Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 9: She Was Both Docile and Rebellious

Chapter 9: She Was Both Docile and Rebellious

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Inside the car, Li Li kept glancing behind him to catch a glimpse of Han Zhan.

After Li Li had done that for the fifth time, Han Zhan finally opened his mouth and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Li Li hurriedly turned back.

He pretended to type a few keys on his laptop before putting on a nonchalant manner. “I heard that one of the newly hired trainee pilots is a female.”

Han Zhan replied, “Mmm.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s cold, emotionless response, Li Li gave an inward sigh. He heard that this trainee was very beautiful.

If this gorgeous woman, who even Bei Zhan extolled, didn’t make an impression on Mr. Han—who else would catch his eye? Did he prefer men?

Li Li couldn’t resist scrutinizing his looks in the rearview mirror. He had good, regular features, and he possessed a natural set of large, limpid, black eyes. His skin was also naturally fair and smooth.

He was a bona fide handsome dude.

Could it be that Han Zhan liked someone the same as him?

The assistant felt a sense of danger. He shifted uncomfortably and said in a small voice, “Manager Bei mentioned that the trainee is very beautiful.”

Song Ci’s face surfaced in Han Zhan’s mind.

‘Is she beautiful?’

After a momentary pause, Li Li heard Han Zhan say something completely incongruent in his usual cold, mild manner. “She has waist-length curly hair.”

This was no compliment!

Li Li felt somewhat alarmed at his words. Sneaking another peek at Han Zhan, there was a hint of disgust in that man’s eyes.

Han Zhan hated beautiful ladies with long hair!

But Li Li was not sure why.

Han Zhan was an enigmatic puzzle from head to toe. Before they became friends, Li Li had been working for him for so many years already.

But even Li Li didn’t know much of Han Zhan’s background. He just knew that he was once in the military and later on had an early discharge because of an injury.

Han Zhan stayed in a duplex. The first level was the living area, while the second level was his private bedroom and study.

His bedroom was entirely in black and grey. One wall, however, had a floor-length window, which made the room appear less dark and oppressive.

The room had its bathroom, which had a clear glass-enclosed shower area. The man stood under the showerhead, allowing hot water to rain down on his tall, muscular body.

As he gripped his hair with both hands, something flashed across Han Zhan’s mind. He suddenly opened his eyes, and water splashed into his blue-grey eyes.

He turned off the shower and took a towel, wrapping it loosely around his waist.

Han Zhan arrived at the study and retrieved the book ‘Ordinary World’ from the shelf. He flipped the book open and took out a photo. It was a photo of a woman in military attire carrying a young toddler. She was gazing into the camera with a smile.

Han Zhan stared at the woman’s face lovingly for a long while before putting the book back on the shelf.


Meanwhile, Song Ci returned home just in time for dinner.

That day, Mu Mian and Du Tingting were going to attend a banquet. Both arrived home a little earlier to have a bite to eat before going to the party.

Since they were older now, they could no longer drink on an empty stomach.

Du Tingting had two gowns in her hands when she saw Song Ci striding into the house. She asked her, “Song Song, where did you go today? I heard Auntie Zhang say that you didn’t have lunch at home today.”

Song Ci didn’t answer Du Tingting’s question but just pointed at the dark blue, sleeveless silk gown. “This dress suits mother better.”

Du Tingting placed the gown in front of her to compare. Since it looked good, she smiled. “I think the pale blue dress is nicer, but both you and your father prefers the other one. In that case, I will wear the dark blue one then.”

Du Tingting was thinking about which necklace would go with the dress when she heard Song Ci say, “Mother, I went for a job interview today.”

Du Tingting draped the dress over her arm and turned to look at Song Ci. “You went for a job interview? What position? Aren’t you going to join Chao Yang?”

Song Ci shook her head.

“I still wish to be a pilot.”

As the two of them spoke, Mu Mian came down the stairs dressed in a deep blue striped suit. He looked dashing and handsome, and he was full of vigor.

Mu Mian overheard their conversation and knew that Song Ci had secretly gone for an interview. He was somewhat displeased.

“Well, you are all grown up now. You have your way of thinking.” Mu Mian’s expression was mild, but Song Ci knew that he was furious.

Song Ci didn’t respond but just listened quietly. Du Tingting’s heart ached as she observed her daughter’s submissive and docile manner. “Hubby, Song Song is an adult now. She has the right to decide what career to pursue.”

Mu Mian doted on Du Tingting a lot. Even if he was in a bad temper, he would never vent it on her.

He walked over to the sofa and sat down. He glanced at Song Ci.

Song Ci stood there quietly, looking very obedient. But under that gentle, demure face was a hard, rebellious streak.

“Never mind.” Mu Mian had to accept reality. “How was the interview then?”

Song Ci hurriedly replied, “I succeeded. I can start work anytime.”

It shocked Du Tingting. She was worried that Song Ci might be a target for bullying if she worked for another company, but Du Tingting had an idea then. “Which airline? Let me see if your father has any contacts there. It will be good to introduce you.”

Song Ci replied, “Zeus Airlines.” On second thought, she added, “No need for introductions. Since I walked down this path, I am prepared to endure any hardships.”

Du Tingting felt rather uneasy at that. “But you are a newbie. Things can get messy in the workplace. I am worried that you...”

Mu Mian cut in, “Alright. She chose this pathway herself, and she will have to endure whatever hardships come her way. You can protect her now, but can you protect her forever?”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief at his words. But Du Tingting shot Mu Mian an accusing glare.

“Alright, your mother and I are going to attend a banquet tonight. Qiu-er is at her friend’s birthday party and won’t be returning for dinner tonight. Let’s have dinner now.”


After dinner, Du Tingting and Mu Mian boarded the car and went hand in hand to attend their banquet.

Song Ci sat on the sofa and opened her Wechat Circle of Friends app. She saw that Mu Qiu posted a few party photos several minutes ago and wished her friend a happy birthday in the caption.

In the group of youths, Mu Qiu looked exceptionally beautiful.

Song Ci vaguely recalled that in her previous life, Mu Qiu suddenly fainted from heart failure while at a friend’s birthday party.

Was it tonight?

Song Ci was still mulling over the incident when the phone suddenly rang.

Song Ci didn’t look at the caller ID and just accepted the call. Yan Jiang’s gentlemanly voice sounded, “What are you doing now, Song Song?”

Song Ci felt rather dazed upon hearing Yan Jiang’s voice.

It was Yan Jiang...

Song Ci remembered that in her previous life, Yan Jiang was the only one crying bitterly outside the emergency room after her car accident.

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