Long Live Summons

Chapter 17 – Wonderful Classification Technique

Chapter 17 – Wonderful Classification Technique

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“Ah, football is a special term used to describe a woman’s chest. For example, if a girl is flat-chested like you, no, even flatter than yours…Well, what I meant is that if a girl has a chest flat as a wall, then they will be called “blooming small buns”. Otherwise, they may also be called Princess Tai Ping (TLN: Princess Tai Ping is an important political figure in Chinese history, but Tai Ping if taken literally can also mean super flat). If a girl’s breast is extremely small, like yours, maybe a bit smaller than yours, like a breast that was really really small and barely had a bump, then their breasts would be called a sunny side-up. If their breasts are just a bit larger, like yours, it’d be called an apple… No please don’t pull out your dagger, I misspoke. Please don’t get angry. I know you’re a male, but I needed someone to use as a comparison. Alright, I won’t use you as an example anymore…”

“Then if the breasts are larger than apples, it would be footballs?” The bright-eyed thief pointed her dagger at Yue Yang’s neck, with a fury as if the thief would kill Yue Yang at any moment.

“No, there’s another type that’s larger than apples. Look at how much experience in this you’re missing. There are still many things above apples: pears, papayas, and even coconuts. Only after that are volleyballs and footballs. There are many classifications. This is all knowledge that I normally don’t tell others!” Classmate Yue Yang said in a scholarly manner.

“Makes sense!” When all the mercenaries in the room heard this, they all praised Yue Yang in unison for his “Chests Classification Technique”.

for people to remember, making a great impact on the audience. It seemed that this small thief, Titan, really did have quite extensive experience with women’s **. Hearing this, Yue Yang became proud, like an honor student at school that had just issued an insightful and unique theory in front of thousands of students.

The bright-eyed thief barely suppressed her rash urge to kill the brat at her blade point. She ferociously stamped on Yue Yang’s foot, then shoved the form into his hand, turned around and stormed away.

Yue Yang quickly tossed the form at the old man, paid money and received the Mercenary Heavenly Badge. Then , he quickly hooted on the bright-eyed thief.

“Brother, come on, I’ll treat you to a drink. Listen to me… That girl’s chest is really huge…Ai, you run so fast. It’s so obvious from the first glance that you have never done this before!” By the time Yue Yang raced out of the door, the bright-eyed thief had already disappeared like smoke.

It was as if the thief had never appeared.

As Yue Yang whistled loudly and left in a swagger, the bright-eyed thief unexpectedly glinted in the darkness, with a bright dagger in her hand. She had wanted to throw the dagger at Yue Yang’s back many times, but she had suppressed the urge in the end.

The bright-eyed thief lightly spat at the direction that Yue Yang’s figure had left in, then once again disappeared in a flash.

Facing the gentle evening breeze, Yue Yang was smiling corner to corner.

He was smiling especially happily that his smile emits radiance

White Stone City, Assassin Guild.

Like all the other Assassin Guilds in any other world, White Stone City’s Assassin Guild gave people a sinister and frightening feeling. There were lights within the building, but they were as small as peas. It gave people the feeling that the lights could go out at any moment. It’d be fine if the lights were simply dim, but they were also strangely eerie and dusky. Yue Yang pushed the door to the Assassin Guild slowly, and upon seeing the room’s conditions, he was astonished.

The Assassin Guild had no people, aside from an old man in hemp garments that was sleeping on the table.

The old man had grizzled hair, his figure lying on the table looked extremely small. It looked like his body and mind had gone senile, having withered and rotten away. It made him seem extremely weak.

Of course, simply judging by the outer appearance, this old man that seemed to have one foot in his grave looked like he could be blow away with a single breeze. Moreover, the way the way he was sleeping made him seem like he had already fallen into eternal sleep. However, Yue Yang internally felt a strange feeling. He, who had already reached the [Innate] realm, could use the “Mysterious Three Styles” and the Invisible Sword Qi, probably couldn’t defeat this lazily sleeping old man, even with a sneak attack……Yue Yang secretly thought to himself that this old man was even scarier than a sleeping lion. He seemed more like sleeping dragon!

“Hello, I would like to apply to join the Assassin Guild.” Yue Yang had faked his manners back at the mercenary guild, but he had said that with a respect that had came straight from his heart.

“Youngster, an assassin is a bloody and violent profession. Have you really prepared yourself?” The old man slowly lifted his head. His appearance was extremely normal, his face covered in scars. Even if a person saw him 10 times on a street, they would most likely not be able to remember his existence, let alone his appearance.

His dark, aged eyes peered into Yue Yang.

Despite this, Yue Yang maintained his calm and controlled his breathing. He even smiled sincerely with his eyes.

Although he couldn’t see through the old man, Yue Yang knew that this old man was also still inspecting him, meaning that he had not seen through Yue Yang either….

Yue Yang naturally caught the attention of the old man carefully inspecting him. Yue Yang smiled cheerfully and said, “Youngsters will always be attracted towards blood and violence, right?”

The old man closed his eyes, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. He then said emotionlessly, “Entering the Assassin Guild doesn’t require money or filling out any forms. Verifying your identity isn’t necessary either. The only thing you need to do is pass a test. You can choose to take a written test, or a practical test.”

“What’s the written test? And what’s the practical test?” Yue Yang really found it strange. Assassins had to take written tests? It’s not as if he was applying for college!

“The written test will consist of questions about murdering techniques; the practical test is directly killing people. If you want to take the practical test, you would need to go to the Black Mountain fifty kilometres away from the city at dawn. There will be a few outlaws there, as long as you bring any one of them back, you’ll pass.” After the old man finished speaking, Yue Yang hurriedly shook his head and hand, indicating that he wanted to take the written test.

To Yue Yang, the thought of killing people was not a big deal.

This Soaring Dragon Continent, aside from beauties, Yue Bing, and young girls, all people were like game NPCs in Yue Yang’s mind. Killing him would not make him feel guilty at all. In addition, his original intention was to go kill some mercenaries that had bounties on them from enemies. While testing his combat abilities, he could also improve his [Spitting Thorny Flower] techniques.

However, Yue Yang was extremely lazy.

The practical test required him to journey throughout the whole night and run out 50km from the city to cross over a mountain to kill a few mountain bandits. Then he had to carry a person back as fast as possible.

There was no way he’d do that!

If it wasn’t for his desire to earn the title of ‘Vengeance Hunter’ in the Assassin Guild, there was no way Yue Yang would’ve even come to a place like this Assassin Guild.

The Assassin Guild was different from the mercenary guild. The people here all had real strength. The longer he stayed here, the easier it’d be for people to uncover his identity.

“If you choose the written test, then please make a choice: Let’s say want to kill a person. In front of you, there is a sharp legendary sword, a powerful Spirit, and a piece of blank paper. Which would you choose as your killing weapon?” The old man asked.

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