Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 20: A Sneaky Plan

Chapter 20: A Sneaky Plan

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Song Ci quickly drew back her legs.

She stood there like a blooming rose flower swaying in the wind, fragrant and lovely.

Song Ci gave an alluring smile. Her magnetic and bewitching voice drifted into Han Zhan’s ears. “Mr. Han, what a coincidence. We meet again.”

Han Zhan wound down the window, revealing his face.

Song Ci noticed that Han Zhan wasn’t wearing any jacket. He only had a shirt on with the first two buttons undone, revealing an expanse of bronzed muscle.

As she quietly averted her eyes from Han Zhan’s chest, Song Ci subconsciously swallowed.

Han Zhan didn’t notice her subtle reaction.

He reached out his gloved right hand and pointed in front. With an impassive face, he spoke, “Ms. Song, the pedestrian crossing is right in front. Since you are an adult, you should follow the rules. You are an adult and enjoy the privileges of an adult, and so you should also obey the responsibilities of being an adult.”

It was the first time that someone had lectured Song Ci for jaywalking, and she was so shocked it rendered her silent.

‘I am having wayward thoughts about your body while you are sternly lecturing me to follow the rules...’

Song Ci took a deep breath before turning around and obediently crossing the road along the pedestrian crossing.

Li Li stifled a grin as he watched Song Ci dutifully checking left and right before crossing the road. He pitied her a little.

Han Zhan looked away after seeing Song Ci cross safely over to the other side of the road. Li Li spoke, “Mr. Han, the way you behaved just now made you seem like an old uncle traffic police officer teaching a little kid.”

Han Zhan raised his brows.

“What old uncle? I am only ten years older than Ms. Song.” He would never admit that at the ripe old age of 32, he could already be an old uncle.

Li Li shook his head and clicked his tongue meaningfully.

Standing on the sidewalk, Song Ci turned and looked at Han Zhan’s car.

His car was still progressing at a snail’s pace. Other vehicles were honking away crazily, but his car was quietly cruising on. They were not cutting anyone’s lane and strictly keeping to the rules of the road.

Song Ci furrowed her brows slightly.

“What an old stick-in-the-mud!” After cursing him, Song Ci thought of something and suddenly looked very curious. She wondered if he was also so conservative in bed. Was he the type to insist on only one position?

That kind of sex life would be way too dull.


Song Ci wandered the streets for half an hour before entering a bar.

She ordered a drink. It was perfectly made and very strong, but she didn’t drink it.

She took out her cell phone and messaged Yan Jiang. <Get ready. We make our move tomorrow night. >

Beep beep.

Hearing a beep that indicated a new message, Song Ci looked down and opened Yan Jiang’s reply. < Noted. >

Song Ci took the drink and opened her camera. She took a few photos of herself holding the drink. Right after snapping those pictures, that impeccable smile on Song Ci’s face immediately disappeared.

She closed her cell phone and silently observed the strangers drinking at the bar. Until late into the night, Song Ci had rejected a total of six men who tried to pick her up.

From the start until she left, she didn’t imbibe a single drop of alcohol.

Leaving the bar, Song Ci discreetly walked to a grey car. It was a second-hand car she rented from a motor shop. She boarded the car and changed into flats, before starting the car and driving off at high speed.

It took 12 hours to travel from Shunchen City to Wangdong City. Song Ci made three pit stops on the way and even updated her social media account. It was 7 p.m. by the time she arrived at Wangdong City.

She parked the car at the side of a remote forest near Morning Sun Centre. Song Ci changed her clothes and tidied her hair, and then sent Yan Jiang a message to come meet her.

Just three minutes after her message, there was a knock on her car window.

Knock knock.

Song Ci lifted her head and saw Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang was wearing blue cargo pants and had tucked his hair into a baseball cap. The words ‘Green Mountain Mineral Water’ were printed across the chest of his shirt.

Yan Jiang opened the door to the passenger side and sat down. He turned to size up Song Ci.

Song Ci was wearing a patient’s uniform from Morning Sun Centre. Her originally healthy pink lips were powdered over and she looked frail and weak.

Yan Jiang said, “You look even more like her now.”

“We are twins anyway.” Song Ci’s face held a bit of tension, her voice strained and rigid.

Yan Jiang could hear her labored breathing and noticed that her hands were trembling. He raised his left hand and placed it on her right arm. “Song Song, you cannot panic.”

Song Ci took a deep breath. “Yes, I must remain calm.”


.30 p.m... A small van with the name ‘Green Mountain Mineral Water’ arrived in front of the gates of the Morning Sun Centre, waiting for the guards to let it through.

The Morning Sun Centre was a high-class convalescent hospital. Because of the impact of the virus pandemic, all employees and delivery personnel had to wear a mask in and out of the facility.

The guard knocked on the window of the vehicle.

Yan Jiang rolled down the window and reached out to accept a pen from the guard to sign on the visitors’ log. They then allowed the vehicle to enter.

The van parked in front of Villa One, and Yan Jiang alighted from there. With his mask and baseball cap, the surveillance cameras couldn’t get a good look at his face.

Yan Jiang carried two tubs of water into the villa and came out bearing empty barrels. One by one, he visited each villa to deliver water. By the time he arrived at Villa 27, it was already 8 p.m.

Villa 27 was at the left-most part of the convalescent hospital. It was the quietest and remote villa. Yan Jiang alighted and stood beside the van to survey the surroundings. He then opened the side door of the van and glanced inside to see Song Ci hiding inside.

The two of them exchanged a look.

Yan Jiang said, “Your plan is perfect. There are no nurses inside the villa.”

Song Ci replied, “A paralyzed senior arrived at Villa 26 a few days ago. Every day, around this time, the nurse has to go over and help her colleague bathe the patient.” This was the conclusion Song Ci had arrived at after several days of observation.

Yan Jiang patted Song Ci on the head. He then carried two tubs of water and strode into Villa 27.

There was no one in the main hall at all, and it was exceptionally quiet.

Yan Jiang retrieved the empty barrels and bent over to install the new tubs into the water dispenser. He lowered his chin slightly and spoke into the tiny microphone clipped to his collar. “Action.”

Within five seconds, someone cut off the power line and the entire convalescent hospital was plunged into darkness.

The moment the power supply was cut, Song Ci hurried out of the van and sprinted into Villa 27. At the same time, Yan Jiang dashed onto the second floor to carry the comatose Song Fei.

In a corner on the second floor, he brushed shoulders with Song Ci.


Three minutes later, the nurse hurried back to Villa 27 with a torchlight. She bumped into Yan Jiang, who was panting while carrying an empty water barrel. The nurse raised her torch to Yan Jiang’s face, who still had a face mask on. She paused for a moment. “Changing water again? Thank you for your hard work, mister.”

Yan Jiang replied in a low voice, “It’s my job. Why is there a blackout?”

The nurse said, “Perhaps there was a short circuit. I have already called an electrician over to fix things.”

“I see...”

Yan Jiang left carrying the water barrel.

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