Life Mission

Chapter 1


A cold wind swept through a city in ruins. Even the simple wind was dreary and caused a hair-raising atmosphere. Desolation.

He could not detect a breath of life. Most likely it was just that he could not tell if there really was no life, or if it was hiding somewhere. Whatever it was, it was not visible to the naked eye.

This was a dangerous place.


Dangerous did not cut it.


It was home to the Level 9 Mutant Shapiollin faction that ruled the whole of North America. In other words, it could be called the nest of the Evil Queen.


Hard stone crumbled like crackers as he crushed them in his hands.

He was young. He looked as though he would be in his early to mid twenties at most. He was known for his dark red armor and the long sword he wore at his waist.


An eerie laugh rang out. Were they making themselves known now because a person appeared? Or did his human flesh stir up their hunger so much that they let it slip?

Then, another hair-raising sound rang throughout the silent city and mutants that were difficult to look at appeared.

Each of them was beyond Level 5, and there were some Level 6s among them.

They were all strong.

However, they were still nothing more than the Queen’s servants.

“Whew! It’d be upsetting if I didn’t get at least this much of a welcoming party. I wandered for years looking for the Shapiollin. But you guys wouldn’t know that, would you?”

Cha Jun Sung talked to the mutants, but there was no response.

Conversation was usually possible for these mutants starting from Level 7. There were some exceptions though.

It depended on what it evolved from first. What was certain was that those who could speak were definitely more powerful.

“I was bored to pieces. Really.”

He had finally arrived here at this final battle stage after fighting against all types of monsters and tremor-inducing suffering.


The mutants who had obviously not been listening to a single word approached Cha Jun Sung.

Though they did not possess language, they had a high level of cunning and signs of caution were clear. But they did not hesitate. They seemed to be trusting their numerical advantage.

“There’s no time to waste on the little ones. It’s hard to deal with even one of the Shapiollin. I’ll hurry and take you guys to your graves.”


Cha Jun Sung snapped his fingers. At that moment, his equipment, Overload, spurred a massive shootout.

Kwang kwang kwang kwang!

Countless skyscrapers collapsed from Overload’s attack.

Explosions ensued all around. It amplified the destructiveness by compressing gunpowder. There was even the illusion that the space had become contorted from all the attacks.


However, since their numbers were many and most were of high enough levels, there were a lot who escaped the indiscriminate firing.

This had been anticipated.

[Code input. Goal annihilation.] [Program execution. 1522 objects! Metal cyborg closing in! Distance between enemy under 0.2%, damage probability 99.8%! Body unite!]

As the mode was phoned in, Overload stopped the shooting. He tossed his firearms and pulled out his secondary arms.

The driving force of the booster surged Overload’s gas. Cha Jun Sung sped up in the blink of an eye and collided with the mutants.

The secondary arms cut the mutants’ bones and flesh. Easy.

Cha Jun Sung casually strolled past the battlefield. None of the mutants that tried to stop him were able to get past Overload and collapsed.

After walking for a while, he stopped at a place that had once been packed with expensive buildings, but was now the center of rubble, lost in the aftermath of destruction.

At the peak, there was a naked woman looking down at Cha Jun Sung atop a giant creature.

She detected he was coming and had been waiting for him in a quiet place.

The Evil Queen.

Evil Queen Shapiollin.

She was one of the 6 disasters, infected by the A virus, called the human despair, and was in the final stage of evolution. She was Cha Jun Sung’s objective.

“Evil Queen Shapiollin.”

“Well. You’re more handsome than I thought you’d be. I was going to kill you, but I guess I’ll have to keep you alive.”


The Shapiollin’s disgusting tongue licked every corner of his body. There was an imbalance in a snake-like tongue coming from a beautiful woman.

She had an appetite for human men, so if she found a man that was okay, she would not kill him and keep him to play with.

“Your intentions are different from mine.”

“What are your intentions?”

“To kill the wrinkly old mutant in front of me.”

In human years the Shapiollin was almost 200 years old. Even if she was beautiful, calling her an old woman was appropriate.

“Is that so? Then I guess I’ll have to change mine. I won’t kill you, but I’ll put you in so much pain you’ll beg for death.”


The Shapiollin’s body inflated like a balloon and a horrible aura was ejected. She was breaking out of her human image and going back to her main body.

Each of the six disasters had their own title. This title was created from one part character and another part physical appearance. She was called the Evil Queen because of her depraved nature and the appearance of a queen that she took on.

“So this is the Queen.”

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