Long Live Summons

Chapter 11 – Treasure on a Silver Platter

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Chapter 11 – Treasure on a Silver Platter

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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After another week, the beautiful woman’s husband, Yue Ling, still had not come back. But he had sent a servant back.

According to this servant, the Yue Clan’s Castle was now bustling with excitement. There were lanterns and banners decoration everywhere, and guests filled the house to the doors.

The reason was that the Second Branch Family son, Yue Feng, had successfully contracted a grimoire at six years old. Even the Four Great Sects had came to their house to offer him a place at their Schools. Other than the Fairy Spirit Pavilion who only took in women, Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace, Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect, Western Lion Pagoda and Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion, had all sent people to offer him a place. Even the Emperor and Empress had sent people to congratulate them. All of the government officials had also came to pay their respects. Every member of the Yue Family Clan was busy with the social interactions, even Yue Ling had to remain behind to help out.

With regards to the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill] that costs a thousand gold, the Lord of Yue Clan had ordered Yue Ling to give it to Yue Feng as a present.

“Since little Ninth was offerred a place with the East, South, West, these three Great Sects, why didn’t grandpa (the Yue Clan Lord) and Second Uncle send someone to inform us to join their celebration?” Yue Bing paled when she heard the news. Although she was still young, she had already understood a few of worldly wisdom.

“It’s okay, it’s just a banquet. It doesn’t matter if we don’t go. As long as our San-er can be successful in the future, everything’s okay.” The beautiful woman’s eyes were a little red.

The main house had now shown their contempt to her Fourth Branch Family clearly, but she was not disheartened.

Even as the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill] that they had given all their wealth to buy was snatched away by the Second Branch Family, her heart was not dejected.

This was because, she felt, she had gotten all her life’s wish. It was that her San-er had successfully contracted a grimoire. As long as he had a grimoire, he would have great prospects in the future. With regards to whether the Lord of Yue Clan invited them to the celebratoin banquet, she did not care at all. Although she felt a little wronged and a little sad with this public act of contempt, but she could resign herself to these adversities, cheer up and get over them.

“…” Yue Yang was astonished deep in his heart. Contracting the grimoire at the age of six, he knew very clear what this signifies.

If we take students as an example, people who had succesfully contracting a grimoire was like a student who managed to pass the college exam and entered Harvard. If nothing happened in the future, he would probably have a great future.

Amongst the teenagers in the Soaring Dragon Continent, 99% of them wouldn’t be able to contract a grimoire. Only a handful of talents would be able to do it.

Furthermore, amongst the grimoire users, most of the people would only be able to contract the grimoire at the age of fifteen and above.

Taking the students example, it was like successfully passing the college entrance exam at the age of fifteen. This time, Yue Feng had managed to do it at the age of six. No wonder this event had caused the whole clan to celebrate madly, royal families’ blessings, and even place offerings at the Four Great Sects. Of course, Yue Yang didn’t really envy him. He knew clearly what he had. He had the Twin Star Innate Skill, the secret to evolving the [Spitting Thorny Flower] into [Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen], and that he could summon his Guardian Spirit Beast [Phantom Shadow] for a period of up to ten days.

Most importantly, Yue Yang had an [Innate] skill that even the top rankers of the Soaring Dragon Continent could only wish to learn, the [Innate Invisible Sword Qi].

As long as he could complete his training, he could enter the [Innate] realm.

In the Soaring Dragon Continent, a Level 7 Ranker could start training to enter the [Innate] realm with a Holy Spirit Beast’s help. But only a Level 8 Ranker and above could truly say that they are an [Innate] Ranker. Then, how many true [Innate] Rankers are there in this world? People who were as strong as that old Daoist Priest that exist in this world, could be counted with one hand. Even if they exist, they were all grandpas over hundreds of years old that just couldn’t die.

Taking students in modern times as example, the genius Yue Feng who managed to make the whole clan celebrate, received the royal family blessings, and offered places in the Four Great Sects, was like a six year old who managed to pass Harvard entrance exams. On the other hand, Yue Yang was like someone who had never taken any Harvard entrance exams or studied at Harvard, but immediately graduated and started his Master’s degree instead.

“Fourth Madam, Fourth Master luck was not that good. When he tried to pick a monster for Third Master in a lucky draw, he only drew this.” The old servant was a little uneasy as he said this. He knelt on the ground and kowtowed a few times, then offered the beautiful woman an embroidered box with trembling hands.

lls11-1“Quintet Puppet Mice? This, isn’t this a sham? This Quintet Puppet Mice were all level 1 special-type monsters, other than scouting, they had no use at all! Furthermore, even if it is a one-monster-contract, it’s equivalent to contracting five monsters at once, it could only waste the pages in the grimoire. There are countless high quality puppet-type monsters in the Clan’s treasury, there is the level 3 Bronze Battle Wolf and the level 4 Silver Battle Tiger. Why did grandpa give us this monster? Is this First Uncle’s and Second Uncle’s scheme? What gives them the right to give this to Third Brother?” Yue Bing snatched the box and opened it, her face turning pale at once. Her voice sharply turned high-pitched, as she became unusually furious.

“Bing-er, you shouldn’t be rude to your elders.” The beautiful woman gently reminded her.

She then turned towards Yue Yang and said, “San-er, if this monster is not good, then we could simply don’t contract it. Don’t bury too much grievances in your heart. As the grandson of the Yue Clan, no matter what your elders gave you, they are blessings. You should be grateful for their favour. Don’t be affected by pressures from the outside world too much, and try to improve yourself continuously. This should be the way we live our lives.”

Yue Bing looked down, she still felt that the Clan wasn’t fair towards her family and was indignant.

When Yue Yang took the embroidered box, a flow of information suddenly flashed through his mind, letting him understand everything about the Quintet Puppet Mice.

Six hundred years ago, the Quintet Puppet Mice was created by one of the Three Renaissance Hero, the Ghost Genius Yue Gong. The Yue Clan had became weaker with every generation because of the lost of more than half of the Yue Clan Spear Technique. At this time, three geniuses were born and together, they revived the Yue Clan. Thus, the younger generations of the Yue Clan had dubbed them as the Three Renaissance Hero. It was them who had saved the Yue Clan from drowning, once again reinstating the Yue Clan’s glory as one of the unshaken Four Major Clans. One of them was the Ghost Genius Yue Gong, world renowned for the special-type monsters in the puppet category he specialized in. Outsiders might not know about Yue Clan’s Spear Technique, might not know about the Earth Bear, a strengthening-type monster that was passed down the generations of Yue family, and they might also not know about [Wu Mu Art of War] technique that only the Yue Clan Lord could learn. But the whole world would definitely know that the Yue Clan specialised in puppet-type Spirit Beasts.

No matter if they were mercenaries, warriors, blacksmiths, merchants or even the low ranked soldiers in the army, they all admired and respected the Ghost Genius Yue Gong.

This was because this Ghost Genius Yue Gong wrote a lot about the puppet-type monsters. This had allowed people to choose a suitable puppet-type monster and use them effortlessly, be it in their lives or in battles. It had created an enormous difference in their convenience and efficiency.

This Ghost Genius Yue Gong was rewarded by the Royal Families the title of “Work of Gods” and was worshipped as one of the three [Sages] in their Hall. The commoners had even dubbed him the “ancestor of all Mechanical Puppets”.

How could such an outstanding person created such a useless Quintet Puppet Mice? This question had baffled the Clan’s people for a long time.

Unfortunately, thiss Ghost Genius had a weak body and always overworked himself, hence he died at a young age in the Puppet Palace. He did not have the chance to complete his lifetime’s wish of a “Puppet Grimoire”, and also left a lot of puppet-type monsters that no one could understand. For example, one of them was this Quintet Puppet Mice, that the Ghost Genius had treasured regardless of its uselessness.

The clans member didn’t dare to speculate too much, they only thought that the Ghost Genius had particularly loved the Quintet Puppet Mice because it was one of his maiden works, hence he had special feelings for them.

In these six hundred years, there was no on who were willing to accept the Quintet Puppet Mice, the useless monsters that would only take up the pages in the grimoire.

Until today, where they were unfortunately won by Fourth Uncle Yue Ling’s bad luck, and fell unto Yue Yang’s hands.

“Since this is an elder’s blessing, I wouldn’t dare to reject this Quintet Puppet Mice. I will accept it, thank you Fourth Uncle, and thank you for your teaching, Fourth Aunt.” Yue Yang acted like an obedient child on the outside, but if not for knowing that the Quintet Puppet Mice was a treasure with his [Divine Vision], it would be world’s end if he was willing to accept it. Right now, this treasure that everyone would seek but fail to find was thrown on a silver platter right in front of him, of course he would be secretly exalted.

“Heavens have eyes, they would definitely open a path for San-er.” Seeing Yue Yang being so obedient, the beautiful woman was truly happy. She quickly nodded and praised him.

“Third brother, don’t contract it at all cost. The Quintet Puppet Mice looked the same as other monster summons on the surface, but once it was contracted successfully, it would take up five places in the grimoire for the Five Elemental Mouse: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. In a Copper Grimoire, there were only ten pages. You have spent the first three pages, since you even have the useless [Spitting Thorny Flower]. You would only have two pages left. Listen to me, Third Brother, this is a plot by some people…… They are afraid that you would be successful, they are afraid that we the Fourth Branch would become stronger than them. You should never form a contract with this Quintet Puppet Mice!” Yue Bing was flustered as she took Yue Yang’s hands, forbidding him to create a contract with the Quintet Puppet Mice.

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