Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 24: Song Fei is Not Allowed to Live

Chapter 24: Song Fei is Not Allowed to Live

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Since his motives for adopting Song Ci were not pure, Mu Mian treated Song Ci very well all these years. Whatever Mu Qiu had, Song Ci had it too. It was a kind of compensation and affection.

Song Ci was a good girl. Although she was very beautiful, she was never arrogant or rebellious. She was generally an obedient and docile girl. After living together for so many years, Mu Mian did have some feelings for Song Ci.

If not for Mu Qiu’s illness suddenly being triggered, Mu Mian would have treated Song Ci like his real daughter, and he would have taken care of her and doted on her forever.

But Mu Qiu’s condition deteriorated.

Mu Mian couldn’t bear the thought of taking Song Ci’s heart. This issue had troubled him for many days, and just two days ago, a dark, evil plan slowly surfaced in Mu Mian’s mind...

Mu Mian targeted Song Fei.

Song Fei had been in a comatose state for eight years, and the chances of her waking up were very slim.

Although Song Fei was in a vegetative state, her organs were all in good condition. Instead of wasting a good, healthy heart in a comatose person, why not give it to Mu Qiu who truly needed it?

Eight years ago, he sent Song Ci and Mu Qiu’s blood samples to the laboratory for testing. He knew that Song Ci and Song Fei were twins and would have the same blood type, but being the meticulous man he was, Mu Mian decided to send Song Fei and Mu Qiu’s blood for another round of testing.

Two days ago, Mu Mian personally paid a visit to Song Fei at the convalescent hospital. He had secretly taken a sample of her blood and sent it to the laboratory together with Mu Qiu’s blood for comparison.

He had taken Song Fei’s blood just two days ago, but she woke up last night and went missing. It was too big of a coincidence.

Could it be that Song Fei already gained consciousness two days ago, and she detected his evil intentions? And before secretly escaping and hiding somewhere safe, she especially waited for a quiet night?

Mu Mian broke out in a cold sweat at the thought of this possibility.

If his speculations were true, he could not afford to leave Song Fei alive!

The driver noticed that Mu Mian’s face was rather pale and that his breathing was labored. He slowed down the car and asked, “CEO Mu, are you feeling unwell? Do you want me to park the car by the side?”

Mu Mian pressed his hand to his forehead and shook his head gently. “I am fine, don’t worry about me.”

Nevertheless, the driver didn’t dare to drive too fast and continued to monitor Mu Mian’s condition. To the driver’s relief, nothing happened to Mu Mian by the time they arrived at the company. Even Mu Mian’s face also regained its color.

Mu Mian returned to his office and sat down in silence for some time. In the end, he took out his cell phone and called the director of the convalescent hospital.

“Have you found Song Fei?”

The director felt frustrated. “Not yet.”

Mu Mian’s voice was harsh as he said, “She went missing at your hospital. If you can’t locate her, I will report this to the police. Director Su, you need to hurry up.”

Director Su promised that they would find Song Fei as soon as possible, before worriedly hanging up the phone.

Mu Mian put down his cell phone and tugged at his tie which suddenly felt very suffocating. He thought, ‘Song Fei, you are playing hide-and-seek with me the moment you woke up. You are making things very difficult for me.’


It was already past six pm by the time Song Ci hurried back to Shunchen City.

She returned the car to the second-hand car rental shop before calling a cab back to her hotel. She took a hot shower and sat down on her bed in her pajamas. After thinking for a moment, she took her cell phone and posted an update on her social media account.

[ Song Ci: Please come back home. I am waiting for you. ]

After posting her message, Song Ci fell back on her bed and put on her eye mask. Song Ci thought she would quickly fall into a deep, sound sleep, but she ended up having a terrible nightmare and laid awake for several more hours.

In her previous life, Song Fei was burned to death on the very same day of Mu Qiu’s surgery. Mu Mian didn’t trust the medical skills of the hospital in Wangdong City and transferred Mu Qiu over to Yan City’s heart specialist hospital.

Mu Qiu’s heart transplant was a very risky procedure, so Song Ci, together with Mu Mian and his wife, went over to Yan City to accompany Mu Qiu.

Outside the operating theatre, Song Ci received a call from the convalescent hospital. The director informed her that there was a fire at the villa in which Song Fei stayed in. Because of the strong winds, the fire raged on and it was hard to extinguish.

An incessant buzzing sound echoed in Song Ci’s ear. How did a fire suddenly break out just like that?

Song Ci glanced at the operating theatre. She didn’t tell Mu Mian and his wife about the problem, but just quietly left the hospital and hailed a cab. She rushed to the airport to fly back to Wangdong City. It was already daytime when she arrived at the Morning Sun Centre.

Although the fire was put out, Song Fei had already perished in the flames. Song Ci didn’t even get to see her body. She heard some people talking about how Song Fei was already burnt beyond recognition by the time the firefighters brought her out.

Song Ci kneeled in front of the charred building sobbing bitterly.

“Elder sister!”

“Elder sister!”

Stuck in her nightmare, Song Ci laid in bed with eyes squeezed tight and tears streaming down her cheeks. She continued to weep until her voice went hoarse.

After a long time, Song Ci finally awoke. She opened her eyes and looked at the sunlit room. Still trapped in her nightmare, she was somewhat dazed.

Song Ci finally snapped out of her trance after some time. She reached out and touched her face, feeling her tear-stained cheeks. Even in this new life, the heart-wrenching pain she previously experienced remained as raw as ever.

Song Ci sat up and took a deep breath. She buried all the hurt and pain inside her heart and entered the washroom.

Song Shiqing and Xiong Jian’s room were right next to Song Ci’s. Early that morning, both were squeezed in the bathroom brushing their teeth, and they suddenly heard the girl next door’s bitter sobs.

The two men exchanged looks.

They were very worried about Song Ci but felt it would be inappropriate to knock on her door to ask what had happened.

Half an hour later, the three of them gathered at the entrance of the hotel. Xiong Jian and Song Shiqing observed Song Ci from afar. She was dressed in a black suit and approaching them with her luggage in tow.

She looked the same as always, wearing her hat and in light makeup. She even greeted them with a lovely smile. It was like the person crying so bitterly that morning was not her.

The two of them gazed at Song Ci and thought it would be better if they just forgot about what had happened that morning.


At 1:30 p.m., the plane landed safely in Wangdong City.

Since Song Shiqing stayed near the airport, he hitched a ride with Xiong Jian’s car after they alighted from the plane. Since Song Ci had driven herself to the airport, she went to the parking lot. But then, she saw a familiar-looking black Volvo parked opposite her vehicle.

Song Ci had a good memory. She remembered seeing this car at the Zeus Airlines headquarters some days ago. Even the car plate number was the same. Song Ci eyed her vehicle for a moment before she suddenly turned around and walked out of the parking lot.


The sun was shining brightly in the sky. As the car steered out of the underground parking lot, the strong sunlight was so piercing that Han Zhan instinctively squinted his eyes.

He took out his sunglasses only after the car had turned onto the main road.

After putting on his shades, he glanced casually at the side of the road and saw Song Ci. Since the weather was very hot, Song Ci was only wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Her left hand held the handle of her luggage, while her black jacket was draped over her right arm.

She stood tall and straight, her chic and jaunty profile utterly mesmerizing.

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