Daoxian?” Zhou Wen didn’t feel horrified because of his restrainment. This was because he knew very well that it didn’t make a difference.

“Do you now want it?” Jing Daoxian said to Zhou Wen with a faint smile.

“Yes.” Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate in answering for he had no intention of dying at the hands of this devil.

When Jing Daoxian heard Zhou Wen’s reply, he narrowed his eyes and said, “You may say so, but you don’t want it deep down. Even if you take it, I’m afraid you wouldn’t cultivate in it.”

Is this guy nuts? Zhou Wen thought. “I’m naturally not going to cultivate in it. If that Skyfiend Treatise is really a Primordial Energy Art of yours, wouldn’t the League’s government believe that I’m related to you if I were to master it? I would also be wanted.”

Jing Daoxian fell silent for a moment before his eyes lit up as though he had thought of something. Putting the notebook away, he took out something else.

It was a violet, metal box that resembled copper. However, it didn’t have the luster of copper with its dark, brushed-metal texture.

Looking small and exquisite, the metal box was squarish, about the size of a cigarette case. Carved on it were strange and messy patterns with three words written vertically in the middle.

“Lost Immortal Sutra!” Zhou Wen recognized the three words but didn’t understand what they meant.

The elder held the tiny box in front of Zhou Wen before lifting the lid. At this moment, Zhou Wen realized that it wasn’t a box but pieces of violet metal sheets that were connected to one another. They were like violet metal name cards.

There was a total of thirteen extremely thin, violet sheets. Each one was engraved with words the size of a fly’s head. Due to the tiny text, Zhou Wen wasn’t able to read the words on them.

Jing Daoxian didn’t look at the words on them. After opening it, all he did was wave the sheets in front of Zhou Wen before stacking them back together, turning them back into the violet metal block that resembled a cigarette case. Finally, he stuffed it into Zhou Wen’s hands.

“A Primordial Energy Art is written on it. It’s rather interesting, so take your time to cultivate it.” Jing Daoxian gave an odd smile, revealing his white teeth. It gave Zhou Wen the creeps.

Jing Daoxian stuffed the Lost Immortal Sutra into Zhou Wen’s hands before walking away amidst coughs with his back hunched. Soon, he vanished from the dark street.

Only then did Zhou Wen feel the invisible force around his body dissipate. Having regained control of his body, he glanced at the direction in which Jing Daoxian had vanished. Unable to see him, he hurriedly looked down at the metal slab in his hand.

The history books speak of Jing Daoxian as having an eccentric and unreasonable temperament. He does things as he pleases. It’s really an apt description. Legend has it that Jing Daoxian was capricious, killing people in a way no different from having his meals. He had no sense of morals. Zhou Wen didn’t believe that Jing Daoxian was nice enough to give him a high-grade Primordial Energy Art due to a lucky encounter.

Zhou Wen observed the metallic slab but failed to find anything special about it. Without opening it, it looked like a metal cigarette case.

After some thought, Zhou Wen didn’t check the Lost Immortal Sutra’s contents. He had the mysterious phone and Sun Strafe Art that destined him to become an expert. There was no need for him to take the risk of cultivating a Primordial Energy Art given to him by Jing Daoxian.

Hesitating for a moment while holding the metallic slab, Zhou Wen carefully placed it in his pocket.

Firstly, he was afraid that Jing Daoxian was watching nearby. If he were to throw it away, he was afraid that Jing Daoxian would flare up into a rage and kill him.

Secondly, Zhou Wen didn’t know if there were any harmful traps in the Lost Immortal Sutra. He wasn’t sure if others would be harmed if he just threw it away.

Looking in the direction that Jing Daoxian had vanished, Zhou Wen turned around and headed for the supermarket.

At the moment he turned around, Jing Daoxian, who was standing on another street, curled his lips. He sneered with an odd expression. I originally wanted to give you an opportunity for catching my fancy. Who knew that you are such a philistine. No one can live comfortably in this world after rejecting me. You’ll die regardless of whether you cultivate the Lost Immortal Sutra. If there’s anything to blame, blame it on yourself for not knowing better.

Suddenly, Jing Daoxian frowned slightly. Did they catch up that quickly?

With that said, Jing Daoxian walked towards the other end of the city, quickly vanishing from the city’s landscape.

Before Zhou Wen walked far, he saw people running toward him from the street ahead. They were wearing black uniforms that resembled a police uniform, but there were some differences. Despite carefully looking at it, he failed to recognize the uniform.

There were men and women in the group, with all of them looking to be in their twenties or thirties. The person leading them was a man in his thirties. He was clean-shaven other than the thin mustache above his lips. He was thin, with a hooked nose, and his eyes were as sharp as a blade.

“Hey there, did you see an elder in his seventies or eighties when you came from there?” The person ran past Zhou Wen without giving him a second glance. However, before they went far, the man who led the group stopped and turned to ask Zhou Wen.

“I think there was one. He headed in that direction.” Zhou Wen pointed in the direction where Jing Daoxian had left.

The man observed Zhou Wen for a moment before he nodded and said his thanks. Then, he led the group of uniformed personnel in the direction Zhou Wen had pointed.

Zhou Wen waited until they were a distance away before he turned around and briskly walked off. He really didn’t wish to embroil himself in such trouble. He sought a life of gaming in peace while schooling.

This time, he finally arrived at the supermarket without any mishap and bought plenty of food. Like always, Zhou Wen headed home and continued his grinding fest.

He gamed past one in the morning before he forced himself to put down the phone and go to bed.

Zhou Wen’s sleep quality had always been good. This might have something to do with his talent in being able to get into a focused state when learning something. It was the same with sleep. He could fall asleep within three seconds of lying down.

Zhou Wen imagined that he would be able to sleep till daybreak, but he felt something amiss while sleeping in the middle of the night.

In the past, Zhou Wen was able to sleep the entire night unless roused up by someone. But today was different. The room was so silent that one could hear a pin drop; yet, Zhou Wen woke up.

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