Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 26: Is She Trying to Seduce Me?

Chapter 26: Is She Trying to Seduce Me?

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Han Zhan sat in the car, recalling the way Song Ci had instinctively wiped her mouth the moment she woke up. He felt a strange urge to laugh. In his eyes, Song Ci was not the perfect lady as portrayed in public.

The top socialite was elegant, gracious, and inhumanly flawless. She was more like an exquisitely divine doll. Her image was even better than that of those entertainment companies’ perfect idols.

The real Song Ci was made of flesh and blood. She was cunning, yet still possessed a certain air of innocence.


Song Ci arrived home all hot and sweaty. She went to take a shower and changed into a short skirt before heading downstairs. Song Ci saw Mu Mian sitting in the main hall, so she greeted him and asked, “It’s a working day today, why are you at home?”

Mu Mian answered, “I will not be going to the office these few days. I will be working from home.”

That explained things.

“Did mother go to the hospital to visit Qiu-er?”

Mu Mian said, “Mmm, she will be back for dinner tonight.”

Song Ci asked again, “How is Qiu-er’s condition? Have they found a suitable heart?”

Mu Mian shook his head. “We are still waiting.”

Song Ci sat down on the sofa and sighed worriedly. “I wonder where Song Fei went. They said twins have telepathy but why can’t I feel anything from her?”

Mu Mian shot Song Ci a probing glance before saying, “Don’t worry, we will be able to find her.

Song Ci lowered her eyes, a chill running down her spine.

If this was in the past, Song Ci would have thought Mu Mian was worried about Song Fei. But after knowing his true motives, Song Ci could detect the hidden dark meaning behind his words.

Of course, Mu Mian would do his best to find Song Fei. He needed her heart to save Mu Qiu!

He would find her even if he had to turn the entire Wangdong City upside down!

When Du Tingting returned that night, she asked Song Ci a question at the dining table. “I heard that someone sent you home today?”

Song Ci was a famous personality in their community. Her exceptional beauty left a deep impression on everyone.

All of Song Ci’s friends were rich and powerful. Even she drove an expensive luxury car! As a result, her neighbors all found it very strange when they noticed Song Ci emerging from an ordinary Volvo. They had gossiped about this fact.

This incident quickly reached Du Tingting’s ears.

Song Ci was not at all surprised that Du Tingting knew of this. It was well within Song Ci’s expectations.

Song Ci replied, “Mmm, a colleague.”

“What does he do?”

“A subordinate of Manager Li. Highly regarded by Manager Li.”

Hearing that, Mu Mian joined the conversation. “Is this Manager Li you mentioned Li Li of Zeus Airlines?”


Mu Mian nodded. He knew that from the day Zeus Number 1 successfully took flight, Zeus Airlines would turn into a focal point in Wangdong City. “Zeus Airlines is a very promising company.”

If Zeus Airlines wanted to expand, their Chao Yang Company could never compare. Zeus Airlines might even end up as big as Chuan Dong Group.

Given enough time, it could dominate the world.

Mu Mian didn’t say anything about Han Zhan, but just told Song Ci, “Li Li is a pretty decent guy. He has a good future in front of him.”

Song Ci clearly understood Mu Mian’s underlying meaning. Li Li was Zeus Airlines’ general manager and would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the future. He was a worthy investment. Mu Mian was hinting at Song Ci to cozy up to men like Li Li, rather than an ordinary subordinate.

In her previous life, Song Ci married Chuan Dong Group’s Second Young Master Cheng Ziang as arranged by Mu Mian and suffered terribly from that marriage.

Song Ci would never again listen to Mu Mian in this life.

Song Ci was not that cheap. She wouldn’t allow Mu Mian to use her in this manner.

Song Ci would control her destiny!

“This friend of mine is also pretty decent. We...” Song Ci smirked before continuing matter-of-factly, “We have the same views, and he is also very considerate. He is someone worth getting to know more.”

Du Tingting looked at Song Ci with a happy expression. She teased, “Looks like you have feelings for him.”

“Of course,” Song Ci admitted.

Mu Mian shot Song Ci a disapproving look, but he didn’t say anything.

After all, in Mu Mian’s eyes, Song Ci was the most revered beauty in Wangdong City. She had a high value and would never really get together with some nondescript commoner. Perhaps this was a good-looking young man and Song Ci was just flirting with him.


That day was Song Ci’s first time as a co-pilot. She assisted Xiong Jian on the flight back and performed exceptionally well. The entire journey was smooth and stable that both Xiong Jian and Song Shiqing were very satisfied with her performance.

Even after the flight landed safely, Li Li gave Song Ci a thumbs-up and praised her. “Ms. Song, beautiful job.”

Song Ci took off her hat and gracefully twirled a strand of black hair by her ear. She said coquettishly, “Just the job? Manager Li, am I not beautiful in person?”

With such a beauty flirting with him, Li Li was completely flustered. He quickly showered her with more compliments. “Ms. Song is both devastatingly beautiful and extremely capable.”

Song Ci smiled with satisfaction.

Han Zhan alighted from the plane and saw Li Li pandering to Song Ci. Meanwhile, Song Ci did not look at all sheepish and instead looked very arrogant and self-satisfied.

One was willing to flatter, the other willing to believe his blarney.

Han Zhan thought to himself, ‘Youngsters nowadays are shameless.’

“Oh yes.” Song Ci suddenly opened her bag and took out several invitation cards. “The 10th of this month is my birthday. I am organizing a charity banquet. Mr. Li, Mr. Han, I wonder if you two will be kind enough to attend?”

Violet letters were printed on the pure-white invitation card. She handed one to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan didn’t reach out his hand, so Li Li accepted it on his behalf.

“We will attend your birthday party!” Li Li exclaimed. With that, he looked down at the invitation card and felt it was very nicely designed. He was not at all surprised that she had such good taste.

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan meaningfully. While Li Li’s attention was elsewhere, she took the opportunity to wink at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan. “...”

‘Is she trying to seduce me?’

As Li Li lifted his head, Song Ci immediately switched back to her normal expression. She said to Li Li, “I will be waiting for you two then.” With that, she turned and left with her luggage in tow. Clad in western-style pants, her bum wiggled enticingly as she sashayed away.

On the way back, Li Li placed the invitation in Han Zhan’s hands. Li Li had known Han Zhan for so many years and knew that he seldom attended parties. Moreover, this was a party organized by a socialite. Li Li said, “Are you not going as usual?”

To be honest, Han Zhan’s daily life was rather dull and boring. Li Li had never seen Han Zhan with a young lady by his side.

He couldn’t imagine Han Zhan romancing someone, or getting married.

“I am going,” Han Zhan replied.

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