Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 5: She Wants to Be A Female Pilot

Chapter 5: She Wants to Be A Female Pilot

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Song Ci had idolized her elder sister even from a young age. If Song Fei were a sniper, then Song Ci would be the gun in her hand, and she would shoot anywhere Song Fei pointed at.

But it all changed eight years ago.

Eight years ago, Song Ci and her family of four drove over to Bijiang City in the west for a four-days and three-nights holiday. Arriving at their hotel, Song Ci’s parents checked into one room, while the sisters shared another room.

Around one a.m., Song Ci had already fallen asleep while reading a novel while Song Fei, on the other hand, was still on her computer reading a research document her professor had sent over.

As the room started to shake, Song Fei immediately knew it was an earthquake. Her first instinct was not to flee but to wake up the still-sleeping Song Ci and drag her to a communal restroom located along the corridor.

The building collapsed the moment they arrived just outside the toilet. At that critical point, Song Fei shoved Song Ci into the restroom with all her strength. Since Song Fei didn’t have time to duck into the toilet before the floorboards collapsed beneath her, she disappeared from Song Ci’s view.

It took five days before the rescue group found Song Ci. Although they had dug out Song Fei earlier than Song Ci, Song Fei’s injuries were too severe, and that she had lost a lot of blood. As a result, she was in a comatose state.

Song Fei had sacrificed herself for her little sister, and she ended up in a coma for the past eight years.

Song Fei fought so hard and gave so much to ensure Song Ci’s life. Hence, anyone who harmed Song Fei would become Song Ci’s sworn enemy!

Thinking of how Mu Mian murdered her elder sister in her previous life and how there wasn’t even a body to bury—Song Ci seethed with hatred and had a desperate urge to kill him!

She was so foolish!

Not only did she not know the truth behind her sister’s death, but she also even treated her murderer as her dear, respected father, and she even complied with all his requests.

Looking at Song Fei, Song Ci murmured incoherently for a long while before wailing hoarsely. Unable to bear it any longer, Song Ci buried her face in Song Fei’s shoulder and cried. “Elder sister!”

Inside the quiet ward, Song Ci’s cries were heart-rending.

After a good cry, Song Ci thought of how her sister was still alive and finally recomposed herself. She spoke to her sister for a long while, and when it was already after one in the afternoon, she stood up and left.

But before leaving, she casually installed a hidden surveillance camera in a concealed corner of the room.


The car steered into the Mu Family’s parking lot. Mu Mian had just arrived home after a work trip, and Song Ci saw him standing under the pavilion and talking on his cell phone.

Mu Mian was one of the first e-commerce merchandisers in the country.

In 2004, Mu Mian saw the opportunity and built an e-commerce website called “Happy.” Its primary products were female skincare and luxury items. As the business grew, operations expanded until the website was one of the most well-known online shopping sites in the country.

Nine years ago, the ambitious Mu Mian established Chao Yang Company, which developed by leaps and bounds under his management. At present, Mu Mian was one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Wangdong City.

Nevertheless, there was still a difference between a wealthy entrepreneur and those who came from old money.

Meanwhile, as Mu Mian’s adopted daughter, Song Ci became the top debutante in Wangdong City with her gorgeous face and sexy figure. Song Ci’s fashion style was much admired and copied by girls all over. She was also a major influencer on Weibo and had over 200,000 fans.

In her previous life, it was with her status as the top debutante that Song Ci married the Second Young Master of the Chuan Dong Group. The grand wedding was one of the hottest internet search topics.

Song Ci gazed at Mu Mian from afar. There was an unprecedented analytical and calculating look in her eyes.

Mu Mian was wearing a grey polo tee with black pants covering his long muscular legs. At 44 years old, Mu Mian was at the prime of his life. With his striking features and tall, strapping physique, Mu Mian was a handsome and attractive man.

As a result of his good looks, frequent rumors linked him with various female celebrities and models. But Mu Mian was a devoted man for he only had eyes for Du Tingting.

Looking at the gentleman, Song Ci couldn’t imagine him killing someone.

Perhaps Song Ci’s gaze was so intense that Mu Mian detected it and turned around to where she was.

Noticing Song Ci, Mu Mian frowned rather sternly.

“Song song, Auntie Zhang said you got a heat stroke yesterday. Why aren’t you resting at home? Where did you go?” Mu Mian appeared to be reprimanding Song Ci, but he was concerned for her health.

Facing Mu Mian, Song Ci shuddered at the thought of how he was concealing a cunning demon under his righteous facade. A chill ran up her spine.

She placed her hands behind her back and pinched her waist, letting the pain snap her out of her trance.

Song Ci adjusted her emotions and gave Mu Mian a faint smile. “Father.” Song Ci walked over to Mu Mian’s side and respectfully gazed at him. She explained, “I went to visit my elder sister.”

Hearing that, Mu Mian’s expression softened. “Is Song Fei still the same?”

Song Ci replied, “Mmm.”

Mu Mian asked again, “What did the doctor say this time?”

“Still the same old words. Elder sister’s condition is the same. No improvement or deterioration. It’s up to fate whether she will wake up.” Song Ci would always be in a foul mood whenever she returned from visiting Song Fei.

Mu Mian turned and walked toward the pond.

Song Ci followed and stood beside him. She placed her hands on the railing and gazed down at the koi fishes swimming in the pond.

“Song Song, it’s already been eight years. If she was meant to wake up, she would have already done so years ago.” Mu Mian gazed down at Song Ci’s side profile. He sighed. “You must learn to accept reality.”

Of course, Song Ci knew this.

Song Fei had been in a coma for eight years. Like what Mu Mian said, if she was meant to wake up, she would have already done so years ago.

Waiting for Song Fei to wake up was a fool’s dream.

But Song Ci didn’t dare to stop waiting. If she gave up on Song Fei, no one would be left in this world to remember her. Song Ci already lost her parents, and she couldn’t lose Song Fei, too.

Song Ci was stubborn and determined. She said, “As long as the doctors haven’t declared Song Fei to be brain dead, I will continue waiting.”

Mu Mian knew how stubborn Song Ci could be and did not pursue the matter.

He changed the subject. “Oh yes, you have graduated. What plans do you have for your career? Are you going to apply to an airline?”

Song Ci graduated from the Civil Aviation Flight University of China. It was her dream to become a female pilot.

Song Ci had always wanted to join the military as a pilot. She achieved stellar grades in high school, was tall, and had excellent eyesight. She was eligible to attend the PLA Air Force Aviation University. But after dealing with injuries during that unfortunate quake, she had a scar in her waist area. As a result, she failed the physical test and was denied entry.

Song Ci had no choice but to settle for the next best thing: the Civil Aviation Flight University of China.

Without waiting for Song Ci to answer, Mu Mian said rather bluntly, “I know you want to be a pilot, but it’s not easy. How many students graduate from aviation university? How many became pilots? Moreover, you are a girl.”

Song Ci’s hackles rose at Mu Mian’s last comment. What did he mean by ‘Moreover, you are a girl?’

Song Ci’s face changed, and she retorted, “So what if I am a girl? Even the King himself came into this world through his mother’s womb, right?”

Mu Mian. “...”

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