Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1637: Side Story (6)

Chapter 1637: Side Story (6)

The fans 'anger had all been transferred to Lin Shuya. Seeing that it was about time, the International racing Association finally made a late announcement.

"Shroud, Ms. Yeva was indeed banned that year, and the reason for her ban was because of performance - enhancing drugs. Ms. Yeva and her WZ team filed an appeal, claiming that they were framed. Unfortunately, there was no evidence at the time, so we could only ban Ms. Yeva according to the rules.

[Now that the truth has been revealed, Yeva was indeed framed. We will restore Yeva's competition qualifications and express our regret and apologies for what happened to Ms. Yeva three years ago. We hope that a similar incident will not happen again.]

After seeing the announcement made by the International racing Association, wave Python and the others were all furious.

Lang mang rolled up his sleeves, his head full of anger,""F * ck! How hypocritical. When the International racing Union was in charge of investigating this matter, they removed all the surveillance cameras in the area where you entered and exited.

They must have had this footage in their hands at the time, but they deliberately didn't release it and even deleted the original file of the surveillance footage. They were afraid that you would have a chance to re - participate in the competition after your appeal was successful!

"Now it looks like there's no way to end this. You've already been suspended for three years and suffered so much, and now you're here to hypocritically say such Grand words to clear yourself of all this ..."

"Speaking of which," King chuckled,"I really have to thank the person who leaked the news on the forum this time."   &nbs


Sun Shuo ran, who was lying on the bed, looked at Lin Yan curiously."Master, who is the person who exposed the news?"

Lin Yan stuffed the peeled apple into his mouth and said,"who knows? maybe he has a grudge against the International racing Association."

Sun shuoran nodded."Then I'm afraid The Grudge is big enough. This time, the International racing Association has been screwed over!"

King looked at Lin Yan with a complicated expression. He felt sorry and guilty.

It turned out that the murderer was master's younger sister. No wonder master was so sad and dispirited at that time. However, as her disciple and teammate, they could not do anything for her at that time ...

After the truth was revealed, the racers in the race were probably the happiest.

In a group chat for racers, everyone sent their congratulations.

[Richard Carl: congratulations, goddess, for clearing your name!!!] (Emoji pack of Chinese firecrackers)

[Jeffery:@Yeva God bless, I've finally cleared your name!!!] (Chinese New Year's emoji pack)]

[Dean: I knew justice would come!]

[Donald: congratulations.]


Seeing that the group chat was as lively as the new year, sun Shuo ran was speechless."My master's innocence has been cleared. Why are they so happy? Even Donald from KD came out to congratulate me?"

"What do you think?" King raised an eyebrow.

"Do you even need to ask?" the wave Python snorted coldly.

"Of course they're happy that they don't h

ave to fight with master anymore!"

After all, Lin Yan had said that if they did not believe her, she would have another match until they were convinced.

Everyone had just been massacred for a few days and had yet to have time to recuperate. Who could stand another round?

Therefore, when the scandal was released, all the racers in the race were filled with righteous indignation. Almost everyone came out to speak up for Yeva at the first moment.

As players who were on the field, they knew that Yeva's strength was not something that could be achieved by taking drugs. The accusations on the forums were simply ridiculous.

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