Long Live Summons

Chapter 24 – Assassin at Night

Chapter 24 – Assassin at Night

Translated by: Shiroyukineko, taffy

Edited By: Shiroyukineko

The big-breasted woman lifted up her tear-filled face and shook her head slowly, “We can kill him, but we don’t have enough power to endure the revenge that the authorities behind him would inflict upon us. My sisters aren’t like me who is a childless widow, they all had sons and daughters, even elderly parents. If Tie Kuang died, his clan would definitely enact revenge, and once they found out about us, we would probably be punished heavily and thrown into jail. In the jail, we would probably be tortured to death. Our parents, sons and daughters would also be killed…We don’t dare to take revenge ourselves, we could only hope for the appearance of a hero who would not submit to tyranny…Young Master, if your powers are not enough to take on the Tie Clan and the White Stone’s City Lord, then please leave this place quickly. We will untie Tie Kuang and continue to serve him when he wakes up. We will do our best to stop him from suspecting something from this matter.”

“How long have you guys put Tie Kuang on the Vengeance Hunter’s List?” Yue Yang asked his last question.

“Three years. We’ve never given up all this while.” The big-breasted woman gave Yue Yang a resolute gaze. “Although we don’t have money, even if we have to save on our food and living expenses, we will never give up this vengeance.”

Hearing this, Yue Yang slowly nodded his head.

As weak and lowly prostitutes whose dignity had been crushed to bits, even after being looked down upon and stepped down upon by so many, they still held on to their vengeance. All their hard-earned money would need to be handed over to their manager, so they could only sneak a little amount of money out into their pockets. Yet they were still able to save fifteen gold coins every half a year to continue on putting Tie Kuang on the Vengeance List. Their determination and willpower for vengeance really deserved respect and admiration.

With regards to being hunted down by the Tie Clan after killing Tie Kuang, Yue Yang didn’t care about it at all.

This was because he could get into a space gap, based on the knowledge he got from the Copper Grimoire.

Firstly, Tie Kuang had not used any Vengeance Scroll on him to record his appearance. Because of this, his name wouldn’t appear on the Vengeance List. Even if it had accidently been recorded by the Vengeance Scroll, the name that would appear on the Vengeance List would only be the ‘Titan’ that he had previously recorded, not his real name.

If Yue Yang really killed Tie Kuang, the Tie family would probably seek him for revenge, and sent a Vengeance Hunter after him.

However, this couldn’t possibly happen.

This was because of the loophole that Yue Yang had created. He hadn’t personally killed the other party; at most, he was only an accomplice.

The Vengeance List would at most only recorded the Thorny Flower that had swallowed Tie Kuang. However, Yue Yang hadn’t given the Thorny Flower a name, so only a strange, anonymous person would appear on the Vengeance List. And before Yue Yang summons the Thorny Flower from the Copper Grimoire, its red dot wouldn’t appear on the Bloodrose Map either.

It was exactly because of this loophole that Yue Yang felt that (putting Tie Kuang aside) anyone, no matter how powerful their background was or how amazing their strength was, would only turn into fertilizer…

Before he pushed the door open to enter, he gave the big-breasted girl a calm smile.

“In the future, you don’t need to pay money to the assassin guild anymore. The money would just be a waste, since not every assassin enjoys earning money. If you’re willing, you can come find me. I’m an assassin that will kill anyone for money. No matter who you want to kill, I’ll do it, as long as you pay a fee.”

The big-breasted girl behind him was suddenly overwhelmed with her emotions that her shoulders were shaking.

She silently cried, her emotions in a complete mess.

In less than 10 minutes, Yue Yang walked out.

He held a rather large leather pouch and tossed it next to the big-breasted woman’s feet, “There are some copper coins in that pouch for you. I need you to do something for me, there are some gold and silver ornaments inside this pouch; I want you to find an appropriate seller in the black market to pawn these things off for gold coins that I can use… If the seller dared to trick me, I will kill him too. I will not tolerate anyone ruining my plans….Do you have any other targets of revenge? If you do, say them now. If you complete this exchange for me, although I won’t do anything for you for free, I will consider giving you on a loan, and slowly collect interest.”

The big-breasted women trembled as she continued to kowtow. She stuttered, “There are still two people. One is called ‘Chang Dao’, the other is called ‘Xie Huo’. Although I don’t know their actual names, I’ve seen that Tie Kuang speaks to the both of them with respect. Xie Huo periodically comes to White Stone City. Based on my calculations, Chang Dao might come in a few days. We don’t know anything about him, just that his blade is extremely fast. Even as he sits down and drinks liquor, he could kill dozens of people in succession with only a wave of his hands. Normally, he doesn’t come to White Stone City very often; he appears and disappears unpredictably. However, this Chang Dao has a very obvious distinctive feature; his right hand that holds his blade is much larger than his left; at least twice its size.”

Yue Yang laughed at this. He turned around and his words floated in the breeze, “If you help me complete this exchange, the next time you see them, those two will be dead.”

The big-breasted woman kowtowed fiercely once more in thanks.

When she lifted her tear-filled eyes, the figure in front of her had already long since disappeared with the wind.

By the next morning, Yue Yang, an assassin that could kill a person without batting an eye, had returned to the role of the beautiful woman’s beloved San-er. If she knew that the San-er she loved dearly had climbed over the walls of their manor, went out and used his Thorny Flower to eat two people alive, who knows what she would’ve thought.

If Yue Bing was still practicing summoning techniques with Yue Yang in the small courtyard, she would’ve definitely noticed that the Thorny Flower that Yue Yang summoned was now a little different.

The Spitting Thorny Flower was currently still level 1, but its grade had already changed from ordinary to bronze.

Its breed has also changed to ‘Bloody Tongued Spitting Thorny Flower’.

Currently, the Thorny Flower was around 2 meters tall, and its stalks were as thick as a human’s arm. Thorns densely covered its entire body, and its monstrous mouth-like petals had grown larger; its teeth had become even sharper. The greatest difference of all was that it had grown a long blood-red tongue. It would stick out its tongue and continuously flicker it back and forth, like a snake. The beautiful woman had not noticed this different appearance at all. She held the small girl and sat under the rays of the sunlight, cheerfully reading the letter that her daughter had sent home.

“San-er, Bing Er sent you a greeting through this letter.” The beautiful woman felt that everything happening within her family was now changing for the better.

Her originally quiet daughter was now getting closer to her San-er.

Normally, her letters home would definitely not inquire about her third brother. Now she mentioned him multiple times in her letters, and even subtly asked for his studies’ grade report. This confirmed the fact that this little girl still wanted a powerful older brother deep in her heart.

“Did Bing Er’s test go smoothly?” Yue Yang put away his Bloody Tongued Spitting Thorny Flower. After his Thorny Flower had risen to Bronze rank, it was at least 10 times more powerful, yet it hadn’t increased in level. This proved that his secret wasn’t wrong; the evolution path that his Thorny Flower was following couldn’t be more correct. At the very least, the first step towards its progress had been successful. He believed that the Thorny Flower would continue to raise in rank to Silver rank and Gold rank. Then, from Gold rank, it would undergo a new evolution process, changing into a humanoid Bronze ranked Thorny Flower Demon…. The Thorny Flower Demon would then continue to raise in ranks from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum all the way to the Diamond rank. After three evolutions, it would finally change into a Bronze-ranked intelligent humanoid Thorny Flower Queen. It will then continue onto another path of evolution. Only then would it become the legendary humanoid Mythical Beast ‘Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’.

Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s path of maturation required three levels of evolution. This process would probably be extremely long and arduous.

However, it had already taken the right first step forward.

As long as the Thorny Flower continued to swallow living people as fertilizer, its growth rate would be much faster than any beast-type or avian-type, even with the help of demon crystals. Its evolution would only endlessly skyrocket forward. In the future, the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen would become any monster’s worst nightmare on the battlefield.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen from 3 thousand years ago would no longer be only a legend; it would become a true story.

‘Bing Er’s test went extremely smoothly. Next year, she can enter the fifth grade advanced class. She also registered you as second grade, since the school regulations state that one cannot register for anything above the third grade. Therefore, San-er, for the moment, you can only enter the second grade. Bing Er said in her letter that after studying there for a few months, if your grades are excellent, you can jump straight to the third grade.” Then, the young girl in the beautiful woman’s arms began to shout loudly as she shouted that she wanted to attend school as well. The beautiful woman saw that she could no longer keep the girl still, so she could only release her. The girl then jumped into Yue Yang’s arms like a spoiled child. After the beautiful woman finished reading the letter, she looked hesitant as she sighed. “Bing Er said she won’t return home for the next three months. She wants to go to Tong Tian Tower and go through a test there….”

“Tong Tian Tower? A test?” As Yue Yang listened, his eyebrows slightly creased.

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