Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1638: Side Story (7)

Chapter 1638: Side Story (7)

After the matter was resolved, Lin Yan immediately received a call from the International racing Union.

"Hello, President~"

"Yeva, my dear, we're really sorry about what happened back then. Fortunately, the truth is out now. It's all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! You see, we're supporting you this time and helping you clear your name!" President Avis spared no effort in acting obedient.

Lin Yan did not expose him. Of course, she knew why he called. She did not want to beat around the bush with them, so she said directly,"I can join the follow - up activities, but I have a condition."

Avis's eyes immediately lit up."Say it, say it. What conditions do you have? we can discuss them."

"Thirty percent of the income from these activities will be used for charity."

"What? 30%? Yeva, this number is really too much. You should know that we have to pay for the event. Can you reduce it a little? How about 10%?" Avis tried to bargain.

" 30%. I'll participate in all activities. If it's less than this, don't look for me. You can save some money." Lin Yan said with a smile.

How could it be so easy? this time, no matter what, he had to make them bleed a little.

"No, no, no, that's not what I meant ... Fine, I promise you!" Avis gritted his teeth and could only compromise.

If Yeva didn't participate, they wouldn't be able to organize any of their activities, much less earn money.

Sun shuoran gave him a thumbs - up, his face full of admiration."Hahaha! Master, you're the most ruthless!"

The few of them were talking in the ward when someone knocked on the door.

The person who had come was Yun Xuan, followed by Xiao Yao.

Lin Yan suddenly remembered something important when she saw Xiao Yao.

The competition had just ended and she had been too busy, so she had almost forgotten about this.

"Yunxuan, boss! I haven't had the time to ask you, how was your driving test? Have you passed?" Lin Yan's eyes lit up as she asked expectantly. She looked even more nervous than when she was waiting for the result of the tournament.

Yun Xuan knew that Lin Yan was going to ask. He looked at Lin Yan and then at Xiao Yao with an awkward expression.

Just by looking at Yun Xuan's expre

ssion, one could roughly guess the result.

Lin Yan's heart skipped a beat."Tell me!"

Sun Shuo ran rubbed his nose and said,"master, forget it. You just won the championship, and now you've told your master about it. Don't make yourself uncomfortable on this happy day ..."

Lin Yan's face darkened."Shut up!"

At this moment, Xiao Yao, who was standing at the side, spoke up. The big boss sat down on the sofa and said confidently,""I failed subject three."

He hung up again?

Lin Yan was in so much pain when she finally got the result from Xiao Yao."How did he die?" This doesn't make any sense!"

A group of racers from the race of the pinnacles had tutored him, so how did he manage to fail?

"What's going on?" "Did you not put on your seatbelt or did you not make a full circle around the car?" Lin Yan asked.

"None of them ..." Yun Xuan replied awkwardly.

"I'm lost,"Xiao Yao said, his face expressionless.

Lin Yan was speechless.

Lin Yan's head was full of question marks,"it's fine if you get lost normally, but how did you get lost in the exam hall?" Doesn't that have a fixed Lane?"

Xiao Yao glanced at her, his expression one of dissatisfaction."You should be asking why the paths in the examination hall are built like a maze."

"So it's the exam Hall's fault?" Lin Yan asked.

King, who was at the side, couldn't help but laugh."Don't worry, master. We won't tell anyone about this."

Lin Yan did not feel comforted by his words. She looked at Xiao Yao with a sad expression and said,"Xiaoyao, why don't you delete me ... I don't think I'm suitable to be your teacher ..."

Forget about being expelled from the sect! Otherwise, she would lose all her face!

As soon as Lin Yan finished her sentence, a notification came from her phone.[ 10000000 Yuan has been transferred to my account.]

Lin Yan counted for a long time and found seven zeros. That was ten million.

Lin Yan was speechless.

"The prize money from the competition, and your wedding gift," Xiao Yao said slowly.

Lin Yan was speechless.

Lin Yan walked over and patte

d Xiao Yao's shoulder."My good disciple, don't worry. I'll go and complain about the exam hall. What kind of lousy road did they choose? it's like a maze!"

Sun shuoran and the others were speechless.


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