Long Live Summons

Chapter 25 – The Beauty

Chapter 25 – The Beauty

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According to the information given to him by the Copper Grimoire, Tong Tian Tower was an unusual place.

Tong Tian Tower had been around since ancient times, and legend has it that the ancient gods built it. Its position is at the central point of the Soaring Dragon Continent, and it is also known as the ladder that the ancient gods left for humans to ‘ascend to heaven’. No one knows exactly how tall the Tong Tian Tower is, as it reaches through the clouds, and the ancient gods created and arranged it such that its surroundings were enshrouded. No one can climb the outside, it is necessary to climb the interior of the Tong Tian Tower level by level.

In every level of the Tong Tian Tower, there is a portal. After the portal, is a single separate realm, anyone can go in to cultivate.

The conditions to climb up are to first obtain a unique token from a lower floor before going up to the next floor.

“Bing Er is only going to the first level, barely entrance-level testing, moreover, teachers from the school will be leading them in groups, so there should be no danger, but I still worry a bit for that stubborn girl!” The beautiful woman knew her daughter’s personality well, she was solitary and taciturn, disliking social activities, unable to communicate well and did not have any close friends in school, thus whether it be day to day life or during the testing process, it is easy to be at a disadvantage. By any chance if she is in danger, there might not be any one to help her and she can only flounder without any support.

“Nothing will happen, please be reassured, Seventh Younger Sister can take good care of herself!” Once Yue Yang heard that it was the first level that Bing Er was going to, and the test she was taking part in was the entrance examination, he quickly used several kind words to comfort the beautiful woman.

Tong Tian Tower’s first and second levels’ test has almost no risk toward lives, only after reaching the third level, will it become a real Death Refining.

Of course, everything has a chance of having an unexpected mishap occurring.

For example, that youth from the Feng Clan that Yue Bing had an arranged marriage with, was actually instantly killed by a wandering Gold King Beast in the Second Level of Tong Tian Tower. It’s just that, this type of accidents happened very rarely, to the extent that it can be overlooked and disregarded. Over the last few hundred years, apart from that one accident, there still hadn’t been a second case. That was because even in the Third Level of Tong Tian Tower, the Gold King Beast would only within its area of domain, it wouldn’t wander around aimlessly…

Due to worrying about her daughter, the beautiful woman was a bit absent-minded today, even for someone as skilled as she is in needlework, has already gotten her finger pricked by the needle a few times.

Seeing the beautiful woman pricked finger dripping blood, Yue Yang suddenly had a flash of inspiration darting through his mind.

It is possible, that his own Black Jade Necklace needed blood to confirm its owner!

Black Jade Necklace was ordinary and unassuming in the daytime, nobody could tell that it was a treasure and Yue Yang had never been able to find out what this object’s real purpose was.

Yue Yang’s state of mind was stirred up, once the beautiful woman and the little girl left, he immediately took the Black Jade Necklace off his own neck, using a needle to prick himself and draw blood, and dripped a little on the necklace surface.

After half a day, there was no response from it at all.

“Ok, ok, I admit it. I’ve read too many game novels!” Yue Yang had originally thought that this item would’ve been like those in game novels that would require a drop of blood to recognize its owner. This would bind it to the person, and then make it so that it would never wear down nor drop. It could also level up along with the owner, making it an extremely amazing godly weapon.

Who knew, the Black Jade Necklace still did not respond even after half a day, causing much pain to Yue Yang’s heart.

Forget it, one day I’ll understand it!

Yue Yang stretched out his hand, prepared to clasp the Black Jade Necklace onto his neck. Suddenly, he discovered that there was a black dot on the necklace that was rapidly getting larger. In the blink of an eye, it had turned into a terrible black hole with endless attraction force. Yue Yang was practically swallowed into it.

Like that, Yue Yang had almost been finished off.

He found out that his entire body was almost torn up by the black hole. In the instant that he was being swallowed up by the black hole, it was as if skin, flesh, bones and even his spirit were all becoming fine powder, being painfully annihilated. When Yue Yang thought that he was about to die, suddenly in the depths of his spirit lit a large number of unusual fires of life, giving Yue Yang another strange feeling of resurrection. He quickly realised that he didn’t actually die, in fact he was in a quiet place with no light at all… …

Exactly what was going on? How could he get out?

Yue Yang thought that this was really a brain that was larger than three others. It seemed that this method of using a drop of blood to recognize an owner couldn’t be tested so casually. Now it had caused so much trouble!

“Eh? You actually haven’t died yet? You’re such a strange human boy. Wa, you’re even an Innate, there’s such a young Innate?” Just as Yue Yang was unsure of what to do, a graceful yet astonished female voice rang out.

Before even having the time to react, Yue Yang discovered that he had been lifted up by an irresistible force.

Following that, a pair of warm, soft, and creamy lips kissed him on the mouth.

The beauty had given him a kiss?

The first thought he had was that he finally got a kiss, but then was terrified to find out the ‘beauty’ that was enthusiastically kissing him was a scary vampire, she was in a frenzy to take his inner energy… … All the energy that was cultivated for a month in the second level was sucked out by her in a few seconds. If she did not release her cherry coloured lips, Yue Yang had no suspicions that he would become a dried up corpse.

“It’s been 10,000 years, but this is the first time I’ve ever felt so comfortable! This is really refreshing. Although the amount is a bit lacking, it’s extremely pure. Not bad!” The beauty that had kissed him said with a gasp of admiration from within the darkness.

“Fuck!” Yue Yang discovered that he had been drained so that his body now felt weak. His legs were like jello when he stood; it was like the feeling he got when he masturbated too much.

After a moment of dizziness passed, Yue Yang made the unusual discovery that he could actually see in the dark.

Even without a trace of light, he was able to see clearly enough to know that his own body was bare, not wearing a single piece of clothing on his bare self, exactly like a streaker. Standing in front of him was a beauty over 2 metres tall, her complexion was able to cause the downfall of a city, with creamy skin, blue sapphires for eyes, unblinkingly staring at him, full of surprise and curiosity. This beauty had a long mane of gold hair, demurely cascading down her shoulders to cover the two erect peaks on her chest that was like snowy jade. Yue Yang resisted with great difficulty the urge to cop a feel, and looking downwards, could only see the slender waist, one of nature’s greatest works. Supernaturally finely crafted statues could not show the perfection of this natural delicate body.

Even if he had died and dropped to the degenerate 18th level of hell to suffer, Yue Yang still wanted to see even further down….

This was an extremely rare chance. If he couldn’t see the bare beauty in front of him, Yue Yang might as well have changed his name to Liu Xia Hui. (TL: Liu Xia Hui is a chinese figure that was said to have been so virtuous that he showed no immorality even when a woman was on his lap https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhan_Huo)

However, when Yue Yang used his predator-like vision to look downwards, he cried out in shock, “My god, you, why are your legs a snake’s tail?”

Hearing this, the golden-haired beauty smiled. Her smile was like a lustrous sea of stars, capable of causing the downfall of a city and causing the heavens and earth to collapse. Her smile made Yue Yang’s soul float outside of his body and forget about staying on earth.

She had six arms extending outwards behind her mane of golden hair, swinging in an extremely beautiful way. One snow white hand lifted Yue Yang’s lower jaw lightly, and those sapphire eyes were filled with laughter: “Cute little human boy, this is not strange, I am a Serpent Empress, of course I look different from humans, don’t you think that my serpent tail is also very beautiful?”

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