Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 28: An Old, Dried-Up Plant Finally Blossoms

Chapter 28: An Old, Dried-Up Plant Finally Blossoms

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Li Li thought he had heard wrongly.

He glanced up at Han Zhan who was taking a sip of his drink. It was as if he had not spoken at all.

Li Li narrowed his eyes.

Something was going on.

“I am very grateful to everyone for attending my birthday party. All the proceeds collected tonight will be donated to the Anti-Domestic Violence Group.” A large screen lit up behind Song Ci, presenting many images of domestic violence. There were women with broken noses, children covered in bruises, and even men who were beaten up by their wives.

Song Ci glanced up at the screen before turning back. She lifted her right arm and clenched her dainty little fist.

In a flash, the lovely smile on Song Ci’s face faded and an air of dominance replaced it. “I hope that every single person who has suffered from domestic violence will clench their fists and find the opportunity to fight for your damn life!”

Everyone was shocked as the word ‘damn’ came out of Song Ci’s lovely lips. Thereafter, the crowd started cheering.

Han Zhan looked at the domineering woman on stage in surprise. Amusement flashed across his eyes.

This side of her, without the elegant facade, without all that pretense, appeared very genuine.

Song Ci spoke a few more words before descending the stage amidst thunderous applause.

The moment she descended, she noticed Yan Jiang, who had arrived late.

Yan Jiang was wearing a white suit and had a flashy pair of silver glasses on. He had dyed his long hair silver-grey. Holding a glass of wine, he attracted the stares of a group of girls.

“I thought you weren’t coming.” Song Ci took out her cell phone and teased Yan Jiang. “Since the great celebrity Yan Jiang is here, let’s take a selfie together.”

“How can I not attend your birthday party?” Yan Jiang leaned toward Song Ci for the photo.

From afar, Han Zhan watched Song Ci and Yan Jiang together with a smile, but that smile didn’t reach his eyes. Li Li immediately saw that the cold fish Han Zhan did have an interest in Ms. Song. He deduced that if Han Zhan witnessed Ms. Song close to another man, it would brew some jealousy within.

Li Li said nonchalantly, “Looks like Ms. Song and Mr. Yan have a pretty good relationship.”

Han Zhan studied Yan Jiang’s face before asking, “Is he the spokesperson for our company?”

Li Li answered, “Mmm, the number one handsome guy in the entertainment circles, the top star Yan Jiang.”

Han Zhan said, “I think it’s better if we find a female to be our spokesperson.”

Putting down his wine glass, Han Zhan added, “This is boring. I am going back first.” He put down the items from the charity auction before turning to leave.

Li Li shook his head at Han Zhan’s departing back profile.

“This old, dried-up plant finally blossomed. Pfft.”

Below the stage, Yan Jiang and Song Ci finished taking their photo. Yan Jiang revealed what he had been hiding behind his back. It was a birthday hat.

Without asking Song Ci’s permission, Yan Jiang put it on her head. “Happy Birthday Song Song.”

Song Ci touched the hat and smiled. “Thank you.”

She handed a glass of champagne to Yan Jiang. She said, “Didn’t you just adopt a cat? Is she a good girl?”

Yan Jiang stroked the side of his long-stemmed wineglass. He lowered his eyes. “Very obedient, very quiet. I especially did up a room for her, and I am personally taking care of her.”

Hearing that, Song Ci’s eyes seemed to glitter with tears. She hurriedly tilted back her head to drink from her glass. By the time she lowered her head back down, there was nothing in her eyes. “Since you decided to adopt her, you must take good care of her.”

“But of course.”

The two of them clinked glasses. No other words were necessary.

Song Ci’s cell phone rang. She told Yan Jiang, “Have a good time. I am going to take a call.”


After Song Ci left, Yan Jiang was once again surrounded by a bevy of ladies.

Song Ci saw that it was Du Tingting calling. She hurried out of the banquet hall and headed to a toilet right at the end of the corridor. “Mother, are you and father not coming tonight? The charity banquet already started.”

“Song Song.” Du Tingting sounded very fatigued.

Song Ci frowned at her grave voice. “Mother, what happened?”

Du Tingting said limply, “Qiu-er cut her wrists this afternoon. If not for the nurses discovering her in time, she might have...” Du Tingting couldn’t bring herself to say the word ‘died’ out loud.

Song Ci gaped. She didn’t know what to say.

She remembered this also happened in her previous life. She never expected Qiu-er to act the same way in this life.

Du Tingting said, “We heard news from the organ donation center this afternoon. They finally found a heart with the same rare blood type as Qiu-er and the other patient. It is suitable for both of them, but the other patient received it.”

“Worried that Qiu-er will get upset if she knew that, your father and I didn’t dare to tell her. But Qiu-er somehow learned of the news. In desperation, she performed such a foolish act...”

Du Tingting was sitting on the staircase landing of the hospital’s emergency exit. She bit her finger, trying to control her tears.

Song Ci glanced at her reflection after she heard Du Tingting’s words. Her face was cold and indifferent.

All Song Ci felt was relief that they had already snuck Song Fei away. In her previous life, it was Mu Qiu’s suicide attempt that prompted Mu Mian to make his move on Song Fei.

“Mother, I will head to the hospital now.”

Song Ci hung up and returned to the banquet hall to bid her friends farewell.

Yan Jiang saw that she appeared distressed, and he quietly followed her. Song Ci was going upstairs to change clothes and Yan Jiang followed her into the elevator. He asked in a low voice, “Song Song, what happened?”

Song Ci gazed at him with bloodshot eyes. “Mu Qiu cut her wrists.”

Yan Jiang was stunned. Mu Qiu cut her wrists. Things were happening the same as in Song Ci’s dream.

The two of them exchanged meaningful looks.

The elevator came to a halt. Song Ci stopped Yan Jiang, who wanted to accompany her. “You don’t need to come with me. Go back early to rest. Your cat is waiting for you at home. I will head down to the hospital on my own after I get dressed.”

Yan Jiang finally stopped after hearing the words ‘Your cat is waiting for you at home.’


After changing into a short skirt and flat shoes, Song Ci headed down to the underground carpark. She got into her car and sped off to the hospital.

By the time she arrived at the hospital, Mu Qiu had been resuscitated.

Mu Qiu’s face was deathly pale. Quietly laying in bed, she looked very frail and weak but already regained consciousness. Mu Mian sat on a stool frowning, looking very fatigued. Meanwhile, Du Tingting’s eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Upon seeing Song Ci, Du Tingting went over to hug her.

Du Tingting started sobbing again as she hugged Song Ci, while the latter patted her back knowing that no words could be of any comfort to her mother at that moment. Song Ci only released her hold after Du Tingting had calmed down.

Her cries woke Mu Qiu up.

Opening her eyes and seeing that the three people by her bed were in such a despondent state, Mu Qiu’s lips twisted as she cried, “Father!” Tears streamed uncontrollably down her cheeks.

As manly as Mu Mian was, his heart broke at that.

Song Ci’s eyes were also red-rimmed.

The three of them gathered in a group hug, weeping together. Even Song Ci shed a few false tears.

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