Long Live Summons

Chapter 13 – Target: Innate Realm

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Chapter 13 – Target: Innate Realm

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The Sword Goddess didn’t see the overjoyed Yue Yang, it was like she couldn’t see Yue Yang at all.

lls131Her lily-white soft hands was holding that black jade pendant, her eyes observing it curiously…However, before Yue Yang could run towards her with arms stretched, shouting “My Waifu!”, she suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Yue Yang could only pick up the black jade pendant that she left behind. He was surprised to feel a huge amount of energy from the black jade pendant, boundless like the ocean.

At the same time, as he jumped from the shock of the energy he felt, a sudden thought came into his mind. Could it be that the Sword Goddess had helped him to break the seal of the black jade pendant?

With the black jade pendant, Yue Yang’s training in his dreams proceeded with twice the effect. Wearing the pendant, he could absorb the [Spiritual Energy] from the earth and the atmosphere very easily. Furthermore, he could even absorb the abundant Spiritual Energy stored up inside the pendant itself.

This time, he managed to absorb ten times more energy than he could ever have in his dreams before.

Unconsciously, his second energy channel, the Heart Meridian, was now linked together. Yue Yang thought that at this rate, he would be able to link all of the 12 energy channels in his body in less than a month. Once he managed that, he would be able to complete his [Innate Invisible Sword Qi]’s first stage, and truly enter the Innate Realm.

(TLN: Explanation about the skill: This skill is called “Invisible Sword Qi”, it is of the [Innate] Rank, the highest rank among skill OP-ness. In order to master the “Invisible Sword Qi”, one would need to master X amount of stages – that has not been explained. Currently, Yue Yang is trying to master the first stage of the “Invisible Sword Qi”. In order to that, he would need to link all 12 energy channels he has on his body. To link the energy channels, he must absorb spiritual energy from the earth and atmosphere. In chapter 5, Yue Yang managed to link his first energy channel, the Lung Meridian Channel of the Hand Tai-Yin – it’s actually a valid acupuncture point in traditional chinese medicine. This allowed him to condense spiritual energy in his fingers and shoot it out like a bullet. Now, he managed to link the second energy channel, the Heart Meridian Channel of Hand Shao-Yin. Once he managed to link all 12 energy channels, he would be able to say that he learnt an [Innate] ranked skill, (since it’s like Invisible Sword Qi – LV1) and be known as an [Innate] ranker.)

When Yue Yang woke up the next morning, he discovered something weird.

When he look at the black jade pendant that he wore on his neck, it still looked as ordinary as it was previously. It was still thoroughly pitch black, unlike its appearance in his dreams. He also couldn’t feel the boundless body of pure Spiritual Energy he felt in his dreams…Could it be that he could only use the pendant in his dreams? Or could it be that this pendant’s seal could only be broken by the Sword Goddess inside his dreams?

This thing was really full of mystery. Normal people would probably never knew about it or be able to use it. Why would the pitiful guy’s parents wanted to leave this for him?

Would there be any information hidden in the two diaries?

What kind of treasure could this piece of black jade pendant be? What could it be actually used for?

No matter how hard he tried to figure it out, Yue Yang still couldn’t understand this mysterious black jade pendant.

However, according to Yue Yang’s usual thought process, he would simply stop thinking about things that he could not figure out. Anyway, there were already tons of other things that he couldn’t figure buried within his mind.

Time passed by.

Yue Yang didn’t feel that he changed a lot, but in the eyes of the beautriful woman and Yue Bing, he was changing every single day.

In the period where he absorbed the Spiritual Energy inside the black jade pendant, Yue Yang’s body was bursting with health and vigor. His whole body became an inexhaustible source of energy. They had thought that Yue Yang was in a good mood since he had successfully contracted a grimoire, which was the reason why his complexion was good. However, within a few days, Yue Yang’s skin suddenly started to peel off. First was the skin in his hands, then his legs and body, and finally his face. Every inch of his skin peeled off to reveal a new skin underneath. After his skin peeled off, Yue Yang’s skin became bright and white as jade. They looked as white as Yue Bing’s snow white skin. It even glowed with radiance and vigor.

Yue Yang’s had also turned even more secretive with the passing of the days.

If the beautiful woman had not seen his growth every day, she would never believe that San-er had changed so much in less than half a month.

“San-er, are you sick? Maybe you should rest a few days, I’m afraid your body will not be able to take it if you trained so hard. Wouldn’t you be tired to death this way?” When the beautiful woman first saw Yue Yang shed the skin in his hands, she had thought that he had contracted some disease. Or maybe he had trained to hard that his body couldn’t take it and produced a kind of side effect. In the end, it was only when she saw him looking much better and renewed when he had shed all of his skin, did she somewhat feel at ease. It was almost like watching a caterpillar metamorphosize into a butterfly. She thought that it couldn’t be that bad.

“I’m fine, I’m fine…” Yue Yang knew that this was a side effect of stepping into the [Innate] Realm.

Through absorbing a large amount of pure Spiritual Energy from the black jade pendant, he had almost completed mastering the first stage of the [Innate] Invisble Sword Qi. That would also mean that he had almost reached the [Innate] Realm already. That was the reason why his skin started to peel off and the impurities in his bones and and flesh were washed out. It signified a rebirth effect of stepping into the [Innate] Realm.

Skin peeling off and looking full of vigor, these were all the changes that can be seen from the outside.

But Yue Yang’s body was turning even stronger, even more powerful and even more perfect with each day on the inside. These were the changes that they could not see.

Furthermore, Yue Yang’s muscles were not like those of a bodybuilder’s, they simply became even more perfect and healthier. Right now, his muscles was slowly building up, his stomach becoming more taut and there were no more excess fat in his body anymore. His four limbs were still as lanky as before, but they were getting stronger and tougher with each day. Yue Yang could see it himself when he bathed. Ever since he trained the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi skill, his body was changing everyday.

He became even more perfect with each day.

He didn’t have any muscles although he possessed an enormous amount of power. Yue Yang was not that surprised with that kind of change. This was because he had already seen it for himself that the Sword Goddess, even with such a slim and slender hands, could possess such destructive powers. Since he was also training the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, it was normal that he did not build any muscles.

[Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, this was not a simple skill that any third-rate warriors can learn.

Yue Yang was overjoyed every day, as he made improvements with each day.

It was just that this brat kept the whole thing as secret, never saying anything towards the beautiful woman and the others.

Time passed quickly and after a month, Yue Yang finally linked all twelve energy channels; the Hand Tai-Yin, Foot Tai-Yin, Hand Tai-Yang, Foot Tai-Yang, Hand Shao-Yin, Foot Shao-Ying and other energy channels. Yue Yang was currently on the verge of completing [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi’s first stage. He was only left with the last step, which was to connect all twelve energy channels together. Only then would he truly complete the first stage of the skill and enter the [Innate] Realm that every Soaring Dragon’s Ranker could only dream of.

Even the most talented Ranker in the Soaring Dragon Continent would need at least a hundred years to be able to step into the [Innate] Realm.

However, the time needed for Yue Yang to complete his training on this [Innate] skill, Invisible Sword QI, was not even three months. He was able to reach into the realm of [Innate] rankers that normal people would take hundreds of years to train…From this, it could be seen that the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi was indeed an amazing skill.

Taking into example, the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique that was widely recognized as a high-leveled technique in the Soaring Dragon Continent, was as simple as a Primary Four or Five textbook to him now who was like someone who had already graduated from University. Now if compared to those third-rate leveled skills that the soldiers learned, it was like kindergarten level to him. Yue Yang reckoned that even if it was a genuine [Innate] ranked skill, if it wasn’t lost throughout the generations, they would only be at junior high or high school level. They were totally incomparable to the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi that he had learnt.

Right now, Yue Yang was suddenly curious about the Sword Goddess. Who was she exactly?

Comparing her and the Rankers in this world, then where did she exist and what would her rank be?

“Third Brother, I would need to go back to the city to take the Academy Test. I will depart tomorrow. With regards to the basic summoning technique, you are already quite familiar with it. You could straight away join the second year of the Academy with no problems. Third Brother, the only regretful thing right now is that you still had not summoned your Guardian Spirit Beast “Mist” yet. Training your Guardian Spirit Beast that will never betray you nor disappear is the most important thing to do. After I left, don’t summon the Spitting Thorny Flower anymore, you should buy a better Spirit Beast with that one hundred gold you received. The best kind would be the beast-types or the bird-types such as the Wind Wolf, Flaming Lion, Thunder Bird or Golden Falcon… Aih, if only that [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill] was not snatched away by Second Uncle to be used by Little Ninth Brother, Third Brother would have probably succeeded in summoning your Guardian Spirit Beast…They are such a bully. Next year in the Clan’s Match, I would definitely not show them any mercy and teach them all a lesson. Otherwise, Grandfather and these other Clan Elders would just belittle us the Fourth Branch…”

Before Yue Bing departed, she repeatedly warned Yue Yang.

In her heart, she really pitied Yue Yang, because she felt like she was watching herself, a genius who was held in contempt by his own family.

She had suffered much with the Soaring Dragon Continent’s culture of regarding men to be more superior than women, and also the addition of her status as a widow despite her young age. She didn’t dare to protest last time, but Third Brother was now her family’s future. If he was a good-for-nothing, then she wouldn’t say anything. But he was clearly a genius, yet he was despised by the family and treated so unfairly. These made her felt so wronged.

Yue Yang stroked Yue Bing’s head but didn’t say anything.

He knew his own capabilities, and that his Guardian Spirit Beast was actually not “Mist” but “Phantom Shadow”. He would probably not be able to summon out a “Mist” Guardian Spirit Beast until the world’s end.

However, in reality, “Phantom Shadow” was ten times better than “Mist”.

He could summon a shadow for an extended period of ten days, which also meant that he could summon ten shadows to overlap with each other. Combining the ten shadows together, it will increase their abilities by 50%. With the addition of completing the training into the [Innate] Realm, even he could not imagine how high his fighting capabilities would rise to.

Seeing Yue Bing off, Yue Yang was in no hurry to buy any kind of Wind Wolf, Flaming Lion, Thunder Bird or Golden Falcon.

In his eyes, Spitting Thorny Flower was so much better than any Wind Wolves or Flaming Lion.

Right now, the most important thing was to complete the first stage training of the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi. He was only left with the last step before he could enter the [Innate] realm.

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