Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 30: Take Me Away, Han Zhan

Chapter 30: Take Me Away, Han Zhan

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Xiong Jian called Song Ci. The call went through but no one answered. Just when Xiong Jian was about to hang up, Song Ci picked up.

“Song Ci, we should be taking off and you’re late. To be late during the trainee period—you can forget about this job.” Xiong Jian was very stern and wasn’t joking at all.

It was very noisy on the other side of the phone. Only after a while did a low man’s voice ring. “Hello, is this a friend of this phone’s owner?”

Xiong Jian frowned.

Realizing that something was off, Xiong Jian got up from the pilot’s seat. As he walked towards the cockpit, he said, “Hi, I’m Song Ci’s colleague. May I know where Miss Song is?”

The man said, “Your colleague was involved in an accident and is very seriously injured. We’ve already called the ambulance, but it isn’t here yet.”


“Wangjiang Road, near the junction of Tian Family Village.”

“Got it.”

Xiong Jian hung up, looked up, and realized that Li Li and Han Zhan were both looking at him. “What happened?” Han Zhan stared at the empty seat behind Xiong Jian and said, “Song Ci isn’t here yet?”

Xiong Jian frowned and said, “Song Ci got into an accident and is very seriously injured. The ambulance isn’t there yet.”

Han Zhan’s expression changed slightly.

Li Li asked urgently, “Where?”

“Near the junction of the Tian Family Village.”

Han Zhan suddenly stood up and said, “Today’s trip is canceled.” After that, Han Zhan walked towards the exit and Li Li hurriedly caught up with him.


It was chaotic at the accident site.

Song Ci had been dragged out of the car and placed under the shade of a tree. Since the weather was so hot that even the ground was scorching, a kind person placed a shirt under her.

Song Ci was severely injured. Her head and face were covered in blood and glass shards were sticking from her arm.

Song Ci was subconsciously moaning in pain.

Coming to her senses bit by bit, Song Ci gradually opened her eyes and saw sunlight leaking in from the gaps of the leaves on the tree. Since blood had moistened her eyelashes, the sunlight seemed red to her.

Song Ci looked around and saw the truck driver on the ground not far away from her. Blood kept spewing from the mouth of the dying driver and his leg was broken, exposing his white bone beneath his blood and flesh.

Song Ci suddenly felt terror.

Was she going to die?

The ambulance finally arrived. The paramedics carried the stretcher under the tree. Just when they placed Song Ci on the stretcher, Li Li and the rest arrived.

They all walked quickly up to the ambulance. Li Li even helped the paramedics lift Song Ci onto the stretcher.

Seeing that Song Ci was still alive, Han Zhan’s gloomy expression finally softened slightly.

Looking at the words on the ambulance, Han Zhan suddenly said, “An accident near the Tian Family Village should be handled by the Third People’s Hospital.” Han Zhan’s sharp eyes scanned the doctor who was wearing a mask and questioned him, “How did your Newbridge Hospital end up here?”

The doctor and nurse were busy sending Song Ci into the ambulance and didn’t have the time to explain. But they still had the time to holler, “The patient is in a critical condition, get her to the hospital first!”

Just then, the woman laying on the stretcher suddenly had the strength to move. Song Ci lifted her right arm and tightly grabbed onto Han Zhan’s left wrist.

Han Zhan was stunned.

Song Ci was confused, totally couldn’t think straight, and didn’t know what she was doing.

Newbridge Hospital...

In the previous lifetime, she was sent to the Newbridge Hospital after her accident!

Song Ci’s lips moved slightly as if to say something, but Han Zhan couldn’t hear clearly. He bent down, leaned into Song Ci’s lips, and heard her say, “Take me away...”

“Han Zhan.”

This was the first time Han Zhan heard Song Ci call his name. Her voice was soft but the meaning was deep.

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci, whipped out his phone, and made a call.

Li Li heard Han Zhan’s request for an emergency operation theater from the person on the other end of the call. After hanging up, Han Zhan told the doctor with a mask, “The patient is going with me to the Armed Police Hospital.”

The doctor rejected instinctively, “No! The patient’s injuries are serious and treatment can’t be delayed! Who are you to her? You can’t make decisions for her.”

Han Zhan pushed the stretcher into the vehicle and said, “She’s my wife.” Then, he boarded the ambulance and pulled that doctor along.

Although Han Zhan was tall, he didn’t appear strong. Hence, when Han Zhan pulled the doctor into the ambulance with him with ease, it left the doctor stunned.

Li Li also reacted quickly and boarded the ambulance as well.

Xiong Jian chased the driver away. He and Song Shiqing were in charge of driving the ambulance and sending Song Ci to the Armed Police Hospital.

The ambulance left in a high profile just like that, leaving behind a group of paramedics looking at each other.

In their many years of service, this was the first time they met with such an incident. They had driven the ambulance out to save someone but instead got robbed of their doctor and ambulance...


After boarding the ambulance, Han Zhan hurriedly put on the oxygen mask for Song Ci. Then, he lifted his head to coldly stare at the doctor, and he said, “This is far beyond Newbridge’s reach.”

The doctor didn’t dare to look straight at Han Zhan.

Looking down, he tried to argue, “You robbed an ambulance—it’s a crime.”

Han Zhan sneered, “Aren’t you committing a crime?” He looked at that lavish watch on the doctor’s wrist and said, “To be bribed by others! Such a doctor... ha!”

The doctor felt a chill down his spine and dared not speak.

“She cannot die. If she dies, you can forget about living either.” Although Han Zhan didn’t know who exactly did Song Ci offend, he could tell that something was amiss with this Newbridge doctor.

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci.

Whose way did she get into?

Beside them, Li Li observed Han Zhan threatening the doctor and felt that Mr. Han’s aura made him seem 2.8 meters tall. So awe-inspiring! The doctor didn’t dare to enrage Han Zhan and had no choice but to kneel beside the stretcher and help Song Ci stop her bleeding.

Li Li looked at Song Ci and then Han Zhan, that phrase of ‘She’s my wife’ still playing in his mind.

It was confirmed!

He knew that Mr. Han treated Miss Song differently.

This old guy, Mr. Han, finally stretched his claws out at Song Ci, this young lady.

The ambulance had a solemn atmosphere. The sight of Song Ci covered in blood made Li Li shiver. He wanted to lighten things up, so he teased Han Zhan, “I’ve known you for so many years and it’s the first time seeing this smashing side of you.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Li Li added, “You’re suddenly acting so domineering, robbing an ambulance and a doctor. I’m still not quite used to it.”

Han Zhan said, “Be quiet.”

Li Li looked at Song Ci who was covered in blood, and he said, “Don’t you think being too quiet instead makes it creepy?” Song Ci laid there, all covered in blood as if she had stopped breathing. Once the ambulance got quiet, it was indeed eerie.

Han Zhan placed his hand on Song Ci’s chest and realized that her heartbeat was quite weak. He became slightly flustered. As he looked at the doctor who was trying to stop her bleeding, he said to Li Li, “Say something.”

Li Li asked, “Like what?”

Han Zhan said, “Crosstalk will do as well.”

“Sure.” Li Li smiled and then performed crosstalk the whole way. The lines of the crosstalk were written beautifully, but the more Han Zhan listened to it, the colder his eyes became.

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