Long Live Summons

Chapter 18 – Vengeance Hunters

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Chapter 18 – Vengeance Hunters

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“That depends on who the target is…” Yue Yang furrowed his brows.

“If the target is a Mercenary, what would you choose?” The old man asked.

“I…would choose the blank white paper.” Yue Yang laughed. This type of question wasn’t asking about killing techniques, but killing knowledge? How would that be difficult?

“How would you use a piece of paper to kill someone?” The old man frowned slightly.

“Simple. I’d pretend it is a secret, precious piece of art. After handing it to the target, I’d notify everyone that he had a this art, and I wouldn’t have to kill the mercenary at all. Countless people would fight to kill him in order to get their hands on the item.” Yue Yang shrugged, replying confidently.

“If the target wasn’t a Mercenary but a Merchant, what would your choice be?” The old man slowly nodded, and changed questions.

“I’d choose the blank piece of paper…..I would pretend it was a financial balance that had been calculated wrong. Once the target merchant is completely absorbed in calculating the assets and revenue lost, I’d kill him.” Yue Yang replied. Hearing this, the old man’s thin and frail hands suddenly stopped trembling. He asked, “What if the target was an Official? Would you still choose the blank piece of paper as your killing weapon?”

“Why not? I can pretend it’s the emperor’s decree. After the official kneels down to accept it, I’d offer him a cup of poisoned wine.” Yue Yang had watched many TV shows and movies, and no matter how just and famous the generals were, they could never resist the emperor’s decree, nor a cup of poisoned wine in their bodies.

If the monarch wants his subject to die, the subjects would have no choice but to die.

This law had existed since ancient times. It would always be correct, no matter what the situation was.

This did not only apply to Feudal Chinese, it also applied to China Dynasties and the Soaring Dragon Continent. Here, it would be regarded as a wise saying.

The old man lifted his eyelid open, and astonishment coloured his pitch-black eyes. He looked at Yue Yang for a few seconds, his expressions changing for an instant, but he recovered his composure quickly. In the end, he nodded his head in amazement, approving the brat’s shameless poison plot.

Yue Yang was secretly delighted, believing that he had already grasped the qualifications become an assassin.

However, he hadn’t imagined that the old man would continue to ask, “If your target is a woman, what would you choose?”

Hearing the word ‘woman’, Yue Yang’s pervertedness began to stir, as he started to think lewdly. “That depends on how young and pretty she is. If she’s both, then I’d still choose the blank piece of paper….”

“What will you pretend it is this time?” The old man asked.

“No, I won’t be pretending. I will sincerely write a letter pleading for her love on the piece of paper. However, if she doesn’t agree, then I will kill her, and complete the mission” Yue Yang said with a tone of regret. The old man inquired, “What if she does agree?” Hearing this, Yue Yang immediately brightened and said, “If she agrees to love me, then why would I kill her? I’d directly bring her home and marry her so she could become my wife.”

“….” The old man was speechless.

Although he had lived for quite a long time, he had never met a fellow as shameless as Yue Yang.

The thick-skinned Yue Yang didn’t realize that he had such a contented expression on his face that made one feel the urge to punch him at first glance.

The old man muttered to himself for a bit, then slowly said, “Last question. If you receive a mission with your close relative as the target, what would you do?”

Hearing this, Yue Yang’s smile didn’t waver, but a profound look flashed in his eyes, “In my heart, only 2 types of people exist in the world. The first is people who are alive, and the second is people who are dead. My relatives belonged to the former; I will kill anyone who tried to hurt them…”

The old man opened his eyes and looked at Yue Yang. With a strange smile on his lips, he said, “An assassin with a weakness for love and emotions is not a good assassin.”

“In my opinion, whether or not I’m a good assassin doesn’t matter. As long as I’m an assassin that can live, it’s fine.” Yue Yang raised his brows, arguing in a serious tone, “I’ve heard these words before: Love and hate both are powers that had the ability to make people do unfathomable things. Weaknesses are like a double-edged blade. If they can be fatal to a person, they can also help a person improve.”

“….” Hearing Yue Yang’s words, the old man didn’t speak for a long time.

Yue Yang walked out of the Assassin Guild with not only the qualifications to become an assassin, but also receiving a ‘Vengeance Hunter’ [Bloodrose Map] for free.

The Bloodrose Map could be absorbed into the summoning grimoire to provide reports on anything related to the ‘Vengeance Hunters’ at any given time.

Even without the grimoire, the user could still activate the map once a day. As long as it’s at night, they could see the locations of the targets locked by the Vengeance Hunters as floating red dots throughout the map.

After choosing a target, the red dot on the map enlarges, and a bloodrose symbol appears at the target’s location, accurately pinpointing it out.

The targets for the Vengeance Hunters were normally evil murderers.

Once a warrior becomes an evil murderer, if the person he killed managed to use a ‘Vengeance Scroll’ before death, the murderer’s appearance could get recorded. At the same time, the murderer’s name will also appear on the Assassin Guild’s Vengeance List, or the Bloodrose Map. The victim’s family can also go to the Assassin Guild to place bounties on the murderers to get Vengeance Hunters after them. The time limit for Vengeance Hunters was normally half a year; if the murderer was successfully eliminated, or if the victim’s family is no longer pursuing the murderer, then the murderer’s red-listed name will disappear from the Vengeance List and the Bloodrose Map.

Yue Yang wasn’t willing to help others out of the kindness of his hearts, he just wanted the extremely useful map for free.

In addition, the evil murderers were normally quite powerful. If he could use them to cultivate the Spitting Thorny Flower’s evolving requirements, that would be wonderful.

After obtaining the Bloodrose Map, classmate Yue Yang began his first job as Vengeance Hunter. He aimed to get a fellow with the nickname ‘Rock’. Although he didn’t know what kind of bloody atrocities this fellow had done, Yue Yang knew that there were at least 8 families joining up to chase after him for vengeance, and the bounty was 5 gold.

The reward money wasn’t that much, but it wasn’t a little amount either. 5 gold at the mercenary guild was the price of killing a Variant Thunder Panther.

If converted to RMB, it was equivalent to around 500,000 Yuan.

Converted to RMB, based on the country’s black market prices, cutting off the muderer’s hand cost 2000, stripping off the legs cost 5000, and killing a person was pretty much 30,000-50,000. Of course, in the Soaring Dragon Continent, these prices were only the lowest sums of money offered to Vengeance Hunters. Normally, the highest bounties offered on the Vengeance List would be thousands of gold. However, Yue Yang couldn’t have access to these people with such high bounties yet. He was still an amateur assassin, with absolutely no reputation or experience.

Yue Yang had the mentality that even mosquito’s legs were meat; five gold wasn’t little. Anyways, when fighting monsters to level up, one has to start from the weak monsters. Who would go fight the BOSS in the very beginning? Wouldn’t that just be seeking death?

Rock, who was on the Vengeance Hunters wanted list, didn’t actually hide himself. He publicly walked around on the streets, casually drinking some yellow wine.

If it was another murderer on the Wanted List, perhaps they’d be afraid an Assassin would come to take their lives.

However, he was a strong mercenary that had a high-ranking supporter behind him. A normal Assassin would not be willing to go through the trouble of killing him for only five gold. Thus, he had always been living quite comfortably. He had only betrayed and killed some of his companions for money, this barely meant anything. With money offered in front of them, who wouldn’t do something like that? In the future if he had time, he’d probably rape his deceased companions’ wives and then kill off their children. Let’s see who would still dare to chase him for vengeance…

Rock was extremely proud of himself. He had already gotten tipsy after too many glasses of drinks, and now he felt like he a powerful Ranker.

A Ranker would be able to do whatever his heart pleased, right?

Just as Rock was proudly smiling at himself, he noticed a small masked thief was standing on the deserted street. The thief’s eyes twinkled like stars, and with a voice as clear as water, he asked. “You, are you the Rock on the Vengeance List?”

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