Library of Heaven's Path

Chapter 17: Assassination

Chapter 17: Assassination

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So what if the parents ask about it? You are the lowest level teacher, it is normal that you can’t answer their questions!

So, in order to put on a show, you specially came here to view the 5-dan cultivation technique. If this isn’t being hypocritical and vain, what is it?

“Tomorrow, I will look for the principal and have this unrealistic fellow expelled!”

Scoffing coldly in his heart, Old Mo’s mind is resolute.

Leaving such a vain fellow who doesn’t cultivate properly in the academy will just sully the culture of the academy!

Zhang Xuan doesn’t know that the two meetings with Elder Mo have placed him in the expulsion list of the latter. If he were to know, he would have no idea whether he should burst into laughter or weep in tears.

Those words that he said are only excuses!

In reality, his cultivation has reached such a level!

He can’t possibly stop training due to the lack of cultivation technique.

Very quickly, he found the very last row of the cultivation technique section.

Even the most famous and powerful teacher in the academy is Fighter 5-dan. The moment one breaks through into the 6-dan Pixue realm, they would automatically become an elder in the academy.

This is only the Teacher Compendium Pavilion, so there aren’t any records on the 6-dan cultivation techniques. Thus, the 5-dan cultivation techniques are placed on the very last shelf.

“There are significantly less 5-dan manuals than 4-dan!”

There are around 2000 to 3000 cultivation technique secret manuals on the 4-dan whereas there are only 1000 on the 5-dan.

However, it is also a natural occurrence when one thinks about it. No matter what it is, the higher one climbs, the scarcer the resources. Although the academy has been present for a long time, there are definitely significantly less 5-dan than 4-dan in its entire history.

As a result, the cultivation techniques and notes they leave behind would be fewer as well.

Shaking his head, he decided not to contemplate over such matters. Zhang Xuan casually takes out a book and flip through it.

Around an hour later, the 1000 cultivation technique secret manuals have been browsed through and the Library of Heaven’s Path has compiled corresponding books to the secret manuals.

After receiving what he wants, Zhang Xuan smiles faintly and bids Elder Mo farewell before walking into the distance.

Seeing how he is randomly flipping and viewing the books, not even stopping in the midst of it, Elder Mo can’t help but chastise him yet again in his mind.

Returning back to his living quarters, Zhang Xuan follows what he did previously and searches for the correct phrases and paragraphs within the thousand books.

As he expected, not too long later, the library compiles the thousand books into a single one. This time, the book isn’t nameless and the four big words 《Heaven’s Path Divine Art》 is written on it.

He starts to cultivate again.

Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm is an extension of the Pigu realm. The purpose of this realm is simple, it is to temper the zhenqi of the cultivator to his body. The difference in strength between each stage in Dingli realm is mainly due to the level of compatibility between one’s zhenqi and their body.

The greater their compatibility, the more strength one is able to exert.

Reading the cultivation method for the Dingli realm in the Heaven’s Path Divine Art, Zhang Xuan focuses his attention. He carefully controls the crystal clear zhenqi in his dantian to slowly flow in his body, going at a fixed rhythm to allow it to merge completely with his body.

The Heaven’s Path Divine Art is indeed worthy of being a cultivation technique compiled by the advantages of over a few thousand secret manuals. The efficiency of the cultivation method is indeed one to behold. His zhenqi and muscles swiftly merge together as one.

The strength of his body and the compatibility of his zhenqi soars up exponentially.

Dingli realm primary stage!

Dingli realm intermediate stage!

Dingli realm advanced stage!

Dingli realm pinnacle!


After four hours, his body jolts again.

Zhang Xuan reopens his eyes. His eyes are filled with disbelief, “This… Fighter 5-dan pinnacle?”

Initially, he thought he would take a long period cultivating in 5-dan. Never in his dreams would he possibly imagine that he could reach the pinnacle in four hours through the Heaven’s Path Divine Art.

To his previous self, cultivation is as difficult as trying to ascend the heavens. Yet, to Zhang Xuan who is practicing the Heaven’s Path Divine Art, it is as easy as eating and drinking.

Just by half a night worth of effort, he rose from Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm to Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle… This is too exaggerated!

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t know the cultivation method for 6-dan, unaware of which acupoint he should breakthrough, he might have already successfully broken through to become a 6-dan Pixue realm expert!

In 6-dan Pixue realm, one opens up all of the blocked acupoints in their body. For every acupoint broken through, one’s zhenqi would become richer and one’s prowess will rise.

It is said that there are 108 acupoints in the human body. However, only 72 of these can be opened and there is an order to opening it. Everyone’s body is different, thus everyone would require a different sequence in breaking through each of them to obtain the best results out of it. If one is unable to find the correct sequence, they could very possibly end up only opening three to four acupoints and be stuck there for the rest of their lives.

This is just like cleaning the silt by a river. It has to be cleaned gradually from the upper stream to the lower stream. If one were to start at the center and clean towards the upper and lower stream, not only will the river not be cleaned thoroughly, it might even result in a blockage, causing one to be unable to progress further.

The same logic goes for breaking through one’s acupoints as well. If one doesn’t find the ideal sequence, the other acupoints might get blocked and for the rest of their lives, they would be unable to open it.

Thus, without a cultivation technique, Zhang Xuan doesn’t dare to try to cultivate further.

However, he isn’t anxious. It is already unheard of to break through two great realms in a single night. He is already very satisfied with the results.

“Unless required, it is best for me to not to reveal my level of cultivation!”

As a transcender, he has read many books and watched many shows. He knows that possessing a treasure itself is a crime.

He is the worst teacher in the entire academy. Yet, in a night, he suddenly gains the strength of a Fighter 5-dan pinnacle. If others were to find out, won’t they all rush to him?

Thus, it is best for him to not tell anyone about him reaching Dingli realm pinnacle. The more confidential it is, the better it is for him.

“Let me see how much strength would I hold this time!”

After making a decision, Zhang Xuan walks over to the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar.

While other people only possess one ding of strength in their Dingli primary stage, he possessed five ding. If so, how much strength would he hold now that he has reached the pinnacle?


Light flows through the rock pillar and numbers appear on it.

8 ding!

“Eight ding of strength? That is almost the strength of a Pixue realm expert who has opened up four acupoints!” Zhang Xuan’s eyes lit up.

A normal Dingli pinnacle cultivator would possess four ding of strength. After which, for each acupoint they break through, their strength would increase by one ding.

Despite just being at Dingli pinnacle, he possesses the strength of eight ding, putting him on the same level as an expert who has broken through four acupoints.

“As expected of the Heaven’s Path Divine Art, incredible!”

Zhang Xuan is quite happy. After training for such a long period of time, he intends to find something to eat then go to sleep. However, his ears suddenly twitch.

“Why would someone be here at such a time?”

Zhang Xuan frowns.

Due to an advancement in his cultivation, his hearing and sight have improved tremendously. He is able to clearly perceive the sound of someone hiding somewhere not too far from where he is, staring fixedly at his living quarters.

“Looks like he is surveying my room. He probably has yet to detect my presence!”

At this moment, Zhang Xuan isn’t at his room but behind a Strength Measuring Rock Pillar which is a distance away from the dormitory. After measuring his strength, he has been suppressing his breathing, thus the other party has yet to notice his presence.

“Let’s see who’s the one finding trouble with me!”

He didn’t expect that someone would want to deal with him right after he is done cultivating. The doubts in his mind grow.

Rummaging through the memories of his previous self, although he doesn’t have much accomplishment, there hasn’t been a scenario where someone sneaked onto in the night to deal with him!

“No matter who he is, I mustn’t let him identify me!”

Just when he was about to meet the other party, a thought suddenly flashes through his mind.

The entire academy knows that he is a Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm trash. If he were to appear at this moment as a 5-dan pinnacle, the other party would definitely be scared to death!

Furthermore, if the news were to spread out, there would surely be quite a few person who would look into him.

Thus, no matter who the other party is, Zhang Xuan mustn’t allow him to identify him.

At this moment, he suddenly recalls the numerous movies he has watched back in his previous life. Thus, he tears away a fabric from his sleeves and covers his face.


After finishing with his preparations, making use of the darkness of the night, Zhang Xuan gradually creeps towards the other party with light footsteps.

Although he has just broken through and he has never studied any footwork, the cultivation technique he is training with is the Heaven’s Path Divine Art which grants him superb control over his body. Not to mention, he is also very familiar with his surroundings, so the other party didn’t notice him even when he is just ten meters behind him.

At such a proximity, he could clearly see the black suit donned by the other party. His face is also covered, so it is impossible for him to make out his identity as well.

“Lad, if you must blame, blame it for your daring guts to dare to lay your hands on our young mistress!”

Hiding behind a large tree, Zhang Xuan stares at the silhouette before him as the mutterings of the latter vaguely drift to his ears.

“That voice sounds familiar…”

Zhang Xuan’s eyebrows knit tightly together.

Zhang Xuan is sure that he had heard this voice before. However, he has difficulty recalling exactly when and where he heard it.


Just as he is trying his best to recall whether it is the memory of his previous self or after he has transcended, the silhouette before him flickers and gradually moves towards his dormitory. At the same time, with a flick of his wrist, a cold gleam shines and a sharp dagger appears on his palm.

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