Long Live Summons

Chapter 12 – Quintet Seeking Golden Mice

Chapter 12 – Quintet Seeking Golden Mice

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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“Bing-er, what nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean by ‘they are afraid that we will be stronger than them’? We are one family, so we must be united and live in harmony.” The beautiful woman glared at her daughter.

However, she was also afraid that Yue Yang wouldn’t know what was important and contracted the Quintet Puppet Mice in a moment of rashness.

Moving closer, she placed her snow white hands on Yue Yang’s shoulders, “San-er, let’s leave the Quintet Puppet Mice alone first. Let’s research them carefully, we can still contract them when we understand their abilities. Uncle Zhong, please return to the Lord of Yue and deliver him the Fourth Branch’s daughter-in-law and San-er’s gratitude for this reward. If San-er became famous in the future, he will definitely return this act of kindness. He will not let the efforts that the Lord had poured into raising him be wasted.”

Listening to the beautiful woman’s words, the servant, known as Uncle Zhong, nodded his head and assured her that he would do as she said. Then, he bowed to her respectfully as he took out a signatured piece of banknote decorated with silver lines.

This money was the Yue Clan’s reward from the elders for every family member who had successfully contracted a grimoire.

With this piece of signatured banknote, Yue Yang could go to any bank in the big cities to withdraw one hundred gold.

A hundred gold, that was not a small amount of money.

Since he was offered money, Yue Yang would naturally accept it without feeling bad. However, Yue Bing felt that it was not fair. She knew that the official amount of reward is a hundred gold, but in reality, when the members from the First and the Second Branch succeeded in contracting a grimoire, they would receive at least 150 gold, some would even receive 200 gold. Even she herself received 120 gold. Now that it was Third Brother’s turn, why did he only receive the minimum amount of a hundred gold?

This, doesn’t this show their disdain towards him?

“Seventh Sister, don’t be angry. Receiving a hundred gold reward is already not that bad.” Yue Yang thought that since he was not even the real pitiful guy in the first place, he should be grateful to receive the reward with his fake identity.

With regards to the Clan’s people cold treatment towards such a kind-hearted and virtuous daughter-in-law, Yue Yang felt that he should go to the castle and teach these arrogant people a lesson one day, once he had attained all of his skills. He should avenge all of the grievances that this Fourth Branch daughter-in-law had received throughout the years, in order to pay back the boundless love she had showered upon him all this time.

Although he was not the pitiful guy in reality, he had deeply felt her love towards the pitiful guy.

Although he didn’t say it out loud, Yue Yang was already planning to avenge the beautiful woman’s grievances.

After the old servant, Uncle Zhong, left, Yue Bing warned Yue Yang again. She told him not to contract the Quintet Puppet Mice under any condition. Those monsters were just trash that would only waste the limited pages of the Copper Grimoire.

Yue Yang nodded on the outside, but he was actually thrilled inside.

The Quintet Puppet Mice, one of the Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s invention, was probably the most amazing Puppet Monster that the genius had ever created. How could it be trash? Furthermore, the Quintet Puppet Mice could unite as one and would only take up one page of the Copper Grimoire. However, nobody understood the Quintet Puppet Mice hidden ability, so they could only separate these mice into five different bodies. Separating them into five different bodies was actually the most foolish thing to do for this monster.

In reality, this Quintet Puppet Mice actually had a different name.

Its original name was actually the “Quintet Seeking Golden Mice”. It had the ability to seek and discover any kind of ores, goods and artifacts, pitfalls and traps, and even identify different kinds of force fields.

For example, if there was a gold mine, they would be able to detect it within an area of a hundred feet.

Another example, if there was a buried treasure or forgotten godly weapons buried underground, they would also be able to detect it…

Most importantly, this Quintet Seeking Golden Mice would be able to use their abilities in any kind of terrain and situation, as long as they were within the attributes of wood, water, fire, earth and metal. It did not matter if it was inside a hot burning molten lava nor an icy cold waters, the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice would have a special machinery in its body to counter those situations. At the same time, as they were all level one puppet monsters, they had zero attacking power and vitality. Hence, even in Spirit Beasts Fights, they wouldn’t be attacked.

It could be said that this five mice were a priceless treasure for item identification and treasure hunt!

On the other hand, even during Spirit Beasts fights, they could still be used to find hidden traps and force field barriers.

If they weren’t so amazing, why would the Ghost Genius Yue Gong love them so much?

Yue Yang sighed. The later generations didn’t recognize such a treasure and had treated them as rubbish for hundreds of years. It was really a sad joke.

Of course, even though Yue Yang knew the secret of the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice, he would never say it out. He only smiled and nodded his head, and promised Yue Bing that he wouldn’t contract the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice.

lls-miceYue Yang waited until the beautiful woman and Yue Bing had left, and then quickly contracted the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice. With a flash of a golden light, five cute little mice, all with different colours, appeared on the fourth page of the Copper Grimoire. In the middle, the five elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth formed a circle and flowed together in perfect harmony. On the perimeters of this circle, the illustration of five adorable little mice puppets was beautifully drawn, their tails connecting together to form an outer circle.

“Alright, let’s see if there’s any treasure buried around here…” When Yue Yang tried to summon the five mice, he discovered that they could be summoned altogether. They were not limited by the daily one-summon limit.

A golden light flashed and the five little puppet mice appeared, all with different colours.

lls-micesThen, all of the mice had gathered at a specific place in the room, squeaking noisily.

On an empty space at the fourth page of the grimoire, a line of words magically appeared, “Gold Detected, Amount: Little. Jade Stone Artifact Detected. Amount of powers contained in the Artifact: Huge…”

Yue Yang was elated beyond belief.

He had always wondered if the pitiful guy who had committed suicide had some valuables hidden, because he couldn’t find a single piece of gold in his room. The pitiful guy couldn’t have drowned together with all of his savings, right? His savings should be somewhere in this house, but Yue Yang didn’t know where the pitiful guy could have hidden his savings in. He couldn’t find them even after searching for more than half a month. Now everything would be fine. Once the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice was dispatched, he was able to find the pitiful guy’s valuables. But the thing that had made Yue Yang even happier was that these mice even had the ability to deduce the quantity and general descriptions of the items that they found. Their abilities were not as simple as finding a hidden treasure.

With these five little monsters, his treasure hunting days in the future would be a breeze.

Yue Yang dug up a wooden chest that was hidden under the place that was shown by the mice. Opening the chest, indeed, he found all of the pitiful guy’s ‘inheritance’.

It was a total of 15 gold and 62 silvers. There were also a few hundred copper coins inside a small pouch. Other than that, there were also the pitiful guy’s toys and clothes when he was young, and two diaries left by his parents. There was also an ordinary looking necklace with a black coloured jade pendant.

lls-necklace swordIf not for the deduction abilities that the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice had, Yue Yang wouldn’t have believed that this ordinary looking jade pendant was an artifact that contained a huge amount of power.

Even with Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision] skill, he still couldn’t find out any information about this necklace.

“This, this should be an heirloom that the pitiful guy’s parents had left behind for him. It was a pity that they had died young and did not manage to explain its powers to the pitiful guy. The pitiful guy must not have known that this pendant was an artifact, treating it as rubbish and placing it together with his old toys and clothes. Alright, it is mine now!” Yue Yang had been worried that he did not possess anything that could prove that he was the pitiful guy. Now he could prove it with the black jade pendant, so he immediately wore it on his neck.

Keeping the gold and the diaries, he left the old toys and clothes in the box and buried them under the ground again.

Flipping through the pitiful guy’s parents’ diaries, there were only mundane words such as how they were missing their son and their lives’ ups and downs. However, with Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision], he deduced that these two diaries were not that simple.

They had probably used some concealing potion or some secret spell to record an important information.

It was a pity that Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision] level was too low to break through the concealment.

“Thank you, two elders. I will cherish the fruits of your labour.” The shameless NEET held the two books in his embrace. He had already regarded himself as their own son.

Taking over all of the pitiful guy’s wealth, Yue Yang was especially in good mood.

He also had a peaceful sleep and a sweet dream.

In the sweet dream, the Sword Goddess that he missed day and night mysteriously appeared, after disappearing for quite a few days.

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