Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 25: Cunning Song Ci

Chapter 25: Cunning Song Ci

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The air was warm and humid. Several other passengers were also waiting alongside Song Ci, including some other ladies all dressed up in lovely outfits. Nevertheless, Song Ci, with her face flushed from the heat, looked exceptionally alluring.

Han Zhan was hesitating whether to stop the car when Song Ci suddenly looked over.

Han Zhan was sure that she saw him.

She had very bright, sharp eyes.

Like stars.

It might just be a coincidence that Song Ci was standing there. But it might not be.

Han Zhan didn’t ponder over the possibilities.

All he knew was that Song Ci was no stranger. She was his trainee pilot and his employee. She was someone whom he would have to depend on during plane rides in the future.

In the end, the car stopped in front of Song Ci.

Song Ci bent over as if trying to peer into the window to see who it was.

The passenger side of the window slowly wound down, revealing a man’s chiseled, strong features.

“Mr. Han?” Seeing that it was Han Zhan, astonishment flashed across Song Ci’s face. She seemed surprised to see him.

Young ladies nowadays had all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Han Zhan was not sure if Song Ci was purposely waiting there or if it was a pure coincidence. As a result, he was polite but distant toward her.

Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Ms. Song, are you waiting for a cab?”

Song Ci smiled charmingly. “Yes, but there are too many people queuing for a cab. There are over twenty others in front of me.” With that, Song Ci’s voice turned softer as she said, “Can Mr. Han give me a ride?”

Afraid that Han Zhan might refuse, Song Ci added, “Just to the city area. You can let me off anywhere there. It will be much easier to get a cab there.”

There was no way Han Zhan would just ditch a young lady by the side of the street.

“Just get in.”

Since there were already two large cases in the trunk, Han Zhan let Song Ci put her luggage in the backseat. Song Ci’s luggage was heavy since she had brought along a lot of clothes and skincare products on their trip.

After shoving her luggage inside, the backseat was filled.

Upon noticing that Song Ci was planning to squeeze herself in the back, Han Zhan offered the empty passenger seat beside him. “Why don’t you sit in front?”

The front passenger seat was usually reserved for wives and girlfriends. As a result, Song Ci tried to avoid it by sitting in the back.

Nonetheless, Song Ci didn’t try to refuse Han Zhan’s offer. She closed the door to the backseat and opened the door to the passenger side. She gracefully sat down and obediently put on her seatbelt.

As Song Ci sat there demurely, she tried to suss out Han Zhan’s marital status by indirectly asking, “I heard that the passenger seat is reserved for wives and girlfriends. Doesn’t Mr. Han know that?”

Was he single, married, or did he have a girlfriend?

But Han Zhan replied, “It’s just a seat. I have never heard of such a saying.”

Song Ci’s plan failed. Han Zhan should have replied with something indicating his marital status, but he didn’t.

In her previous life, when Zeus Airlines transformed into Zeus Corporation, Song Ci that time was 23 years old. By the time she turned 24, Han Zhan finally appeared in public as Zeus Airlines’ boss for the first time.

He seemed to have appeared out of thin air and instantly stood at the top levels of Wangdong City.

At 34 years old, Han Zhan was Wangdong City’s richest man. Although he was already in his thirties, he remained single all his life. It was said that he had a handicap: he could not use his right hand for writing or eating. As a result, he was left-handed.

Even though he had a handicap, there were countless women, and even some men, who were eager to throw themselves at him.

But Han Zhan never accepted any of his admirers.

In her previous life, Song Ci had the good fortune to meet Han Zhan again after that hijacking incident. At that time, he was a director of a charity hospital. Even though he was blind and handicapped on one hand, he was still a very patient and self-possessed man.

Coincidentally, Song Ci was invited to play the violin at the charity hospital.

Han Zhan liked Song Ci’s violin-playing. Every time Song Ci came to play, Han Zhan would be seen quietly standing under a large tree in the park, holding a thermos in hand. Several performances later, the two of them gradually got to know each other and became good friends.

Han Zhan remained single until the year that Song Ci died. But at present, Song Ci had no idea whether Han Zhan had a girlfriend or not. Even if he did, the relationship would end in the future.

Song Ci felt that there was no way Han Zhan never had a relationship before. He didn’t look like an asexual person, so he probably had very high standards and was very picky that he couldn’t find a suitable girl.

But at present, the two of them were not at all familiar with each other. They had nothing to say to each other while sitting in the same car even.

As they approached the city area, Han Zhan broke the silence and asked Song Ci, “The weather is so hot and sunny today. Where does Ms. Song stay? I will send you back.” He was very gentlemanly.

Song Ci was just waiting for him to say this.

Song Ci pretended to hesitate before giving an apologetic smile. She replied politely, “I live in Jinshan District, Amethyst Gated Community. Thank you, Mr. Han. I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s on the way.”

Song Ci didn’t know if it was truly on the way. She wasn’t as foolish as to ask where Han Zhan stayed either.

At that moment, Song Ci didn’t know where Han Zhan stayed. But she knew that two years later, he would stay at the Great Dragon Hill which he owned. Now that was true wealth!

Wangdong City was divided into the East and West sides, where both sides were separated by the Great Dragon River. After Han Zhan became famous and stayed at the Great Dragon Hill, everyone referred to him as ‘the dragon at Great Dragon Hill.’

In the eyes of Wangdong City’s citizens, Han Zhan was special and revered.

Han Zhan parked the car in front of the gates to the Amethyst Gated Community, while Song Ci had somehow fallen asleep. A beautiful and alluring woman while awake, but her lips were slightly apart while she slept, and she even appeared to be drooling a little.

If anyone saw the top debutante Ms. Song Ci’s slovenly sleeping posture, they would make fun of her.

Han Zhan woke her up. “Ms. Song, we have arrived.”

Song Ci opened her eyes and saw a pair of unfamiliar but very lovely, clear blue-grey eyes. She was still somewhat groggy from sleep. She sat up straight and looked left and right, before remembering that she was in Han Zhan’s car and must have fallen asleep.

Song Ci instinctively reached up to wipe the side of her lips.

Damn, she wanted to seduce Han Zhan with her charm and beauty. How to do that when he’d already seen this ugly sleeping posture of hers?

Luckily, there was no drool on her face. Song Ci calmed down a little.

It would take several minutes to reach the Mu Family residence from the entrance of the gated community by hiking.

Han Zhan would naturally not object to driving in.

Song Ci greeted the security officer and Han Zhan entered without any problem, arriving in front of the Mu Family residence.

The car came to a stop.

Song Ci unbuckled her seatbelt and thanked Han Zhan graciously. “My deepest gratitude, Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan replied, “Mmm.”

Song Ci alighted and opened the door to the backseat before dragging out her enormous luggage. She bid Han Zhan farewell and looked on as the car drove off. Only then did Song Ci enter the house.

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