Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 21: Song Fei Wakes Up

Chapter 21: Song Fei Wakes Up

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The nurse didn’t think too much of it. She returned to Villa 27 and went straight to the second floor.

Only Song Fei was in Villa 27. The nurse opened the door and walked over to her side to check on her condition.

After confirming that Song Fei was stable, the nurse left the ward.

The woman lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes after the nurse left and she heaved a big sigh of relief.

Three minutes later, the van drove away from the convalescent hospital.

Fifteen minutes later, the backup power supply of the convalescent hospital was activated. There was electricity again.

Half an hour later, the delivery van parked along a side road. Yan Jiang alighted and opened the side door before he carefully carried out a woman, who was in a deep sleep, and transferred her into a luxurious car.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Yan Jiang took out Song Ci’s cell phone. He located the photos she had taken at the bar last night. After composing a short caption, he posted it on her social media account.

Tonight at nine, Song Ci’s friends all saw her latest update:

[ It’s not the wine that intoxicates but the drinker who gets himself drunk.jpg ]

After sending the message, Yan Jiang turned to look at Song Fei in the backseat.

She had grown thinner again. With her sunken face, her smile wasn’t as beautiful as before.

Yan Jiang reluctantly looked away. He vigorously rubbed his handsome face with both hands before starting the car and driving away.

Driving past a grey car, Yan Jiang turned off Song Ci’s cell phone and stuffed it into the tire of that car.

After doing all that, he fled with his sleeping beauty in tow.


The convalescent hospital.

In the middle of the night, around two a.m.

The nurse kept nodding off before completely resting her entire head on the counter, sleeping to oblivion.

On the second floor, a dim light shone on the female lying in bed. Her chest rose and went down gently, quietly, and weakly. She possessed a fragile beauty.

Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes.

She slowly sat up and placed her feet on the floor. The girl stood there in a daze for two seconds before turning and walking out of the ward barefooted.

Those pure, white feet stepped upon the cold floors as she slowly made her way down. Every step she took felt like stepping on needles, and perhaps it was because it had been a long time since she walked. She was both fearful and vulnerable.

The nurse seemed to have heard something, but she was too sleepy. Nuzzling her head in her arms a couple of times, she went right back to sleep.

No one noticed that the woman who had been in a state of comatose since the day she entered the convalescent hospital was now awake!

At three a.m., it was time to check the patients. The nurse’s alarm rang, and she woke up.

Turning off her alarm, the nurse gave a big stretch before getting up to go upstairs.

With a temperature record book in her hand, the nurse went to the second floor. As she opened the door to Song Fei’s ward, she glanced up and noticed something utterly shocking.

There was no one in bed!

The nurse was stunned and her mind went blank.

Where was she?


The ringing sound resonated in the deep night. Mu Mian and his wife were in bed when they were startled awake. Both opened their eyes. Du Tingting turned on the light, propping herself up using her arms. The husband and wife exchanged looks.

Who would call at this hour?

Both of them had the same fear that it was the hospital calling to say that something had happened to Mu Qiu. As a result, they both didn’t dare to pick up the phone.

After several seconds of ringing, Mu Mian finally reached out and picked up the phone. “Hello, this is Mu Mian.”

A man, who was panicking but trying to sound calm, said, “Mr. Mu Mian, Song Fei is missing!”

Mu Mian: “...?”

Who was missing?

Mu Mian thought he must have misheard it.

Song Fei was in a coma. How could she be missing?

He had gone to the convalescent hospital yesterday, and Song Fei was the same. She was still in a deep, unresponsive coma.

Du Tingting also heard the man. She snatched over the phone and questioned the director of the convalescent hospital in her anxious rage. “What do you mean?! How did Song Fei go missing? She is in a coma. There’s no way that she just stood up and walked away. Aren’t you Wangdong City’s top convalescent hospital? Can’t you even look after one person?”

The hospital director was momentarily speechless after Du Tingting scolded her so fiercely.

After waiting for Du Tingting’s breathing to calm down, the director spoke, “Song Fei walked out by herself.”

Du Tingting was speechless.

It was way too strange. As the couple drove toward the convalescent hospital, Du Tingting and Mu Mian kept looking at each other but didn’t say a single word.

By the time they reached the convalescent hospital, it was already 5:20 a.m.

Villa 27 was fully lit. The nurse on-duty, Song Fei’s attending doctor, and the director of the convalescent hospital were all gathered in the main hall on the first floor.

Mu Mian and Du Tingting sat down to watch the surveillance footage. The hospital director sat beside them, with his brows tightly knitted together. He felt extremely puzzled.

After the husband and wife had finished watching the footage for the third time, the director spoke. “Mr. Mu Mian, Madam, you saw what happened. Song Fei woke up and just left!”

The director even had the surveillance personnel draw out the surveillance footage from the main gates of the hospital. The footage showed that the security officers were all sleeping as Song Fei climbed over the barrier in her bare feet. In this way, she left the convalescent hospital.

It all looked completely impossible, but still, Song Fei had walked out on her own.

Du Tingting went silent.

Where did Song Fei go?

The hospital director knew that they bore a major responsibility because of Song Fei’s disappearance. He said humbly, “The nurse and the security officers didn’t keep a good watch on Song Fei. Our hospital is responsible for this. We will do our best to find her as soon as possible.”

“However, it is still a reason for celebration because Song Fei is now awake.” Of course, it was a good thing that a comatose person finally woke up.

Hearing the director’s words, Du Tingting nodded in agreement. “Yes! Song Fei has been asleep for so many years, now that she’s awake, Song Song will be thrilled!”

Since they weren’t sure about the situation, Du Tingting didn’t call Song Ci to tell her about the news yet. But now that they’ve confirmed that Song Fei was awake, Du Tingting couldn’t wait to tell Song Ci of this good news.


Song Ci drove back to Shunchen.

Since it had been 24 hours since she last slept, she should be exhausted. But instead, she felt very energetic and not at all fatigued.

Hearing her phone ring, Song Ci glanced at the screen and saw that it was Du Tingting. She guessed that Du Tingting was calling to tell her about Song Fei.

Song Ci had a habit of putting her phone on silent while she was sleeping. Du Tingting also knew this. After thinking for a moment, Song Ci pretended she didn’t hear her phone ring. She would wait until tomorrow morning to call Du Tingting back.

Du Tingting hung up the phone when no one picked up. She glanced at Mu Mian. “Song Song didn’t pick. She was out the whole day yesterday and must be tired. She could be sleeping now and missed her phone ring.”

“Last night at ten, I saw her post a photo of herself at a bar.”

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