Long Live Summons

Chapter 4 – Heavenly Sword Goddess?

Chapter 4 – Heavenly Sword Goddess?

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

Right now he could still pretend, but later on if he met that Fourth Uncle or other relatives and friends and yet could not recognize them, he would definitely be found out. Yue Yang hurriedly searched for the things that drowned pitiful guy had possibly left over. There could be stuff that would explain the drowned guy more, best if it was a diary or something along that line.

After looking for the whole day, the table, wardrobe and everything else in the room was all flipped over.

There really was a diary, but it didn’t help much.

The pitiful guy had only written about his summoning meditation and also his Yue Family’s Spear Technique training journal.

Yue Yang realized that the pitiful guy was actually quite hardworking. He was not able to make a contract with the summoning grimoire, but his Yue Family’s Spear Technique training was progressing well. However, from this diary, Yue Yang found out that the pitiful guy didn’t reveal his training progress to the others. He had wanted to surprise his family on the day he managed to make a contract with his summoning grimoire. It was due to this that everyone had thought he was good for nothing.

The pitiful guy had also noted that the Yue Family Spear Technique was a weapon art technique that was handed down through the generations of Yue family. When combined with a strong fighting-beast type Spirit Beast, it would become extremely powerful.

He also wrote in his diary that it was really regrettable that half of the the Spear Technique Manual was lost, because of a villain who had killed a Yue Family ancestor, who was an extremely powerful martial artist expert, a thousand years ago. If the Yue Family had owned the whole Spear Technique Manual, he believed they wouldn’t have merely ranked third amongst the four big houses. They would have been the first.

Even with only half of the technique left, the Yue Family’s Spear Technique was still a reputable weapon art. Although it was not the most powerful technique, the technique had produced many strong, undefeatable warriors.

For example, the pitiful guy’s father was the strongest warrior in the Yue family, a talent that came once in a hundred years.

It was a pity he left this world early, halting the abrupt rise of the Yue Family.

“Spear Technique?” Yue Yang was big headed when he saw it.

Although he was a shut-in and never practiced martial arts before, he knew quite a bit about martial arts techniques. There was a poem that says: “It takes a month to learn how to wield a stick, a year to wield a blade, and a lifetime to wield a spear. But a treasure sword would not even be mastered in a lifetime.” Amongst the difficulty level of weapons, spears were the hardest to master. If not for a long time of harsh training, it would be hard to yield any results. There were a lot of spear techniques and every family’s or school of spear technique would have their own specialties. It could be said that there would not even be enough time even if you use your whole lifetime to master the spear.

But this Spear Technique…

The pitiful guy had studied it for a few decades, yet it was still in its early stages of training.

Yue Yang decided to forget about the Spear Technique first. What he needed right now was an ability, not a weapon art that he would need to spend his whole life training with. Furthermore, the importance of weapon and martial arts in the Soaring Dragon continent had dwindled. Mastering a martial art technique, even a normal one was extremely difficult. It would be hard to break through the 3rd mastery level no matter how hard you train. Because of that, even the most powerful techniques such as the Yue Family Spear Technique, were not as powerful as last time. Furthermore, the Yue Family Spear Technique needed to be complemented with a suitable Spirit Beast before its full power could be displayed.

Weapon skills were like China’s Ancient Martial Arts skills, you could improve your physical abilities with training.

However, summoning was similar to shooting. Your power depends more on the type of gun you hold, no matter how good your skill was.

Summoning did not need harsh training. You would be powerful if your Spirit Beast was powerful.

Even a person who have trained a weapon technique for decades might not be able to master it. In a battle, that person who had trained for over a decade might even lose to a person who had just successfully made a contract with a Spirit Beast.

This was because the person would only need to summon a poisonous snake or a Wind Wolf that to kill the person who trained for weapon arts.

Under these conditions, no one was willing to spend their time and hard work to learn a weapon technique. Everyone would rather train their summoning skills.

In addition, the most powerful weapon skill had already been burnt in a fire 3000 years ago. The only weapon skills that were passed down through the years were either the performance kind or the simple and easy to learn weapon skills. Even the secret Yue Family’s Spear Technique was actually the fifth oldest weapon arts in Soaring Dragon continent. This could only prove how low the weapon and martial arts had fallen.

In the history of the Soaring Dragon Continent, previously, the strongest among the three big countries was actually the Jun Royal Family, who focused their strength on weapon arts.

However, because they still focused on their weapon arts until now, they became the weakest family amongst the three big countries now. It was difficult to catch up to with the new age…

“Eh? He actually had two rivals in love?”

Even after reading the diary the whole day, Yue Yang still didn’t really understand the situation of his family.

But he found out the pitiful guy’s arch-enemies.

One of them was his cousin called Yue Yan, the fourth oldest in the family. He was born a few days later than the pitiful guy. But because of that , he missed the chance to get engaged with the daughter of Xue Family. Having lost the chance to get engaged just because of a few days difference had made Yue Yan bitter and dissatisfied. Thus, he frequently ridiculed and bullied the pitiful guy.

The other arch-enemy was the the son of the Dao Feng Mayor, Xue Qian Ren.

This Xue Qian Ren was said to be a genius. He displayed an extraordinary [Inherent Skill] when he was 6, and at 10, he successfully made a contract with a summoning grimoire. But even with such a powerful resume, he was ruthlessly rejected when his family tried to arrange a political marriage with the Xue Family. He was still rejected even when the engagement between the pitiful guy and the daughter of the Xue family was broken. Hence, it could be said that that Xue Qian Ren hated the pitiful guy to the bone.

Having read his diary to the end, Yue Yang felt that the pitiful guy’s life was really pitiful.

He couldn’t marry his wife, yet made two arch-enemies out of it.

“Only a beauty who had the ability is a beauty. If a guy has no abilities, then he is just a person that bring harm to others” Yue Yang decided that he would not think about the Xue Family’s daughter at all. Even if she looked like a goddess, he would simply ignore her.

There were a lot of beauties in the world, why should he be fixated on one? Why should he gave up the forest just for one tree?

If he had the abilities, which beauty would not want him?

The reason for Xue Family’s daughter breaking the engagement, wasn’t it because the pitiful guy was a good-for-nothing?

If the pitiful guy was an emperor, he could have thousands of beauties in his harem. If he was a corrupt official, he could simply pretended to do his job and still have a mistress. If he was a rich businessman, having a mistress would be normal, he could even have a threesome if he want. But if he was a nobody, for example a farmer, it would be weird if the Xue family daughter didn’t make a ruckus or try to cut his little brother if he tried to have an extramarital affair.

But of course, the pitiful guy had no chance for this anymore.

Xue Family’s daughter had broken the engagement, and the pitiful guy had become fish food in the river.

However, the lesson to be learned was that you should try your best to get rich and successful first, and then choose you could choose a person to share your life with.

lls5-2As Yue Yang indulge in his fantasy, he slowly fell asleep.

Hazily, he thought he had entered the imaginary space in his mind when he made the contract with his summoning grimoire earlier. When he was thinking of ways to bring the flying sword out, that shining flying sword suddenly turned into a beautiful goddess wearing a white, heavenly gown. Its long, white sash danced in the wind and as her slender, beautiful legs danced lightly on the ground. Gracefully moving her wrist, her long dainty fingers danced in the air. Her slim waist moved beautifully as the unmatched beauty danced in front of Yue Yang. Watching such a magical scene, Yue Yang’s drool almost turned into a waterfall, his mouth opened wide without any sign of stopping.

lls5-6Heavenly Sword Goddess?

That flying sword that he snatched from the old Taoist priest was actually a Heavenly Sword Goddess?

The white-gowned goddess continued to dance gracefully, as beautiful as lotus flowers in a pond. As her hands danced a thousand moves, her beauty could not be described with words.

A big, beautiful rainbow appeared behind the goddess suddenly as thousands of fresh flowers bloomed, drifting in the wind like a butterfly. Yue Yang had thought that it was the magnificent ending to the goddess’ dance performance and was preparing to give her a standing ovation, when suddenly that goddess unleashed an transparent sword Qi from her fingers through the empty space. The attack was extremely powerful, able to separate the heaven and earth. Seeing how the beautiful goddess had a power that could shake the earth, Yue Yang was dumbstruck. Was this her power? So frightening!

In reality, the frightening thing had yet to come. Suddenly, the goddess turned her beautiful body and in a flash, she was right in front of the dumbstruck Yue Yang.

Her pearl white hands that had the power to destroy the heavens, suddenly seemed to condense the power of thousands of swords in it.

lls5-1And her finger was pointed at Yue Yang’s forehead…

“Wa!” Yue Yang was scared to death, as he cried out in fear and suddenly woke up.

He only realised that it was just a dream after quite a while. There was no goddess who was pointing a ‘bomb’ towards his head. However, when he tried to remember the goddess, he found out that a mysterious technique had been quietly hidden in the depths of his mind. As Yue Yang thought about the event just now, an unfamiliar name flashed across his mind: Innate Invisible Sword Qi…

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