Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 13: Yan Jiang and Song Fei

Chapter 13: Yan Jiang and Song Fei

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“I know the entire thing sounds absurd. To confirm whether or not it was a dream, I made several verifications.”

Song Ci took another deep breath before forcing herself to keep steady. “In my dreams, there was a man called Han Zhan. He appeared when I was 31 years old and was the power behind Zeus Corporation.”

Yan Jiang was familiar with Zeus Airlines. “I know of this airline. I am Zeus Airlines’ spokesperson, but I have never heard of Zeus Corporation.”

Yan Jiang worriedly looked at Song Ci. He couldn’t help but ask, “Song Song, are you sure you are not letting your imagination run wild because of stress?”

Song Ci shook her head.

“I also suspected that I might be overthinking things. But the dream was just too real. I can feel just how despondent and aggrieved I was in the dream. To verify my dream, I went to Zeus Airlines for an interview a few days before.”

Song Ci’s voice quivered at this point. “I saw him... I saw a man named Han Zhan.”

Song Ci felt her heartbeat quicken as she recalled the day of the interview when she met Han Zhan.

It stunned Yan Jiang. He exclaimed in disbelief, “You met this guy? The same as your dream?”

“Yes,” Song Ci said seriously, “He is the same as in my dream. The same face, the same name, even those beautiful blue-grey eyes. Everything is identical!

“Then on, I already suspected my dreams were all true. But I was worried about being too emotional in my judgment then, and so I patiently waited some more. Until the night when Mu Qiu fainted in front of me and when I heard the doctor declare that her days were numbered. Only then did I finally believe my dreams were all true.”

At that, Yan Jiang’s expression turned very grave.

If only one part of her dream came true, Yan Jiang could claim that it was just a coincidence. But Han Zhan truly existed and Mu Qiu suffered a heart attack. It was impossible that these were just coincidences.

Yan Jiang kept silent, and Song Ci thought it was because he didn’t believe her. She suddenly pointed at the silver necklace on his neck and urgently said, “I know who you are hiding inside that necklace!”

Yan Jiang was momentarily taken aback.

Song Ci continued, “In my previous life, you got drunk on your 30th birthday and opened that necklace in front of me.”

Yan Jiang recomposed himself and recovered his usual calm manner.

“That’s nothing.” Shrugging, Yan Jiang put on an all-knowing expression. “All my fans know that the person inside my necklace is my grandma.”

“You also know that my father eloped with another man and my mother was so embarrassed that she ditched me and left. It was my grandma who raised me after that.” Yan Jiang had already emerged from the shadow of those dark days and could speak of it calmly.

But Song Ci shook her head and exposed his lie.

“You are lying.”

The smile on Yan Jiang’s face gradually faded. He looked patient, but his posture was stiff. “Tell me then, who is inside my necklace?”

Yan Jiang had never opened his necklace in front of anyone. Apart from himself, no one else in this world knew who was inside that necklace.

He didn’t believe that Song Ci knew.

But Song Ci’s answer was like a vicious slap across his face.

“It’s Song Fei.”

Hearing that name, Yan Jiang’s perfect facade finally cracked.

Song Ci’s eyes focused on Yan Jiang’s shocked expression as she pried open his secrets one by one. “On my elder sister’s 14th birthday, you were the one who secretly slipped that love letter into her bag.”

With that, Song Ci saw that Yan Jiang’s ears had turned red.

Song Ci continued, “That year after the earthquake, it was also you who risked your life to burrow deep into the heart of the disaster. You spent three days and three nights with no food or water to dig out my sister from under all that rubble!”

It was all true.

After the earthquake at Bijiang City, there was no news at all about Song Ci and her family. The 18-year-old Yan Jiang joined the rescue group to go to the site of the disaster, directly rushing over to the hotel where Song Fei and her family stayed.

He was utterly devastated when he arrived at the scene and saw all the destruction.

Yan Jiang worked hard for three days straight, refusing food and water, before he finally rescued Song Fei from under all that rubble. After saving her, he rescued others. By the time the rescue mission ended, he could not find her anymore.

He thought Song Fei was dead. Until many years ago, he bumped into Song Ci again at a fashion event. Through their conversation, Yan Jiang finally knew that Song Fei was still alive, but had fallen into a vegetative state.

That day, Yan Jiang was both relieved and sad.

It was Yan Jiang who had secretly slipped the love letter over to Song Fei with his name left out. No one knew about his volunteer work in the rescue group either. The only way Song Ci could know of all these would be from his own mouth.

But he never told Song Ci about these before.

This time, Yan Jiang truly believed in Song Ci.

Song Ci thought of how Yan Jiang remained living in the past in her previous life. Her heart truly ached for this guy who appeared happy-go-lucky on the surface but held such a devoted heart on the inside.

Song Ci grasped Yan Jiang’s hand, her heart in turmoil. “Ah Jiang, I will allow no one to harm my elder sister. She is so smart that she should have been a brilliant star, but she ended up in a coma just because she tried to save me! Mu Mian murdered her at the age of 22 because of Mu Qiu! Even in her death, she didn’t know there was someone who had been in pain for so many years because of her...”

Song Ci was truly shocked to hear the drunk Yan Jiang speaking her elder sister’s name.

Yan Jiang was a narcissistic and complicated person. Even Song Ci thought that Yan Jiang never involved himself in any romance all because he was picky and couldn’t find a girl he liked.

She didn’t know that he was the most devoted person of all.

And over so many years, Yan Jiang doted on her, accompanied her, and helped her through challenging times with no reservations. All he wanted to do was to help Song Fei take good care of her only little sister.

Yan Jiang hadn’t talked about Song Fei for a long while now, and there was pain in his heart.

All these years, Yan Jiang regretted how weak and cowardly he was that he didn’t even dare to leave his name on the love letter. If he could turn back time, he would put his name on it.

It didn’t matter whether she accepted him, but she should at least know that he liked her.

At that time, Yan Jiang’s father had left his mother to elope with another man, while his mother ditched him to fly far, far away. As a result, Yan Jiang was the subject of malicious gossip and bullying.

Anyone who saw the dazzling and confident Yan Jiang would never believe that he had been bullied for six whole years during his younger days.

After enduring so much bullying and discrimination, Yan Jiang became very isolated and couldn’t even walk with his head up.

He felt that his entire existence was just one big mistake.

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