Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 16: Wasting Food—How Disobedient

Chapter 16: Wasting Food—How Disobedient

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After they settled down at the hotel, they still had plenty of time.

Since Han Zhan woke up early this morning, he didn’t have the time to workout. After reaching the hotel, he went to the rooftop swimming pool alone to swim.

At that time, there were only a few people at the hotel, and he was alone at the rooftop swimming pool.

After half an hour, Li Li came up to look for him.

Glancing at Han Zhan swimming in the pool with a graceful and fit stance, Li Li didn’t interrupt.

Han Zhan looked slim, and his muscles were only visible whenever he had no clothes on. Unlike aesthetic muscles conscientiously made in the gym, Han Zhan’s muscles were taut and firm. Although he didn’t look burly, all his muscles hid amazing strength.

Only when Han Zhan’s head popped out of the water, and after he ran his fingers through his short hair, did Li Li speak up. “Mr. Han, it’s time to get up and go for lunch.”

Han Zhan supported himself on the railing. He then emerged out of the water, draped a towel around his waist, and walked towards the changing room, passing by Li Li.

Li Li had already grown indifferent towards the scars on Han Zhan’s body.

Han Zhan got changed and walked out.

The two of them walked side by side towards the room downstairs. Han Zhan asked Li Li, “What’s the arrangement after this?”

Li Li answered, “Our meeting with Mr. Long from KT Consortium is at 3:30 P.M. We’ll have our lunch first, have a half an hour break, and then set off.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan nodded before asking Li Li, “What’s for lunch?”

Li Li pressed the lift button and said formally, “I heard about a popular dish here in Shunchen called hairy crabs, so I made a reservation at a restaurant nearby. If we go over now, we’ll be just in time for them to finish preparing the hairy crabs.”

Han Zhan wasn’t picky about food, and it was Li Li who always made the food and beverage arrangements on all of his work trips—there was no exception this time.

“Lead the way.”

Ten minutes later, Han Zhan and Li Li reached the restaurant.

The hairy crab restaurant’s layout was slightly like that of a theater—the seats on the second level had a view of the first level.

Li Li had reserved seats on the second level.

Li Li had planned the time very precisely. Once they got seated, the restaurant served the hairy crabs.

A waiter was stationed beside them to help shell their crabs with pliers. Han Zhan took a bite of crab roe, glanced down at the hall, and saw a familiar figure at the first level.

Han Zhan squinted. It was... Song Ci?

Since her style of dressing was a stark contrast from that morning, Han Zhan almost thought he saw the wrong person.

He stared at her and confirmed that she was indeed Song Ci.

Song Ci had worn a blouse and a suit earlier in the morning, but she dressed down for the afternoon. She wore a pink, sleeveless dress that revealed her lotus-like, clean, and well-proportioned arm. She had let down her long, curly hair that hid beneath her hat earlier.

Her hair rested neatly behind her shoulders, exposing a porcelain pretty face that was majestic and seductive at the same time. Somehow, it made her look beautiful in a contradictory way.

Song Ci’s dress was very short, but her heels were very high. Her legs that rested under the table were long and slender.

Han Zhan’s impression of a mermaid’s tail transforming into legs from fairy tales was like those legs of Song Ci.

Extremely beautiful.

Numerous people were stealing glances at her within the restaurant hall. However, Song Ci was oblivious as she took selfies with her phone, changing her poses non-stop and striking signs with her left hand that Han Zhan didn’t recognize.

Retracting his gaze, Han Zhan stared at Li Li who was burying his face into the crabs. He suddenly asked, “What does this hand sign mean?”

“Hmm?” Li Li looked up in a daze.

He stared at the hand sign Han Zhan had on his left hand, and then he quietly swallowed the food in his mouth by downing a mouthful of water. He said, “It’s a heart shape—it’s very popular with youngsters taking photos these days.”

Han Zhan replied, “Hmm.”

Mr. Han retrieved his chopsticks and continued eating in a gentlemanly manner.

Li Li touched his nose, feeling that Mr. Han was acting strangely. Mr. Han took photos in a formal way, so it was very unusual for him to use such a hand sign.

Li Li took another sip of beer to suppress the odd feeling inside him, and only then assessed the business at the first level.

Seeing that it was already a full house on the first level and that there were still people queuing patiently outside, Li Li said, “This business is really brisk—there’s even a queue. Oh? That person...”

Li Li stared at a pink figure on the first level, and he took an even closer look. After confirming what he saw, he hurriedly said to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, Miss Song is also at the first level.”

Han Zhan looked down and glanced at Song Ci again.

At this point, Song Ci had finally put down her phone and was using pliers to shell crabs.

Even the sight of Song Ci shelling crabs was rather pleasant.

As a man who was almost thirty-years-old, Li Li had dated girls, met female celebrities, and even befriended young supermodels. However, no woman ever made Li Li feel stunned and aroused all over just by looking at her.

Li Li said, “Everyone is peeling crabs, but why is it that the way Miss Song peels crabs differs from that of others?” Li Li laughed and concluded, “Indeed, as long as one is pretty, everything she does is pleasant to the eyes.”

Han Zhan didn’t continue the conversation.

Thinking they were both men, Mr. Han being indifferent towards the beautiful Song Ci was quite impossible. Additionally, with Mr. Han’s weird reaction in the morning, Li Li wanted to test him out of curiosity. Li Li asked Han Zhan, “What does Mr. Han think of Miss Song?”

Like an elder assessing a youngster, Han Zhan frowned and said, “A young girl addicted to social media.” She even needed to use her phone while having a meal, further concluding her addiction to social media.

Li Li was speechless.

He was asking him about how he thought of Miss Song’s looks and figure, but he said that she was addicted to social media instead.

He finally understood why Mr. Han was still single despite owning a supercar, a house, and having deceased parents.

After they finished their meal and went downstairs, Song Ci had already left.

Han Zhan noticed that although Song Ci had ordered three crabs, she only ate one. He instantly frowned.

What was the matter with her?

Wasting food—how disobedient.


Zeus Airlines had appeared out of the blue seven years ago. In the aviation sector, where every country had its leading airline, Zeus Airline had managed to quickly and amazingly establish and stabilize itself.

Five years ago, Zeus Airlines had built an aviation research and development center on the southern coast of Wangdong City and hired top aviation researchers from all over the world with attractive salaries.

After five years of development, the research team of Zeus Airlines had finally and successfully developed the spaceship for commercial tourism. They named it ‘Zeus Number 1.’

Just three months ago, ‘Zeus Number 1’ had carried people on board for the first time, and they had returned successfully. The successful flight had shocked the entire world.

Because of this, Zeus Airlines had launched a high-profile “Star Reaching Plan.” They wanted to create a whole new industry chain, using their flight crew and spaceship to bring people to tour space!

In order to realize the ‘Star Reaching Plan,’ Zeus Airlines would collaborate with three of the top aviation technology manufacturing companies in the world in a bid to develop the safest, perfect batch of ‘Zeus Number 1.’

In addition, the company would also collaborate with the best aviation flight academies to groom a batch of pilots that belonged to them.

The “Star Reaching Plan” was a long-term plan with massive investment. However, if successfully launched, benefits would be colossal.

This time, Han Zhan had precisely come to a KT Consortium branch in Shunchen City to meet the eldest son of the consortium, Long Zhize, to gain his buy-in and investment.

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