Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 10: Han Zhan Had Three Major Dislikes

Chapter 10: Han Zhan Had Three Major Dislikes

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Song Ci’s heart ached.

The only person whom she didn’t misjudge in her previous life was Yan Jiang.

Song Ci rubbed her chest and said, “I am not doing anything now. I went for an interview to be a pilot today and got the opportunity to be a trainee. Do you want to have a drink with me to celebrate?”

Song Ci treated Yan Jiang better. After all, he was the only person who cried for her outside the emergency room. Perhaps he might also be the only one who would visit her grave on her death anniversary.

“Alright, let’s go out and drink!”

“Good, let me go get dressed.”

After getting dressed, Song Ci let down her curly hair, put on elaborate makeup, and wore a pair of shades. She stood before the mirror to take a selfie without the need to use a filter, and she posted it on Weibo. She then set off for the bar.

Meanwhile, Han Zhan’s driver was driving Li Li home. Still curious, Li Li searched for Song Ci on Weibo to know more about this new trainee pilot. His primary motive was to see just how beautiful she was.

After scanning through her Weibo account, Li Li discovered that she was utterly gorgeous. He followed her account.

No man on earth wouldn’t appreciate a gorgeous woman.

Li Li was about to log out of Weibo when he saw that Song Ci posted something new. Curious, he glanced at it.

[ Song Ci: I am going to be Wangdong City’s coolest girl tonight.jpg ]

Li Li clicked on the photo.

In the photo, Song Ci was wearing a denim shirt over a black, low-cut halter top. And she wore some hot pants that accentuated her long, sexy legs and perky bum.

The photo was a selfie taken in front of a full-length mirror. She had her right hand holding a cell phone, and her left hand twirling a strand of curly hair. It was just a still image, but one could feel the sizzling hotness Song Ci exuded.

Li Li shook his head and sighed. It was hopeless.

It looked like even this lady couldn’t help Han Zhan lose his single status.

Regarding women, Han Zhan had three major dislikes.

Number one, he didn’t like curly hair. Number two, he didn’t like voluptuous figures. Number three, he didn’t like flirty and coquettish behavior.

Song Ci possessed all three characteristics.


Reaching the bar, Song Ci went up to the second floor and located Yan Jiang in a booth on the left side.

Yan Jiang was a peculiar character.

He was an actor and was considered the most handsome male celebrity in the entertainment circles. He was one of the top stars

Yan Jiang was extremely popular and had legions of fans.

Since he was too handsome, it was rather difficult for Yan Jiang to receive suitable roles. Moreover, he was very picky and refused to take part in films without a meaningful script. As a result, he could not act in any films despite being very popular.

Three years ago, the paparazzi wanted to mock him for having not acted in any films. Knowing that he had only acted in one film then, they asked him a sarcastic question:

‘What do you think was your most perfect creation to-date?’

Yan Jiang’s reply was very admirable. ‘Myself. I am my most perfect creation.’

Even as some mocked Yan Jiang for being too picky and narcissistic, his fans remained devoted to him.

Yan Jiang and Song Ci were neighbors when they were young, and the two families were especially close. But after the earthquake and after the Mu Family adopted Song Ci, Yan Jiang lost contact with both Song Ci and Song Fei.

Song Ci grew up to become Wangdong City’s foremost debutante and major influencer, while Yan Jiang turned into a leading male celebrity and the most handsome actor in the entertainment circles. With what they’ve become, it was inevitable that the two of them would bump into each other at a fashion event. As they chatted, they realized that they were childhood friends.

They were friends involved in many shenanigans together when they were young and then reunited as adults. It was only natural that they were kindred spirits and became best friends.

Most interestingly, even though he was a male celebrity, Yan Jiang had excellent accolades in basic medicine, clinical medicine, and forensics. Few people knew that Yan Jiang’s ambition was to be a forensic doctor.

He often said that if he couldn’t make it in the entertainment circles, he would become a forensic doctor and hang out with dead people.

When Song Ci saw Yan Jiang, he was reading a medical dissection book as he snacked on popcorn.

Yan Jiang had a white t-shirt over a black long-sleeved shirt with a feather pattern. His hair was long, and a silver chain hung around his neck.

Although he had dressed simply, a handsome man was a handsome man, regardless. Even on a regular t-shirt, he was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Sitting beside Yan Jiang, Song Ci poured herself a glass of red wine.

Yan Jiang turned and gazed at Song Ci for a long while. He looked lofty and arrogant, but his voice was gentle and elegant as he said, “I have not seen you for a few days and you seem different now.”

Song Ci paused.

She met Yan Jiang’s eyes and put on an enigmatic expression. “How am I different? Let’s see if you can guess correctly.”

Yan Jiang gazed into Song Ci’s eyes and pursed his lips. “You have become even more coquettish.”

There was a mouthful of red wine left in her glass, and Song Ci splashed it on Yan Jiang’s face.

Yan Jiang was already used to her feisty tactics.

He wiped his face with a napkin as he clicked his tongue. “You are doomed. My face is insured. How dare you splash wine on my face? Aren’t you afraid that my fans would tear you to pieces?”

Song Ci apologized without an ounce of sincerity. “I was wrong.”

“Not accepted.” Yan Jiang cleaned his face and folded the napkin neatly before throwing it into the ashtray.

One of his many quirks.

Song Ci stared down at the crowd of hormonal youths dancing like crazy on the dance floor. Yan Jiang spoke again. “Did you meet with some difficulty? I can see that you are very moody.”

Song Ci turned to look at him.

Under the flashing strobe lights, Yan Jiang’s expression was serious.

It was as if Song Ci could hear Yan Jiang’s gut-wrenching sobs outside the emergency room. Her heart shuddered as she leaned against Yan Jiang’s head.

It took Yan Jiang aback. He looked rather shocked.

Song Ci was a little firecracker. She would never reveal her weak side to anyone that even her good friend Yan Jiang had never seen this fragile side of her before.

Yan Jiang couldn’t help but feel worried.

“What happened? Who bullied you?”

Song Ci said, “I finally believe that if I were to die one day, and if anyone were to cry for me—that person would be you.”

‘Since I have heard you cry for me before, I never want to hear you cry for me again in this life.’

Yan Jiang was dumbstruck and somewhat moved by Song Ci’s words. Even so, he pushed Song Ci away. “Get lost, don’t cop a feel.”

Since Song Ci felt very melancholic, Yan Jiang’s push caught her off-guard. She fell sideways and knocked into a passing waiter who was holding a tray full of drinks. As a result, the tray flipped over and all the drinks splashed onto her.

Everybody was dumbstruck by the string of events.

Song Ci was speechless.

This was why Song Ci had no romantic feelings toward Yan Jiang despite his handsome face.

Yan Jiang didn’t expect things to turn out this way either, and the two of them stared at each other.

“I apologize.” Yan Jiang raised both hands in surrender.

Song Ci said, “Get lost!”

Since there was no way they could continue with the evening, Yan Jiang settled the bill and left the bar with Song Ci.

Hugging his dissection book, Yan Jiang stared at Song Ci’s drenched hair. He asked sheepishly, “I called my driver. How are you going back?”

Song Ci replied, “I will call for a private car.”

Right after she had spoken, Song Ci suddenly stared at the road on the opposite side.

Yan Jiang followed her gaze and saw Mu Qiu. Mu Qiu was standing with a bunch of girls and looked somewhat ill. She was leaning limply against the girl beside her.

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