Long Live Summons

Chapter 26 – Fei Wen Li, Her Majesty the Empress

Chapter 26 – Fei Wen Li, Her Majesty the Empress

Translated By: Zaza

Edited By: Shiroyukineko, Zaza, Rend

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The bottom half of the golden haired beauty’s body was a snake tail that measured a few metres in length. It was akin to white jade in color and was truly beautiful, with a sort of grace that could not be explained. However, it was still a snake tail.

If it was a pair of human legs, Yue Yang would probably like it more.

That swaying six arms on her shoulders, were indeed a bit too much, if only there were only a pair of jade arms, that would be wonderfully perfect.

Yue Yang stared at the golden haired beauty’s snake tail and six arms. After a long time, he responded. Grabbing one of the golden haired beauty’s white jade hands, he asked with a cheerful smile on his face: “Are you Bai Su Zhen, Madame White Snake? I have looked forward to meeting you, I am Xu Xian.”

(TLN: Madame White Snake is an extremely popular folklore in China. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_White_Snake)

“What nonsense are you talking about? My name is Fei Wen Li, please call me the world’s most beautiful Serpent Empress.” The golden haired beauty let out an extremely confident smile.

“My greetings, Your Majesty.” Yue Yang had assumed the air and style of a refined and courteous gentleman.

“You should have added an additional ‘World’s most beautiful’ in front when greeting me. It will make me happier. Now let us have a little chat, cute little human boy. Can you tell me how you were able to break through this Black Hole Seal? Furthermore, how could you be an Innate when you are still so young?” The golden Serpent Empress Fei Wen Li asked curiously as she blinked her big beautiful eyes, looking into Yue Yang’s eyes.

“Nothing I can do about it, I’m a genius.” Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders in an unrestrained manner. Although his entire body was bare, he didn’t seem to mind, since the other party was also naked. Now both parties could be frank with each other. It was a pretty good feeling.

Of course, if it was possible to push her down or have her push him down, that would’ve been even better.

Problem was, Yue Yang also knew his own strength well enough to know that he would be unable to defeat even one of Her Majesty Fei Wen Li’s hands, so he temporarily restrained his perverted tendencies.

Empress Fei Wen Li’s golden eyebrows plunged into a frown as she unexpectedly nodded and agreed, “You are indeed a genius; no, actually, you are a perverted genius. I have never met anyone like you among the human race. I was confined in a deep sleep for ten thousand years. I was unable to come out of this everlasting dreamland for thousands of years, yet your blood had awakened me instantly… No matter what kind of life comes in, this Black Hole Seal will reduce everything to ashes and smoke. I tried all kinds of method I could but was only able to ensure that my soul did not disappear. My physical body was unfortunately devoured by the Black Hole. However, you, a mere little human boy can somehow stand perfectly well, in front of me, unscathed. I can’t understand how you could do it. You probably have a natural automatic resurrection ability, in addition, you are even able to resist the Black Hole’s engulfing ability… Most amazing of all, I have never seen such a young Innate Ranker. If in this endless, deep magic world, I say that I am the second, no one would dare to claim that they are first. Even so, I used 50 years to prepare myself before I started to cultivate in the Innate Realm. Entering the Innate Realm took me a hundred years more. To reach your state, I had used a total of two hundred years. However, since your life has a glow to it, you must still be an unreasonably young human boy… ”

Hearing this, Yue Yang’s jaw dropped. It was not because of hearing her praises; it was due to another reason.

For example, in a deep sleep for ten thousand years?

Just now when she seemed to have said ten thousand years, but at that time he was still a little dizzy, so he didn’t hear clearly.

Now, Yue Yang had heard her very clearly and distinctly.

Just how old is Her Majesty?

“Just now you said that your body had been devoured by the Black Hole and became nothingness?” Yue Yang was sharp enough to seize upon the topic’s main issue. This Empress Fei Wen Li was obviously standing in front of him naked, her body was the color of white jade from head to toe, how could she say that she had no body?

“What you see is a body that is a cross between a mirage and reality… Even though I had slept for ten thousand years, my body still hasn’t even recovered half of its former glory.”

Empress Fei Wen Li’s face became mournful as soon as she heard his question.

Yue Yang extended his hand recklessly, and as if passing through a mass of water, his fingers smoothly passed through the Empress Fei Wen Li’s body. As expected, her body was not physical, but it was also not a shadow. Empress Fei Wen Li moved her fair hand and lifted Yue Yang’s entire body up as her beautiful eyes glared at him, “Idiot, don’t touch a woman’s body as you like! Not to mention that I am an Empress, you shouldn’t do this even to a normal girl.”

He laughed, and reached out his hand again to touch her fair arms. He realised that her hand had more substance than her body; the feeling was like touching cotton.

Empress Fei Wen Li dodged before he could reach out to touch her face: “Do not be rude, my neck and above are the same as yours, its living flesh and blood. You sure have guts. Aren’t you afraid of me killing you, take over your body and escape from this Black Hole Seal?”

When Yue Yang heard this, he laughed.

His laugh was incomparably brilliant.

“Would you refrain from killing me if I’m afraid?” Yue Yang thought that feeling scared would not be of any use. Even if she had really wanted to kill him, there would be no need for superfluous words. She could have killed him immediately, when he first came in. Why would she even ask if he was scared or not? The most important part was that after Yue Yang had calmed down, there was a strange feeling in his heart, as though the Empress Fei Wen Li in front of him was completely harmless. He was sure that she definitely would not harm him.

That kind of feeling was extremely strange.

Yue Yang couldn’t explain it, but in his heart he knew that she appeared to be closer than a kin, and was someone who seems to be a part of him.

Empress Fei Wen Li gently put Yue Yang down, extended her small fist and rapped it on his head gently, “I also wanted to kill you, but I can’t do it because we already signed the Spirit Blood Contract… Strange little human boy, what exactly are your blood vessels? How could your blood awaken me from my eternal dream? How could your blood invade my spirit and forcibly sign the Spirit Blood Contract? I really have no way to understand. Within the three worlds, how could there be such a strange existence like you? Little fellow, are you really human?”

“What is Spirit Blood Contract?” Yue Yang had no recollection of this aspect of knowledge. This was something the Copper Grimoire did not impart to him, so it was a new knowledge.

“A type of contract that only gods can sign, but you obviously are human, so could you explain that a little bit?” Empress Fei Wen Li had the look of a child’s curiosity on her face.

“I also don’t know …” Yue Yang shook his head.

After traveling to this dimension, there were too many inconceivable things happening to him. He was also unable to understand these situations.

However, Yue Yang did not bother to dwell on these.

As long as it’s not something bad, then it’s fine.

The Empress Fei Wen Li’s expression was slightly dejected: “How could I have signed a Spirit Blood Contract with a human? If you died, I would also die. This is really too pitiful.”

“My heart is as vast as the sky, I wouldn’t mind having a beautiful Empress to accompany me and protect me.” Yue Yang said this in order to test the Serpent Empress, to see if she could leave the Black Hole Seal. Right now his strength was still not powerful enough. Even though she wouldn’t harm him, letting such a strong Empress by his side would only push him down and made his heart feel heavy. Apart from her pushing him down on a bed, Yue Yang had his pride as a man, and he couldn’t bear to let a woman stronger than him stand next to him all day His masculinity and could not bear the shame.

“I probably cannot leave for eternity… Having no real solid body, there is no way to leave the Black Hole Seal. Even if you are killed by a strong opponent, I can only accompany you in death powerlessly …” Empress Fei Wen Li’s face was full of sorrow that it could almost break people’s hearts.

When Yue Yang heard this, he was secretly happy.

It was a good thing that she couldn’t escape the seal.

“Don’t worry, I will protect myself well, and I will protect you at the same time. Do you have anything useful such as artifacts or anything similar to it? Can you lend me a few to use?” Yue Yang asked shamelessly with his big mouth.

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