Little Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 26: The Image Was Too Beautiful

Chapter 26: The Image Was Too Beautiful

Baili Yu placed the jade tablet onto the white jade table and his two slim fingers picked up the glass goblet. After taking a light sip, he slowly spat out a sentence that caused Tang Doudou to almost go off(explode): “Depends on my mood.”


“No way! Then if your mood stays bad the entire time, wouldn’t that mean certain death for me?” It concerned her small life so Tang Doudou stood up with a ‘whoosh’ and anxiously walked towards Baili Yu. However, before she could even approach her foot slipped and she took a dog-eating-mud fall.

Fortunately, the ground was completely covered with thick fox fur, so it didn’t hurt. She got back up in a fluster but before she was able to stand firm she almost fell again.

The hell, what’s going on?

Baili Yu’s eyes were filled with a questioning expression as he looked at Tang Doudou who after tripping got up again and got up only to fall down again. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Even though this fox fur is soft and slippery it’s not slippery to this degree, is it?

After several repetitions, Tang Doudou’s thick face was completely red. She was helpless, her legs couldn’t help but go soft. No matter what they wouldn’t stand steadily so she could only sit gloomily on the floor. Could this be the residual effects of seeing a lady-killer?

Meowoo, this is too embarrassing!

“Li Xueyi.” Baili Yu suddenly called.

Tang Doudou froze for a while before she reacted: “What?”

“You really don’t remember anything?”

What is he asking about this for? Tang Doudou saw some unknown emotions flash through Baili Yu’s peach blossom eyes. A wave of fog filled up her brain again, what drama is going on now?

Not waiting for her to ask, Baili Yu closed his eyes, his long thick eyelashes casting faint shadows: “If you don’t remember then that’s also good.”

This sentence was light as a feather and stroked lightly against Tang Doudou’s heart. When she came to reflect on it, she already no longer remembered what it was that he had said.

“Qing Yin, bring Alliance Head Li to rest!”

Following this sentence, the palanquin doors opened. A gentle force fell on Tang Doudou’s body and in a blink had sent her outside the palanquin. She still wanted to ask him when his mood would get better but the palanquin doors had already closed with a ‘bang’.

The four maids carrying the palanquin seemed to be about to leave again.

Tang Doudou hurriedly rushed over. Without Baili Yu’s order, the maids didn’t stop her either so with a few steps she already made it to the door and plastered her body against it. She used strength to hit the door: “Hey! Baili Yu, how can you be like this ah! What in the world do you want to do ah! When will your mood get better ah, at least give me a timeframe ah! If you close the door like this how am I supposed to find you ah!”

“Baili Yu! Baili Yu! Did you go mute? Say something ah!” Tang Doudou shouted and pounded but for a long time still didn’t hear Baili Yu reply. Bottled up anger rushed out and she lifted her foot, about to kick through the door.

Qing Yin quickly stopped her: “Li gongzi, you must not.”

Tang Doudou didn’t have the leisure to pay attention to her and used strength to pound on the door a couple more times: “Baili Yu, if you still don’t say anything then I’m going to smash this door!”

“Li gongzi! Don’t hit it anymore!” Qing Yin was scared to the point her little face turned deathly white. This Alliance Head Li looks so delicate and refined, how could he be so boorish in manners. Did he not know that this Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin of Master’s is something that even they usually couldn’t approach? Just now it was because the incident occurred so suddenly, that was the only reason Master let him sit inside for a while. Pounding and hitting it like this, does he really not want his life anymore?

Seeing they couldn’t stop Tang Doudou, Qing Yin and the other maids were considering using force to pull her away. Otherwise, when Master gets angry they would also suffer calamity along with her.

“When my mood improves then I’ll have Qing Yin bring you over.”

After quite a while, Baili Yu finally replied indifferently.


Tang Doudou asked with suspicion. For some reason, from the bottom of her heart she felt like Baili Yu could not be trusted.

But Baili Yu didn’t say anymore. It was not that he didn’t want to speak, but there were still some things he needed to confirm.

Tang Doudou pounded again several times and repeatedly asked, but this time no matter what Baili Yu would not speak.

In all the time they’ve followed Baili Yu, Qing Yin and the others have never seen him be this patient towards anyone. But Tang Doudou was still not willing to overlook nor spare so she could only try to persuade him: “Li gongzi. Why don’t you follow this servant and go to get some rest? It’s already 3am, if there’s any business saying it tomorrow isn’t too late ah! Master has already brought you to the Chamber of Commerce. Staying at the Chamber of Commerce, what does gongzi still have to be afraid of not being able to find Master for?”

“Not to mention Master always goes to rest as soon as nightfalls. Today he’s already made an exception until now. Qing Yin beseech you let Master off and go rest as well!” As she spoke, Qing Yin’s voice even carried a tearful tone.

Uh…… Looking at the tear-stained face of a beauty that seemed like raindrops on a pear blossom, Tang Doudou also couldn’t very well continue. It was precisely as she said, they were even living together, everything can be dealt with slowly!

In fact, Tang Doudou was also tired.

She had happily gone on a trip. That night it was got too late so she found a random hotel to sleep in, who expected that when she woke up she had came to this lousy place.

And then there wasn’t any time to relax. First there was the black-clothed men of the Demonic Sect that caused her to almost lose her little life, then there was Elder Yu’s pressing pursuit at every step, following that appeared another Baili Yu……

Enduring to this final part, an unfathomable poison was even pulled out of nowhere.

The Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin emitted a faint glow under the moonlight. Tang Doudou who was in front of the palanquin withdrew her hand rather regretfully. Turning her gaze towards Qing Yin, she said: “I’m sorry, I was too impulsive.”

Qing Yin lightly shook her head: “It’s good that gongzi was able to think it through. Then please follow Qing Yin this way.”

Only now did Tang Doudou have the time to look around to see where exactly she ended up at.

It was still a courtyard.

Under the dark curtain of night, all she could tell was that this courtyard was very big. It was more spacious than the Rutaceae Pavilion’s courtyard by some unknown folds. The lights were sparse and small, causing it to seem a bit lonely and desolate.

Qing Yin said: “Master hasn’t returned to this garden for quite a long time. Master likes peace and quiet, so there aren’t very many servants in this yard. Due to this, it looks a bit deserted.”

“In Baili Yu’s home there’s only him himself?” From what Tang Doudou could see, Baili Yu was really similar to those flashy second generation rich kids.

Being the richest man in the world at such a young age, if he really built it from scratch then wouldn’t this man be a little too scary!? Besides, that palanquin described as priceless by Xi Qiuyue and the way he appeared with all that flamboyant fluttering petals accompanied by all sorts of maids, even bringing his own background music; these things are things the average people could never think of.

And this is all because Baili Yu’s appearance and temperament are way too like a demonic seductive yao, yet within that characteristic he still carried the air of a lofty immortal. Only because of this could he manage to successfully appear in such a grandiose style.

If the person were to be swapped, for example for someone like Elder Yu……


Imagining Elder Yu’s bearded hairy face in the midst of that intoxicating scene with pink flower petals elegantly fluttering around.

Tang Doudou wasn’t able to hold it back and a giggle bursted out. That image was seriously too perfect, she didn’t dare to continue imagining.

Qing Yin watched Tang Doudou with a curious gaze as Tang Doudou started laughing more and more exaggeratedly. In the end, she laughed until she couldn’t even stand steadily and leaned against the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin panting for breath.

What in the world did he think of? Is it that funny?

Qing Yin was particularly puzzled. How could a person’s mood change so fast? Just a few moments ago he was still inconsolable and indignant, yet in the blink of an eye he started laughing to the point he couldn’t tell north from south.

Seeing that the hour was getting later and later, Qing Yin could only move up and pull Tang Doudou: “Li gongzi, let’s go!”

“Ok ok, going going! God, I’m dying from laughter!”

Tang Doudou pulled Qing Yin’s hand over, slightly forgetting about her male identity: “Qing Yin, your name is Qing Yin, right? Let me tell you ah! You remember that Elder Yu?”

Qing Yin’s little face was red. She wanted to take her hand back but was also scared of angering Tang Doudou to the point that Tang Doudou would refuse to leave with her, so she endured. Turning her hand over, she pulled Tang Doudou’s hand and walked forward: “This servant is called Qing Yin. Wonder what gongzi suddenly thought of to cause you to laugh so happily?”

“You want to know?”


“If you want to know then I won’t tell you! Hahaha!”

“Gongzi, you’re so mean!”


As the voices of the two gradually grew faint, their figures also disappeared into the darkness of the path ahead. A maid came to the front of the palanquin and was just about to carry the palanquin away when she suddenly cried in shock: “Aiyah*! Master!”

Aiyah is an interjection of wonder, shock or admiration

“Shut up!”

Baili Yu naturally also knew what she was shocked about and his tone was a bit displeased. A trace of fury even appeared on his fair face. This Li Xueyi sure has grown some guts after losing his memories! To actually take advantage of the time when her wild laughter drew everyone’s attention to pick out those two gems on the palanquin door.

Seeing Master infuriated, the maid hurriedly close her mouth. Not waiting for Baili Yu’s command, she immediately lifted up the palanquin and headed into the night.

Tang Doudou had no clue that Baili Yu simply never planned to stay in the same courtyard as her.

At present she was currently chatting and joking with Qing Yin as they walked to the front of a guest room. On the entire way here, she felt that Qing Yin’s personality was particularly her type so she pulled at Qing Yin and chattered incessantly without end, as if she greatly regretted not having met earlier.

When they got to the door, Qing Yin was just about to withdraw when Tang Doudou stopped her: “Qing Yin, why don’t you just sleep with me tonight? While we sleep we can continue chatting, what do you think?”

Hearing this, Qing Yin was frightened to the point she trembled, almost flinging away her hand.

Although she was Baili Yu’s servant, but in reality she was much more pampered than many of the girls from wealthy families. Most days, other than Baili Yu there were no others that dared to order them to do this or that, don’t even mention such an offensive demand like sleeping with a guest.

But then again, Master had never received a guest before. Li Xueyi has broken several precedents in a row.

Due to this, she also didn’t dare to offend Li Xueyi and could only let him continue to grab her hand. She showed a troubled expression: “Li gongzi, I still have to go back to serve Master so I cannot stay for long.”

“Your family’s Master is so stingy!” Tang Doudou pushed open the door and peeked inside. it was pretty wide and spacious.

“Master treats all of us very well.” Qing Yin was a bit frustrated. She completely didn’t understand why Li Xueyi was so deeply prejudiced towards Master. She had followed at Master’s side ever since she was a child and had never seen him treat anyone this well before. This Li Xueyi seriously doesn’t know how to be content with one’s situation. If he wasn’t a man, she would even think that Master had fallen for him.

Oh…… Master also wasn’t a child anymore, it should be about time to get married.

But all these years, other then them sisters, Master had never gotten close to any girl before. Now, to actually treat Li Xueyi this well, perhaps……

Qing Yin was stunned by her own thoughts and blanked out. Master actually liked men?

She immediately flung away this unrealistic thought. Master, that immortal-like being, how could he be homosexual!

But looking again at Tang Doudou, his face was pampered and charming, bright and refreshing. A white robe danced elegantly and was rather similar to Master’s temperament. Recalling the image just now of Master catching Tang Doudou, there was also an immortal companions-like flavor.

His figure was much thinner than most men. At first glance he was quite like a girl.

Could it be, this was precisely the type Master likes? Forget it, as long as Master likes them, whether it’s a man or a woman doesn’t matter. Not to mention, the opposite party is still an Alliance Head after all, it still counts as quite well-matched in terms of social status with Master.

For the sake of Baili Yu’s marriage affairs, servant girl Qing Yin also worried to the point her heart was fragmented.

“That’s your family’s Master, of course you’d say that!” Tang Doudou let go of Qing Yin’s hand, saying in her heart that she couldn’t cause trouble for her. Anyways, she was staying here so there would be a lot more chances.

What’s more, if she’s by herself it’d also be useful in planning out what to do in the future. Continuing to be moved about like this isn’t a solution.

Qing Yin released a breath of relief. She was afraid Tang Doudou will continue to persist. Fortunately he was still quite reasonable and didn’t persist much.

“Then Li gongzi should head to rest soon. Qing Yin will head over here again tomorrow.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu, Proofread by Ocelot

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I love chapters like this~ So easy to translate~

Trivia: The Chinese phrase for homosexual translates to “cut sleeve”. It comes from an ancient Chinese homosexual story in which the Emperor and his boytoy Dong Xian laid down together. Dong Xian fell asleep on top of the Emperor’s sleeve and crushed it, but when morning came the Emperor couldn’t bear to wake him, and so he used a sword to cut through the sleeve.


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