Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 15: You Should Reduce Some Heat

Chapter 15: You Should Reduce Some Heat

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A server served the Wolfberry tea. Han Zhan took a sip, turned sideways, looked out of the window towards the boarding ladder, and saw Xiong Jian boarding with Song Shiqing and Song Ci.

Han Zhan’s gaze landed on Song Shiqing first. After he had taken a glimpse at the man, his eyes then landed on Song Ci behind him.

That day, Song Ci was wearing the same generic white blouse as Xiong Jian and the rest, along with a black suit, black tie, and stood with her back straightened. The standard pilot uniform on her could make one associate it with naughty thoughts.

For example, a uniform fetish or something.

She had tied her hair in a bun and worn a hat over it. She tainted her porcelain fair cheeks with a blush on, and she seemed more energetic compared to the day of the interview.

As she walked up the boarding ladder, her hips swayed seductively.

As Han Zhan watched this scene, he suddenly remembered Li Li’s question the other day.

‘Is Miss Song pretty?’

Han Zhan retracted his gaze and took a sip of Wolfberry tea.

Yes, pretty.

Li Li and his few other colleagues were all very curious about the new female trainee pilot. Once Song Ci boarded the plane, all gazes turned to her; some checking her looks out while others sized her figure up.

Song Ci was used to such attention and did not feel uncomfortable.

Only when Xiong Jian brought Song Shiqing and Song Ci into the cockpit did everyone retract their gazes ever so reluctantly.

The manager of the legal department told Li Li, “Miss Song is so pretty.”

Li Li nodded in agreement. “Yes, indeed. She’s even prettier than the female celebrities I’ve seen.”

Li Li had already browsed Song Ci’s photos on her social media long ago, and she looked beautiful on them. Li Li had initially thought Song Ci’s photos were airbrushed, and that she definitely wouldn’t be as pretty in person.

Only when he saw her in person did Li Li believe that Song Ci’s beauty was real and not deceptive at all.

Li Li suddenly turned back and made a face at Han Zhan. With a hazy look that only men would understand, he told Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, this Miss Song is indeed a beauty like what they say.”

All men loved beautiful women. Li Li wasn’t a gentleman either—when he saw a beauty, he would even gossip to Han Zhan in private.

However, Han Zhan ignored him. Instead, he turned and told the server, “Chen, trouble you to pour a cup of honeysuckle hawthorn tea.”

The server went back to the pantry as ordered.

Li Li blinked in confusion and couldn’t help but tell Han Zhan, “I don’t want whatever honeysuckle hawthorn tea. I’m good with coffee...” He wasn’t like Mr. Han who focused on wellness at a young age.

Han Zhan interrupted him and said, “You should reduce some heat.”

Li Li went silent.

After understanding the reason why he needed to reduce heat, Li Li became tame, and his eyes stopped darting around.

In the past, whenever he commented about other women in front of Mr. Han, he didn’t notice any negative reaction from him. With this, Li Li felt that Mr. Han treated Miss Song slightly differently.

After entering the cockpit, Xiong Jian sat on the pilot’s seat. Since Song Shiqing already had many years of experience flying planes, he naturally sat on the co-pilot’s seat. As a greenhorn, Song Ci automatically sat on the observer’s seat.

Xiong Jian needed to inspect all the procedures in the cockpit, and Song Shiqing assisted him. Meanwhile, Song Ci observed them intently.

After confirming that everything in the cockpit was in order, Xiong Jian turned sideways and said to Song Ci, “Little Song, inform Mr. Li that the plane inspection is complete, please get ready for takeoff.”


Song Ci got up obediently and walked into Han Zhan and the others’ cabin. “Mr. Li, the plane inspection has been completed smoothly. Please fasten your seatbelt. Our plane is about to take off.”

Li Li acknowledged without looking up and hurriedly fastened his seatbelt.

Before returning to the cockpit, Song Ci took another look at Han Zhan, who was drinking tea. After she had sat down, she suddenly zoned out and thought about what kind of habit Han Zhan had to actually drink wolfberry tea so early in the morning...

The plane flew upwards past the clouds.

Song Ci saw the radiant rising run amongst the sea of clouds and felt a sense of pride. So, this was how it was like to watch the sunrise from the cockpit.

At 8:50 A.M., the plane landed in Shunchen City.

Song Ci, Xiong Jian, and the rest had been pre-arranged to check into a three-star hotel near the airport. Xiong Jian and Song Shiqing shared a room, while Song Ci had a double-bed room to herself.

Upon returning to her room, Song Ci whipped out her phone since she had wanted to search for some popular place that she could visit in Shunchen City. Otherwise, staying in the hotel for three consecutive days would bore her to death.

After Song Ci found Shunchen City’s travel guide, she made an itinerary.

After completing the itinerary, she opened up a secret folder and found a remote surveillance software inside. Song Ci launched the software and a white hospital ward appeared on the screen.

There was a single bed in the ward, on which Song Fei laid in a deep sleep.

When Song Ci last went to visit Song Fei at the convalescent hospital, she had secretly installed a surveillance camera.

Every day, whenever she was free, she would look at the situation on Song Fei’s end.

The surveillance footage was a few hours long. Song Ci dragged the progress bar as she watched. At 8:40 A.M. that day, Song Ci suddenly saw another man in the ward.

It was Mu Mian wearing a silver suit. He was quietly standing by the side of Song Fei’s bed, looking down at Song Fei’s face as if he had something up his sleeve.

Song Ci’s expression froze.

Mu Mian!

Song Ci hurriedly rewound the video, dragging the progress bar to six minutes prior.

With her own eyes, she saw Mu Mian push open the door to Song Fei’s ward and walk inside.

Song Ci had installed a screw-type hidden surveillance camera and had placed it discreetly on a frame. The said frame hung on the wall near the edge of the bed. From that angle, the surveillance camera captured each of Mu Mian’s movements after he had entered the room.

In the video.

Someone had pushed the door to the ward open. Shortly after, a valiant figure stepped in and swayed past the camera, finally coming to a stop beside the bed.

That person stood still. His face was as clear as day on the screen—it was indeed Mu Mian!

Mu Mian looked down and sized Song Fei up with a very solemn expression. He was silent for a long while. Suddenly, he reached out, pulled out a syringe from his pocket, and pierced it into Song Fei’s arm.

Upon seeing this, Song Ci’s left hand suddenly clenched a corner of the bedsheets.

“Mu Mian, don’t you dare!”

Regardless of how enraged Song Ci was and how tightly she clenched her jaws, she couldn’t control Mu Mian’s actions. She could only watch as Mu Mian’s syringe pierced into Song Fei’s arm and extracted half a tube of blood from her.

Song Fei was like an eel that had been hammered to death and cut up by the chef!

Since she was in a vegetative state, Song Fei couldn’t even flinch or call out in pain.

Seeing this scene, Song Ci’s eyes turned completely red!

In her previous lifetime, Song Fei had laid on a bed while a doctor, whom Mu Mian had looped in, gorged her heart out!

Mu Mian must have extracted Song Fei’s blood to do HLA compatibility testing with Mu Qiu. Once the test result came back positive, Mu Mian would strike Song Fei. Song Ci bit down onto her cherry-red lower lip and cried so hard that her chest was trembling.

‘Elder sister, I will save you and make Mu Mian pay the price!’

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