Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 4: Genius Teenage Girl Song Fei

Chapter 4: Genius Teenage Girl Song Fei

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Song Ci was Wangdong City’s number one beauty and top debutante. She was elegantly beautiful, possessed wonderful social skills, and she had countless admirers. Even when faced with a man she disliked, she would always be tactful in her rejection. An outright rejection like how she rejected Cheng Ziang was a first.

Du Tingting and Mu Qiu were both shocked to hear that Song Ci refused to meet with Cheng Ziang. But, in the not-so-distant past, Song Ci would have agreed to meet up with Cheng Ziang.

Du Tingting gazed at Song Ci and fretfully asked, “I thought you found Cheng Ziang a pretty decent guy? Song Song, why did you suddenly changed your opinion?”

Song Ci replied, “Too ugly.”

Song Ci’s straightforward and heartless reply once again shocked Du Tingting and her daughter.

Song Ci always emphasized a person’s character, intelligence, and manners. She never cared much for a person’s appearance. So when did a person’s superficial attributes become Song Ci’s main criteria?

Moreover, Cheng Ziang was not ugly at all.

Mu Qiu felt that her big sister was behaving somewhat strangely. But since she already refused to meet Cheng Ziang, she did not pursue the matter.


The next morning, Mu Qiu got out of bed and went downstairs. Dressed in a white sports outfit with her long hair in a ponytail, complete with a black shoulder bag draped on her shoulders, Mu Qiu looked full of pep and energy.

Mu Qiu got on the first floor and saw Song Ci already sitting at the table eating cereal. It was a rare sight for her. “Big sister, why are you up so early today?”

Song Ci liked to stay up late into the night and had trouble waking up in the morning that Mu Qiu seldom saw her sitting in the dining room having breakfast.

“I went to bed early last night.” Song Ci was very particular about her figure. She obsessed over every single pound and was very strict about her diet. Song Ci would eat nothing high in fat or calories.

Song Ci put down her spoon after having eaten just two-thirds of a bowl of oats.

She looked at Mu Qiu’s sports outfit. “Are you going out?”

“Yes, I am going hiking with a friend.”

Mu Qiu sat down at the table and Auntie Zhang brought out her freshly made breakfast. Unlike Song Ci, Mu Qiu did not gain weight easily. Her breakfast was very sumptuous, and it included dumplings, fried eggs, porridge... such a sight made Song Ci drool.

“Do you want to come with us?” Mu Qiu cut her fried egg in half and took a big bite. She tilted her head at Song Ci. “Join us if you are free. You know all my friends, anyway.”

Song Ci tore her eyes away from Mu Qiu’s breakfast and said, “I am not free today. I am going to the convalescent hospital.” Song Ci specially kept her eyes fixed upon Mu Qiu as she mentioned the hospital for she wanted to catch even the tiniest reaction.

But Mu Qiu didn’t show any strange reaction to her words.

Swallowing her bite of egg, Mu Qiu then asked, “How is Sister Song Fei? I haven’t visited her in quite a long while. But it wouldn’t be nice of me if I were to cancel my appointment with my friend at the last minute, otherwise, I would accompany you.”

“Still the same.” Song Ci shook her head as the fatigue in her eyes deepened. She murmured in a low voice, “It’s been eight years already. If she still has the chance to wake up, she would have done that years ago.”

Mu Qiu sighed. “Heaven helps those who are worthy, and Sister Song Fei is worthy that even the earthquake failed to take her life. I believe that she will wake up one day.”

“I certainly hope so.”

Song Ci fell into deep thought as she gazed at Mu Qiu’s innocent and beautiful face.

If the dream was real, then Mu Qiu’s acting skills were stupendous!


There was a high-class facility called Morning Sun Centre in Wangdong City’s Blue Water District. It was where Song Fei lived.

It was named after the first rays of the morning sun to bring hope to its patients.

The convalescent hospital comprised individual villas and had a very tranquil environment. The air was fresh and clean, and it was fit for patients who required peace and quiet to recuperate. There were only three wards in each villa, all well-equipped with medical amenities.

Naturally, the fees charged by this convalescent hospital were very high—at least a seven-figure sum.

All these years, Mu Mian had been paying for all of Song Fei’s medical fees. It was also one reason Song Ci was so grateful toward Mu Mian, such that she even agreed to the arranged marriage with Cheng Ziang.

Song Ci entered the convalescent hospital and walked through a small patch of greenery, and she soon arrived in front of a large villa.

Song Ci analyzed the location of the villa where Song Fei was. She didn’t realize it then, but she now noticed how Song Fei’s villa was at the left-most part of the hospital grounds after taking a good look. Adjacent to the villa was a large man-made lawn, and the surrounding area was peaceful. It also meant that the place was rather remote and the furthest from the man-made lake.

If a fire were to happen, it would not be easy to draw large quantities of water.

In her previous life, the winds were particularly strong on the night of the fire at Song Fei’s villa. The fire spread rapidly, and by the time the firefighters arrived, the flames were too strong to put out.

Mu Mian personally picked this villa for Song Fei. Now, Song Ci couldn’t help second-guessing his real reason for selecting this villa.

Song Ci stepped into Song Fei’s villa.

Song Fei was on the second floor, where she was the only patient. It was all quiet.

Song Ci walked down the clean, spacious corridor. It was as if she could see the flames dancing and smell the stinging odor of charred remains. Song Ci’s heart twisted with pain and her legs felt heavy as she thought of Song Fei’s wretched ending.

Standing before the door into Song Fei’s ward, Song Ci suddenly felt small and timid.

She didn’t dare to push open the door, afraid of finding it empty.

Song Ci had to take several deep breaths before she opened the door.

She saw a woman lying on the bed, and her eyes were closed. Song Ci’s lashes quivered when she saw Song Fei still alive, and soon, her eyes welled up with tears.

It had been eight years since Song Fei’s demise. Although they maintained her physical body via liquid nutrients, her growth had significantly slowed down. Song Fei was 1.64m tall at 14 years of age, but she had grown only four cm over the past eight years.

In contrast, Song Ci had already shot up to 1.71m.

Song Ci had a sexy and voluptuous figure. Meanwhile, Song Fei was as thin as a paper doll and lips a sickly pale shade of white.

Nevertheless, Song Fei still looked exactly like Song Ci.

Although they were twins, Song Fei drew more nutrients than Song Ci while they were in their mother’s womb. As a result, she was taller, heavier, and had an IQ much higher than Song Ci at birth.

They took an IQ test when they were ten years old and found that Song Fei’s IQ was 182, while Song Ci’s was only 132. Although they considered Song Ci as an intelligent girl, Song Fei was a genius. She was a quick learner, and all her teachers treated her as a national treasure.

While Song Ci was still trying to figure out how to use a sanitary pad, Song Fei was already researching various viruses. While Song Ci was still arguing with haters on her Weibo account over her favorite idol, Song Fei was already a disciple of a world-famous virus research expert.

If Song Fei were well and healthy, she would have had an existence even more dazzling and spectacular than Song Ci’s.

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