Life Mission

Chapter 2

She looked like a bizarre but regal and refined woman wearing a billowy navy blue dress. The tentacles configuring her dress looked like sharp swords.

The Shapiollin’s shape changed at will. Of the six disasters, she was considered to have the greatest cutting force and to be the best at avoiding attacks.

“Are you the one who killed three of my children?”

“I am.”

The Shapiollin opened its mouth in its true state. Her voice now clanged as if metal was scratching on metal. It was an unpleasant voice that could easily cut a man’s confidence.

“I did it as practice before facing the real one. They were strong. But not strong enough.”

While Cha Jun Sung was on his journey to the Shapiollin, he had killed three mutants at Level 8 born from her womb. He had done so measure up his own level as a comparison. To see if he would be able to handle the Level 9 mutant, if you will.

“Do you know how much I prayed to the skull so that I could birth those children?”

“You talk too much. It’s fine to have a lot of children, but we don’t need more mutants. Starting next year, I’m going to fix North America.”


Cha Jun Sung’s armor made the sound of a loud engine. The machinery flowing at units of nanometers were responding to their owner’s call.

This product of early science was what made it possible for the weak human body to fight against powerful mutants.

Though there were varying shooting capabilities, a human would die under the pressure of the shot unless he had gone through some body modifications.

After 10 body modifications, Cha Jun Sung had created a body that was hundreds of times beyond the average person’s. On top of that, since he had the best battle shooting ability, he was appropriately called a biological weapon with the ability to destroy a country.

-[Battle core 60% deployed!]

-[Over-booster! 150 meters to the target. 0.7 seconds before impact.]


A great force came down on the earth. Cracks like spiderwebs formed in the concrete. It had not been able to put up against the violent force.

The Shapiollin moved as it used the tentacles of her dress to escape hundreds of shards. She had amazing vision and was able to avoid the onslaught.


Cha Jun Sung also avoided the shower with ease. Tentacles swept as he passed. Buildings were cut to strips.


As spaces to hide were reduced, he stepped on the side of a skyscraper and sprinted.

He had deceived the laws of gravity, but he was not able to approach her. She was spinning in the same spot.

“Ha! Look at you! You won’t be able to kill me, much less injure me like that.”

“You don’t need to egg me on, I’m going to try it anyway.”


Cha Jun Sung who had only been escaping the tentacles took on the offensive and cut one approaching him.

The quick trajectory of his sword ripped the Shapiollin’s tentacle. It only looked like he had done it once, but he had made dozens of motions.


He advanced as he avoided and blocked the others. Once he brandished his sword, there was nothing to stop him.

‘Since its stamina is its weak spot, I need to wound her so she allocates her strength to recovering. She’ll slowly dry out and die.’

Compared to other disasters, the Shapiollin were weak in stamina.

She was most likely a level 9 mutant. Her attacks only confirmed his suspicions.


It was intense. The two collided at extreme speeds. The only difference was that Cha Jun Sung focused on defense while the Shapiollin focused on the offense.

“Seems I’m almost there.”



Cha Jun Sung got through the intense standoff and approached the Shapiollin.

He leapt into the air. Though he could not fly, he was able to use the battle shoot to move freely in the air.

“I shall rip you apart.”

-[Battle core 80% deployed.]

-[Cut it off.]

Cha Jun Sung brought down the swords he had been holding with both hands. The heavy wind pressure and a stem of light created the illusion that the world had split.

The Shapiollin opened her red eyes widely. It was dangerous. If she were to be hit with that, she would be split in half. It hurt her pride, but she had to avoid it.


The tentacle that had been compressed like a spring pushed her off in the direction she wanted.



A thin gold thread was drawn in the air. The Shapiollin avoided it, but the Level 7 mutant protecting her received it full on.

Fitting its large size, an enormous amount of its blood and guts covered the surrounding buildings. Long ago, hundreds of people had to unite against the strength of a mutant of that caliber, but it was now possible for a strong modified human to overtake it alone.

“I admit that could have hurt me a bit, but all I have to do is avoid getting hit.”

“I’ve banked everything on catching you. I can swing this hundreds of times. It’s only a matter of time, Queen.”

If he lost, all of his suffering thus far would have been in vain. It would be okay if he lost his arms and legs if he could just end the Shapiollin’s life.


Cha Jun Sung bared his teeth and showed his resolution. His hands shook as he repeated a series of the attack he had just demonstrated.

It was a skill that could only be used after reaching more than 80% of the battle core.

“Why do you think I chose you of the six disasters?”

“What does that mean?”

“Your character fits mine well.”

-[Battle core 100% deployed.]

-[Duplication of the over-booster gives you a retention time of 7 hours.]

As the battle core reached full operation, hot steam came out of the body.

At the same time, there was an energy that could upset the heavens and earth. Though it could only be maintained for 7 hours, it would be enough. It needed to be enough. He needed to finish it in here.


Cha Jun Sung dug into the Shapiollin’s chest. The power of the fully deployed over-booster broke the sound barrier.

It was possible to maintain this tremendous speed during the allotted time without trouble.

“The nerve of an insignificant insect!”

“You were also one of those insignificant insects before you became infected with the disease.”

She felt threatened. The slackened Shapiollin dropped her poker face.

“Let’s end this.”

It had been a long journey. He had put everything down for this battle. He had prayed and prayed. He prayed that if there is a god, it would hold his hand.

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