Little Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 25: Disseminating Tassel Fragrance

Chapter 25: Disseminating Tassel Fragrance

The Sangfroid Prince, Xi Qiuyue, was the current Emperor’s youngest uncle and was the late Emperor’s only remaining younger brother. In his youth he had outstanding military service. After helping to stabilize the county, he became an idle wang ye* after he returned to the imperial capital. Usually, when the Emperor sees him, the Emperor must also respectfully greet him as Imperial Uncle. Previously, it could be said that he had it all whether it be glory, splendor, wealth and rank. All the world was there for him to freely and leisurely roam.

“wang ye” = Prince/Master, wang by itself meaning something along the lines of king, usually used for males of the Imperial Family

But then, that incident occurred. He had been drunk in River City when Baili Yu passed through in the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin. Seeing that exquisite and luxurious palanquin, he clicked his tongue in wonder. Just as he subconsciously approached it, he was thrown into the river by the maid standing next to the palanquin. When he was rescued out, he only heard Baili Yu speak languidly in a displeased tone: “The Sangfroid Prince enjoys the greatest riches and honors that exists and is extremely carefree. Sangfroid Prince should try experiencing the joys of the common people.”

From then on, nothing went right for the Sangfroid Prince Xi Qiuyue. At last, after getting too drunk one time at a palace feast, he took liberties with the Empress and the imperial concubines, causing the young Emperor to become furious. The Emperor wanted to give a severe punishment, but at the same time he was worried about the will the late Emperor left behind and the Sangfroid Prince’s impressive military history. Just as his head was aching over this, Baili Yu dispatched someone to send over four words, joys of common people.

With one paper command, his glory, splendor, wealth and rank dispersed. The Sangfroid Prince became Wind Spirit Imperial Court’s first Common Person Wang.

Calling it a Common Person Wang, in reality it’s just a common person! Other than the empty title of wang ye, the Sangfroid Prince Xi Qiuyue lost everything overnight.

Ever since then, the Sangfroid Prince relied on wine to pass the days, always anxious and in a desperate situation.

All this was bestowed by Baili Yu.

And its source was precisely the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin.

At this time, we won’t discuss anymore of the previous tragic cases.

In short, after what happened to the Sangfroid Prince, there was no one that dared to approach that Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin again. A stroke was also added to the rumors regarding Baili Yu.

But at present, the previously always severely mysophobic Baili Yu actually carried Tang Doudou and grandiosely entered the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin, and he even did it in front of the Sangfroid Prince Xi Qiuyue. After Xi Qiuyue got over being stupefied, a trace of hurt flashed through the depths of his eyes. What part of him was worse than Li Xueyi? How come he can’t even get close but Li Xueyi could even go in?

What’s more, just for the sake of examining Li Xueyi’s injury, Baili Yu even invited Bai Feiyun to enter.

With this said and focusing on Bai Feiyun again, his face didn’t really look good. Why?

Wasn’t it precisely because of those rumors? Li Xueyi wasn’t scared because there was the Lord of Cloud City to cover for him but he, Bai Feiyun could not be so carefree regarding the matter. If things got blown up and White Wind Manor is marked down by Baili Yu because of this, in the future it would no longer be easy to mingle in the Jianghu.

Besides, his White Wind Manor still has several important business deals that’s hanging upon Baili Yu’s Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce*…

A chamber of commerce is a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.

Cough, so in the end should he enter or not?

Such an irksome problem.

But this irksome matter did not allow him to be vexed for long, because Baili Yu spoke once again.

After he got into the palanquin, his voice returned to that languid bone-penetratingly charming tone again. “Since Bai gongzi does not wish to enter, than this one also will not force gongzi to do so. This one is truly greatly tired from coming here in the middle of the night, so this one shall take his leave first.”

“As for Alliance Head Li, he was injured by my maid. If I don’t take responsibility and just leave, I’ll feel uneasy. Therefore, just let him return with me to the Chamber of Commerce. After his injury heals I shall definitely send him back safe and sound. What does Bai gongzi think?”

His every sentence asked for Bai Feiyun’s opinion but he really didn’t put the other person in his eyes at all. Yet there was also no one that dared to jump out and say a word of ‘no’. Even Elder Yu’s face, apart from being black, was simply even blacker. He could only hold himself back as Baili Yu’s prestige in the Jianghu was obvious.

If it were not for the fact that Baili Yu had never meddled in the Jianghu’s matters, this Alliance Head position would never come to the point of being disputed over by them.

So it was also no wonder that when he appeared here, everyone’s faces turned abnormally unsightly.

They thought he wanted to get involved in the Alliance Head affair and never expected that he had actually come for Li Xueyi. This inevitably led people to think about various things.

Bai Feiyun was full of doubt. He also couldn’t figure out when Li Xueyi ended up forming such an unclear relationship with Baili Yu. At this moment with the current situation, all he could do was inform the City Lord as soon as possible and avoid causing any more trouble. “Baili gongzi, this Bai does not have the authority to make a decision for the Alliance Head.”

The meaning was, you should go ask Li Xueyi yourself.

Baili Yu lightly gave an ‘en’. Understanding what Bai Feiyun meant, he asked Tang Doudou, “Alliance Head Li, what do you think of this one’s proposal?”

Does she dare to refuse?

Inside the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin, it was spacious and warm. White glowing night pearls were fully embedded in several rows, illuminating the inside of the palanquin as if it were daytime. The soft fox fur beneath her feet draped down from the soft couch and spread throughout the entire palanquin bottom. Glass goblets were positioned on the white jade table next to the couch. The decoration inside the palanquin was unexpectedly simple. Other than these few objects, there was only the unearthly beautiful Baili Yu that was lying on his side on the couch while his magnificent slender fingers lazily played with a jade tablet.

If it was not precisely the Alliance Head Command Tablet that was in that box, what else could it be?

After Tang Doudou was brought inside by Baili Yu, her pressure point was hit and then she was thrown to one side. Her mouth was widely opened yet she couldn’t even utter a single word.

Hearing this, she could only angrily glare at Baili Yu. Da ye*, what exactly are ya tryin’ ta do?

Is one version of uncle or can be a term of respect for an older man but is also a term for arrogant idler and self-centered show-off

Baili Yu saw her expression and lightly chuckled: “Ah, since Alliance Head Li didn’t oppose, then that means you’ve agreed tacitly.”


Tang Doudou glared at him, her little mouth pouted sky high. Gauddame vaseless*!

Another mini lesson on Chinese less offensive swear words~

尼玛 is a homophone referring to 你妈 which translate to “your ma”, a very common way to curse. Cursing at other family members of the opposite party is also commonly used, but “your ma” is the most common. 碧莲 is a homophone referring to 逼脸which translates to “forcing face” which apparently means shameless. So after a lot of google while I ate roasted chestnuts, I’ve come up with goddamn faceless since I was able to find nice homophones for it. I shall use the combo or parts of the combo again in the future~ vaseless = shameless ok? Because shameless people throw away their faces~

The people outside didn’t know the situation inside the palanquin. Seeing that Tang Doudou did not respond, they reckoned that she had been heavily injured and passed out. Worried that Tang Doudou would meet with an unexpected misfortune, someone in the crowd could not longer hold himself back and said: “Bai gongzi, the Alliance Head’s injury is currently the most important ah!”

Why are they all coming towards him for a decision?

Bai Feiyun felt it was a bit strange, but recalling that earlier Li Xueyi had arrived together with him, felt more at ease.

“Then we’ll have to trouble Baili gongzi! When the Alliance Head returns, White Wind Manor will definitely prepare a proper gift to give thanks.” Things have already reached this stage, Bai Feiyun was also helpless.

“You’re too polite.”

Originally he thought Baili Yu would leave after saying this, but unexpectedly his tone changed and he spoke again: “Everyone should go ahead and disperse. Though it’s a bit early, you should postpone the martial arts convention a couple months as well. Waiting until your Alliance Head recovers isn’t too late.”

The moment this remark was spoken, everyone was shocked dumb. Xi Qiuyue’s jaw even dropped to the floor. After quite a long time of not meeting, Baili Yu’s unbridled personality has increased to another dimension!

Leaving the incident of openly intervening the Jianghu’s matters aside, now he was even meddling in the martial arts convention? From the indifferent tone of his voice, it seemed he completely did not put this martial arts convention in his eyes. But all the fractions of the Martial Arts Circles, other than flaring up their noses and glaring, really could not do anything to him.

After listening to this, Tang Doudou was also extremely speechless. She felt suspicion in her heart, what exactly was this guy after?

This black-bellied seductive yao has a rampant yet cunning temperament that’s not stained by this mundane world…… she had never seen someone who had so many contradictory qualities coexisting at the same time, yet these qualities mixed together surprisingly harmoniously when they appeared on him. It was as if it leaked out involuntarily from his very bones, causing people to be unable to shift their eyes away.

Beautiful, truly beautiful!

If talking about the previously seen men, first the extremely cold and stunning masked man, then the neat and clean Bai Feiyun, the two both counted as rarely seen beautiful men, so she, Tang Doudou should have also built up a little immunity towards handsomes. But seeing this Baili Yu, she still couldn’t help but be stunned and gasp in admiration. How could the world have such a good-looking person, now matter how much she looks she still doesn’t feel she’s looked enough!

“Has Alliance Head Li looked enough?” Suddenly, Baili Yu’s voice sounded in the spacious palanquin.

The currently soul-drifting dazed Tang Doudou was startled to the point her heart leaped and blurted out: “No.”

And only realized afterwards that she was able to speak again.

“If not, then just continue to look. When you’ve looked enough, just let this one know.” As he spoke his eyes curved, extremely closely resembling a languid fox: “Then this one would be able to help Alliance Head Li cure the poison.”

Wha thingamajig? Cure poison?

Tang Doudou’s brain temporarily could not react. She asked: “What poison?”

“Disseminating Tassel Fragrance(liu liu xiang).“

“Six Six Spice(liu liu xiang)? For making stew?”

Sounds pretty much like Thirteen Spice*, could it be that they’re both for making stew?

Hearing this, Baili Yu curved his eyes again and repeated: “It’s Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.”

Tang Doudou felt pain in her ass. What the ghost in the world is Disseminating Tassel Fragrance? Could it be it’s not for making stew?

“It couldn’t be that you forgot what Disseminating Tassel Fragrance does?” Baili Yu asked again.

Hearing the word ‘forgot’, Tang Doudou immediately became alert again. That’s right ah, she’s not the real Li Xueyi, she was just a lone soul that occupied Li Xueyi’s body. She didn’t know anything at all about everything Li Xueyi had experienced before.

For Baili Yu to suddenly appear at the martial arts convention, it was certainly not because of a random whim. After all, he even brought the Alliance Head Command Tablet.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she carelessly changed the flow, according to reason she probably wouldn’t be sitting in the palanquin right now, but would be holding the Alliance Head Command Tablet and discussing plans with that group of martial arts practitioner regarding matters to benefit the Martial Arts Circles.

But then how should this sudden topic about curing poison be explained? She only knew that she was poisoned by the Tendons Softening Powder thing and lost all her martial arts. She didn’t know anything about the existence of a Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

How did Baili Yu know?

The so-called offer to cure the poison, was that him probing her, or something else?

Tang Doudou’s eyes turned around and around. For better or for worse she shifted her gaze away from Baili Yu’s face and pulled out the move she previously used to fool Bai Feiyun: “I’ve lost my memories.”

Baili Yu didn’t say anything.

She spoke again: “I’ve forgotten a lot of things, I don’t even remember who I am, how could I still remember what Six Six Spice is.”

“Ha……” It was another light chuckle as if sneering at Tang Doudou’s shabby acting. His slightly pointed peach blossom eyes turned sharp, his gaze was like a blade that wanted to penetrate her heart.

Tang Doudou was still, knowing that she could not do anything to attract the slightest bit of suspicion. Her clear eyes met the gaze, calm and composed.

Only after a good while did Baili Yu’s eyes return to their usual languidly disinterested gaze. He snapped his finger and a force settled in front of Tang Doudou’s chest. Following that, her whole body relaxed for a moment and control of her body returned.

“Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is truly as the rumors described, not only did it cause all the martial arts in your body to disappear completely, even your memory was wiped.” Baili Yu’s pupils deepened as he spoke.

Didn’t Bai Feiyun say that she lost her martial arts because she was poisoned by Tendons Softening Powder? How come when it got to Baili Yu here it became Disseminating Tassel Fragrance? Who exactly should she believe then?

Seeming to see her doubts, Baili Yu explained: “Tendons Softening Powder would only suppress your inner strength, causing you to be unable to use your inner strength but you can still use some simple moves. But this Disseminating Tassel Fragrance can thoroughly cut off your inner strength, wipe out your memory and make you forget everything you’ve ever learned. The fifth time the poison flares up, those who cannot endure through will have to whimper goodbye to life. Those who endure through it will become incapable of taking care of themselves, gradually becoming an unfeeling and unsensing living dead.”

This weave of words, as Tang Doudou listened it caused her heart to tremble. Six Six Spice is actually this vicious!

Someone that doesn’t die will become an idiot, if not an idiot then it’s a human vegetable. Ain’t it a bit too frightening!?

Jesus ah, why is her, Tang Doudou’s life so bitter ah!?

“Then can I still be saved?” Pitifully looking towards Baili Yu, Tang Doudou seemed to have guessed the reason she transmigrated over. Li Xueyi probably died from the poison flaring up, which is why a freak combination of factors caused her to transmigrate into this body and unexpectedly lived on?

Then that being the case, what kind of future impact will the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance that has already flared up five times bring her?


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