Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 29: Accident

Chapter 29: Accident

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After crying, Mu Qiu calmed down.

Only when she saw that her mother’s eyes were swollen from crying, did she realize that her act of committing suicide hurt her family deeply. With tears streaming down her face, Mu Qiu apologized to Du Tingting, “Mother, I’m sorry for being weak.”

Du Tingting was heartbroken. “Qiu-er, don’t say sorry. It’s Father and Mother’s fault for being useless.”

Mu Mian also pressed onto Qiu-er’s shoulder and spoke softly to her, “Qiu-er, Father knows that you’re upset. Father will not let you go just like this. You’re Father and Mother’s darling. Father will save you.”

Song Ci added, “Yup, Qiu-er, we won’t give up.”

Although she knew that her family was just consoling her, Mu Qiu still felt much better.

That night, the three of them didn’t dare to go home and all stayed at the hospital to accompany Mu Qiu for the fear of her doing something silly again. The next day, Du Tingting couldn’t hold out anymore, so Mu Mian forcefully dragged her home to rest. Song Ci stayed behind to look after Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu looked at the beautiful Song Ci, and she suddenly said, “I’ve been thinking of being your bridesmaid when you get married.” Mu Qiu smiled mockingly at herself and her face slowly fell. “But I’ll never get to see how you’ll look like in a wedding gown now.”

Mu Qiu looked down at her injured wrist and thought of her current situation. She then realized that the future was indeed such a luxury for her.

In the previous lifetime, when Song Ci got married, Mu Qiu was indeed her bridesmaid. Song Ci looked at Mu Qiu and suddenly said, “Qiu-er, let me give you my heart.”

Mu Qiu suddenly looked up at Song Ci with a gaze filled with shock and anger.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Mu Qiu suddenly sat up and harshly scolded Song Ci. “Sister, don’t say such things again! Even if I die, I’ll never take your heart!”

Mu Qiu was so angry that her chest heaved heavily and her eyes reddened.

Her reaction was executed so naturally that it didn’t seem fake.

However, Song Ci was slightly surprised.

In the previous lifetime, wasn’t Mu Qiu aware that she was going to use Song Fei’s heart for her first heart surgery?

“Qiu-er, your blood type is so rare. If you miss this heart, it’s almost impossible for you to find another suitable one! And my blood type happens to be the same. For all you know, mine is compatible with you.

“Qiu-er, without Father, I won’t be who I am now. I should already have been wandering since I was 14-years-old and might have already died...”

Song Ci smiled coldly to Mu Qiu and said in resignation, “Qiu-er, I’m willing to save you with my heart.”

After hearing Song Ci’s words, Mu Qiu became silent.

Just when Song Ci thought that Mu Qiu was wavering, Mu Qiu suddenly retrieved the glass on the cupboard beside the bed and threw it hard towards Song Ci.

Song Ci didn’t duck, but the glass didn’t land on her either. Instead, it landed beside her feet.

As Song Ci looked at that glass, she suddenly recalled that in the previous lifetime, she lifted a vase that she was supposed to throw at Mu Qiu just before she died.

She felt awful.

“Sister.” Mu Qiu’s voice was hoarse.

Song Ci looked up and met Mu Qiu’s red eyes.

Mu Qiu laughed in a self-deprecating way, covering her cute, innocent face with a layer of devastation. She jabbed her finger on her chest, and with a hoarse voice, she asked Song Ci, “What do you treat me, Mu Qiu, as? What do you treat the Mu Family as?!”

“Save me with your heart?” Mu Qiu laughed out loud again until she coughed.

“Song Ci, are you trying to make me live in self-condemnation for my whole life?!”

“I’d rather die than take my elder sister’s life!”

“Scram!” Mu Qiu pointed to the door and roared, “Don’t let me see you again, Song Ci. Scram!”

After scolding her, Mu Qiu started coughing so hard that it seemed like she was going to die the next minute.

Song Ci picked up the glass on the floor and placed it on the table behind her.

“Don’t be angry. I’ll leave now.”

Mu Qiu didn’t even look at Song Ci but laid in bed coughing.

Deep in her thoughts, Song Ci walked outside. She waited right by the door until she couldn’t hear Mu Qiu in a fit of coughs. After that, she then went downstairs.

Returning to the car, Song Ci only felt fatigued. She rubbed her eyes, looked down, and leaned onto the steering wheel. Song Ci didn’t understand Mu Qiu as a person. Was Mu Qiu’s reaction today an act? Or was it her true feelings?

If she was acting, Mu Qiu’s acting skills overwhelmed her.

After a long while, Song Ci’s phone rang.

She picked up the phone and heard Xiong Jian’s voice. “Song Ci, get to the airport by 10:40 A.M. We’re setting off for Tibet today.”


After staying up all night, Song Ci also felt rather tired, but she couldn’t ignore her job. She found her moisturizing mist and sprayed it on her face. The icy-cold mist landed on her face and shook Song Ci awake.

Only then did Song Ci start her car and headed towards the airport.

It took about 15 minutes by car from the hospital to the airport. As the car left the city area, the roads got wider but the cars got fewer. Since time was tight, Song Ci revved up the car speed for the fear of being late.

It was a three-lane road and Song Ci was in the middle lane.

Passing by a junction, Song Ci saw that there were only two seconds left for the green light and obediently stopped before the pedestrian crossing. As she had been dead once, she treasured life even more. Only when the green light came on again did Song Ci release the brakes and drove forward.

She was in the middle of the road when she suddenly felt a huge object coming rapidly towards her from her left side. Confused, Song Ci turned to her left. When she saw what that object was, her heart almost stopped beating!

It was a red truck that had lost control coming towards her!

At that critical moment, Song Ci quickly locked the steering wheel towards the right, trying her best to avoid the truck from ramming against the hood and the driver’s seat of the car. Fortunately, there weren’t many cars on the road and there weren’t any cars driving on the right side. Otherwise, it would have caused a chain collision.

With Song Ci’s car suddenly locked to the right, it flipped sideways onto the ground, producing a piercing sound as it dragged across.

The truck ran into the boot of the car. Due to inertia, the truck dragged the car forward for more than 20 meters and finally stopped before a thick tree trunk. When the two vehicles came to a complete stop, the boot of Song Ci’s car was already completely deformed after having been stuck in between the hood of the truck and the huge tree.

If it weren’t for Song Ci’s reaction of locking the steering wheel and making the car to flip sideways, she would have been the one deformed instead...

Everything happened in an instant...

The oncoming cars stopped one by one and people ran over to rescue them.


“Miss, how are you feeling?”

A group of people surrounded Song Ci’s car and frantically dragged the unconscious Song Ci out of the car...


It was time for take-off and Song Ci had yet to reach. Xiong Jian felt that it was very unusual.

Song Shiqing glanced at the observer’s position, looked up, and asked Xiong Jian, “Are we taking off now?”

Xiong Jian thought for a moment and was still worried. He said, “I’ll make a call.”

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