Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 12: You Are the Only One I Can Turn To

Chapter 12: You Are the Only One I Can Turn To

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Song Ci was quietly analyzing the state of affairs. She could see just how precarious the situation she and Song Fei were in.

Song Ci couldn’t help mocking herself.

How stupid she was in her previous life!

In her previous life, Song Ci was like this, listening to Mu Mian comforting Mu Qiu while in a daze. After hearing Mu Mian’s words, she also foolishly tried to comfort Mu Qiu, reassuring her that their father would do everything he could to save her.

She was right, though. Mu Mian would do all he could to save Mu Qiu. But the price of it was to take her elder sister’s life.

To save Mu Qiu’s life, the doctor closely monitored all news from the organ donation center. Meanwhile, Mu Mian continued to work while worrying over his daughter’s condition, smiling less now and growing increasingly downcast.

Song Ci knew, as Mu Qiu deteriorated day by day, it was just a matter of time before Mu Mian would lose control. When that time came, he would reach out his demonic hands toward Song Fei. She had to rescue Song Fei from the convalescent hospital as quickly as possible.

But it would be a challenge to transfer Song Fei out of the convalescent hospital without raising Mu Mian’s suspicions.

Song Ci mulled over the issue for half a night before finally making a bold and risky decision!


One a.m.

With a facial mask on, Yan Jiang was playing a video game in his gaming room. Like Song Ci, he was also a night owl. With his good looks, he could do whatever he wanted, including staying up all night.

Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!

The sound of the doorbell alerted Yan Jiang.

Could it be yet another obsessed fan?

He took out his cell phone and opened his surveillance camera app. He saw a woman dressed in a black hoodie standing at his doorstep.

Seeing that image, Yan Jiang concluded that she must be an obsessed fan. He then opted to call the police.

Song Ci knew Yan Jiang was still awake and that he could be looking at her through the surveillance camera. So, she pulled down the hood of her jacket and looked up, gazing quietly into the camera so that Yan Jiang could see her face.

“Song Song?”

Yan Jiang frowned as he looked at the girl in the surveillance footage. He gave up the notion of alerting the police after seeing her.

He took off his facial mask and tossed his game controller aside to go open the door.

Opening the door, Yan Jiang leaned against the door frame. He faced Song Ci with arms crossed. However, she looked up at him and went straight to the point. “I need you to do me a favor.”

Yan Jiang replied succinctly, “I will not commit murder, arson, plunder, or rape.”

Song Ci asked, “What about saving someone’s life?”

Yan Jiang’s lips twitched.

He gazed deeply into Song Ci’s eyes before taking a step back. “Come in.”

Song Ci followed Yan Jiang into the house.

Yan Jiang poured her a cup of warm water.

Song Ci sat cross-legged on his sofa, and she accepted the water and took a sip.

Yan Jiang sat on the carpet and crossed his long legs. Yan Jiang didn’t press Song Ci on, but just patiently waited for her to explain.

After a moment, Song Ci changed her position. She slipped off the sofa and sat down cross-legged on the carpet with her feet bare. Song Ci leaned toward Yan Jiang and stared straight into his eyes. “Can I trust you?”

Yan Jiang narrowed his eyes as he met her stare.

“Tsk.” Yan Jiang leaned back and lazily rested against the bottom part of the sofa. He was only wearing a robe that exposed his muscular chest, making him look dangerously sexy and alluring.

But Song Ci was already too familiar with Yan Jiang that no matter how handsome and enticing he was, Song Ci was not at all moved.

Yan Jiang took his time to speak again. “You can count on me.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief.

She covered her face with both hands and rubbed vigorously. She then said, “A week ago, I had a strange dream.”

Since her opening words were rather intriguing, Yan Jiang looked at her with raised eyebrows. He didn’t urge her to describe her dream, and instead, put on the expression of a patient listener.

Song Ci continued, “I dreamt that Mu Qiu fainted at a schoolmate’s birthday party because of her heart disease. She was admitted to the hospital, but she grew despondent after a while when they couldn’t find a suitable heart for her. In a fit of helplessness, she tried to cut her wrists but the doctors saved her from the brink of death.”

Yan Jiang looked bewildered.

So, Song Song experienced a precognitive dream?

Song Ci carried on. “I also dreamt that on the 12th of the next month, a fire broke out in the convalescent hospital where my elder sister is living. She was burned alive. On the same day, Mu Qiu had a heart transplant.”

Yan Jiang’s lips quivered as shock surfaced in his eyes. There was no way to tell which part of Song Ci’s story he was reacting to.

Song Ci continued, “I also dreamt that two years after, I followed Mu Mian’s wishes and married Chuan Dong Group’s Second Young Master, Cheng Ziang. A month into the marriage, he physically abused me. Subsequently, our marriage lasted for six years, only ending after I stabbed him in the gut.”

“I dreamt that when I turned twenty-years-old, Mu Mian instigated me to sign an organ donation form. When I turned 32, Mu Qiu’s heart once again deteriorated, and she needed a new heart transplant. To save Mu Qiu, Mu Mian drugged me and put me in a car before pushing the vehicle into the Great Dragon River. Although I was found and rushed to the hospital, I didn’t make it.

“After my death, they gave my heart to Mu Qiu.”

Song Ci’s eyes had reddened at that point.

Yan Jiang’s brows were deeply furrowed. He was looking at Song Ci with very grave eyes.

Song Ci took a deep breath as she swallowed all her grievances and fear. She spoke again, “I thought it was just a nightmare, all until Mu Qiu fainted from a heart attack the night before and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that she needed a new heart as soon as possible. I finally believe now that it was not just a dream.”

Song Ci couldn’t control her tears anymore. She grabbed Yan Jiang’s arm as if she was a drowning victim finally catching hold of a large tree branch. Song Ci squeezed his arm with all her might.

Yan Jiang gritted his teeth in pain but didn’t push her away.

“Ah Jiang, Mu Qiu has a rare blood type. The doctor gave her three to four months to live. My elder sister and I also have the same rare blood type. Mu Mian is searching the entire world over for a suitable heart for his daughter. If he can’t find one, he will take Song Fei’s heart!

“To cover up the pillage of Song Fei’s heart, Mu Mian will set a fire to burn down her villa at the convalescent hospital!

“I cannot stand by and watch my elder sister being murdered! I don’t know who else I can turn to for help. Ah Jiang...” Song Ci’s face was pale as she wailed despondently. “You are the only person I can turn to.”

At first, Yan Jiang suspected that Song Ci must have had a nightmare and let her imagination run wild because of stress. But Yan Jiang couldn’t help but feel moved when Song Ci fixed her glittering eyes on him, pleading her case with such hopeless sorrow.

Yan Jiang picked up Song Ci’s half-filled glass of water and finished it in one gulp. “Too absurd...”

A bitter smile played across Song Ci’s tear-streaked face when she saw that Yan Jiang did not believe her. “You don’t believe me, right?”

“This is all too outrageous,” Yan Jiang said, “You need to convince me.”

He could join her in her crazy schemes, but she had to give him a good reason to do so.

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