Long Live Summons

Chapter 5 – [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi

Chapter 5 – [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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Even though Yue Yang was an idiot, he knew he had gotten himself a treasure.

There was no need to say much, the word “Innate” could already show the prowess of this sword skill.

If one had mastered the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique in its full power and reached its pinnacle, he could be considered to have an [Innate] ranked skill. However, right now, don’t even ask if there was anyone in the Yue Family who had an [Innate] ranked skill, there hadn’t been anyone since thousands of years ago. Previously, the pitiful guy’s father had had the most potential of breaking through the Innate rank, but unfortunately, he died early. Yue Family had lost a talented warrior with an enormous potential.

Right now the only warriors who had an [Innate] ranked skills were from the Heavenly Imperial Guardians that protected the Three Royal Households and two from the Feng and Xue Major Clans each.

However, from the gossips by the common folks, the two [Innate] rankers in the Feng and Xue Family were those kind of old geezers who had lived for four to five hundred years.

Nobody would ever knew the truth…

The most important thing to Yue Yang was that amongst all the [Innate] rankers, they did not achieve the [Innate] rank all by themselves.

[Innate Rankers]. The reason why they could enter into the [Innate] realm was because they had a Holy Beast or a Mythical Beast. With the assimilation of Holy Beast and Mythical Beast, one’s strength and growth potential would skyrocket. It would be easier to enter the [Innate] rank this way. However, this process was extremely slow and would take at least a hundred years. Some people would even need two to three hundred years to truly enter the [Innate] realm and became an [Innate Ranker].

However, every Soaring Dragon Continent’s warrior would need to train for at least a hundred years to master a prerequisite skill before they could start mastering an [Innate] skill.

Yue Yang realized that he could simply start mastering this [Innate] skill.

The [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi Skill that the Heavenly Sword Goddess taught him in his dreams did not have any prerequisites.

To enter the [Innate] realm, he would need to assimilate with the earth and the atmosphere, absorbing the [Spiritual Energy] in them. He would wash his body with the [Spiritual Energy] and increase the resolution in his spirit. This would not only change the whole structure of his body from his flesh and muscles to his bone marrows, but also train his Sword Qi Skill to break into the [Innate] realm and attain enlightenment.

“Old geezer, no, Master, this Heavenly Sword Goddess should be your granddaughter. Since you have betrothed your granddaughter to your disciple, I will take great care of her and let her lead a happy life. Master, if you did not reply me, then I would take that you have agreed. I’ll count to three; one, two, three. Alright, you have agreed, thank you, Master.” The shameless guy put his palms together and mumbled to himself.

If these words were heard by the Old Daoist Priest, he would probably kick this shameless guy to the netherworld and fried him alive with the flames of hell.

Yue Yang had wanted to sleep a little more and meet with the sword spirit again, but he was too excited too sleep.

He tried hard to calm his heart which was beating wildly, and started to train [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi’s first stage….Yue Yang was not a hardworking person in the first place, but this concerned his lifetime happiness. He felt that he needed to master the skill no matter what, and in the shortest time possible.

He would then train during the day and in his dreams at night.

The Heavenly Sword Goddess would instruct him with the skill and then disappear immediately. Yue Yang thought that she was observing her fiance’s improvement, so he trained even harder in his dreams.

At first, the process of assimilating the [Spiritual Energy] from the earth and the atmosphere was extremely slow. Even after trying to absorb for the whole day, he only managed to collect a few drops.

However, Yue Yang found that his mind could better connect with the earth and atmosphere in the mysterious space in his dreams. The [Spiritual Energy] absorption speed also increased by multiple folds. Hence, Yue Yang would usually be fast asleep, training in his dreams. He slept as much as possible until his head ache, before getting up to stretch and continue to train inside his house. For his lifetime happiness, Yue Yang shut himself in his rooms, training diligently.

The beautiful woman visited him a few times but had found him deep asleep. She thought that Yue Yang’s body had become very weak after trying to drown himself, so much that he needed to rest and sleep that much.

Sometimes she would see Yue Yang meditating seriously. She thought that he was training his summoning skills diligently, and felt extremely glad.

Every day, she would visit Yue Yang with the small girl.

Today, the beautiful woman told him a good news. “San-er, your Fourth Uncle had heard the news that you had successfully made a contract with a summoning grimoire. He was extremely ecstatic and had went to our Clan’s Main Castle to report the good news to our clan elder. He would come back in a few days. Also, with the one thousand gold we had saved these few years, he had managed to buy a [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill] from the Floating Mist Market. We believe it would help a lot with your training if you took the pill. You could even be promoted to level 2 and break into a new realm, advancing from your current [Beginner] rank.”

“[Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill]?” As Yue Yang heard the name, the knowledge in his brain seemed to swirl again, and he suddenly recognized the name.

Amongst the Four Major Clans, if there were talented warriors who could not make a contract with a summoning grimoire, they would usually seek help from the Four Great Sects.

These Four Great Sects would usually have a few [Spirit Pills] for sale, and these pills were extremely expensive.

After taking these pills, the probability of successfully contracting a summoning grimoire would increase a whole lot. Although the success probability was not 100%, but it was at least 30%. Because of this, naturally there would be countless of people after it.

However, the [Spirit Pills] released by the Four Great Sects was a luxury good that commoners could never afford.

First, the amount was limited, and second, the price was exorbitant.

Yue Yang was extremely shocked with the immeasurable love that the beautiful woman and her husband had shown to the pitiful guy. They did everything they could, even to the point of buying a [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill] for him.

Based on the currency here, 1 gold is equivalent to 100 silver or 10,000 copper coins.

A thousand gold means ten million copper coins.

The beautiful woman had sold all their family’s wealth and even pawned her dowry in order to raise the funds for the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill]. Yue Yang had seen that the beautiful woman had only been wearing simple ornaments in her head. From this, one could only imagine the worth of a thousand gold coins. If not for the inheritance they received from their clan, who would have such a large amount of money to buy a [Spirit Pill]?

The beautiful woman had supported the pitiful guy to such an extreme extent…

“You could give the pill to Shuang-er meimei, I have already made the contract successfully,” Yue Yang couldn’t help but felt touched. The beautiful woman was truly benevolent.

“What foolish things are you saying? Shuang-er is still young, how would you know if she could not make a summoning grimoire contract in the future? Maybe next year this girl could even already successfully contracted a grimoire! This [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill] is bought for you. Although you have successfully made the contract, you contracted it a little late. If you take the pill, you could catch up to your peers and live up to your Fourth Uncle and my hopes. Your parents would also hope that you would be successful in the future and bring glory to our Yue Clan. Why are you so stubborn?” The beautiful woman was immediately unhappy hearing Yue Yang’s rejection and showed a displeased expression. She advised him with thoughtful words, “San-er, although your Fourth Uncle a low-ranked government official, our family could be considered well-off. But it was not easy to save a thousand gold, so you shouldn’t waste our good intentions…”

“Yes, yes…I was wrong.” Yue Yang hurriedly agreed. Although the [Spirit Pill] was not bought for him, but he was deeply moved with the beautiful woman’s kind feelings.

“I have already written a letter to ask Bing-er to take a leave from her school and come back home. She could teach you some basic summoning skills. I think she would be back by tomorrow, maybe you can check if you need to prepare anything. Si Niang knew you are hardworking, but don’t train too much, you have to know your own limits. Rest well tonight, don’t meditate anymore.”

The beautiful woman didn’t know that Yue Yang had been sleeping and eating well these few days. The [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi could only be mastered by absorbing the [Spiritual Energy] from the earth and the atmosphere.

The more Yue Yang trained, the better his body would feel. He would never be too tired from training.

However, in order to not worry the beautiful woman, Yue Yang was forced to go to bed early…

lls5-7Maybe because he was moved by the beautiful woman buying him the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill], his state of mind went through a change. When Yue Yang trained inside his dreams, he had felt a sudden realization to his skill progress.

All the [Spiritual Energy] in his body had congregated into one flow.

They gathered at his armpits and flowed to his hands. The Spiritual Energy filled his Yun Men acupoint in his shoulders, Tian Fu, Che Zhe and Kong Zui acupoints in his arms, and also the Lie Que, Tai Yuan acupoints in his wrist. (TLN: I gave up searching for english names for these Chinese TCM Acupoints. ._.)

Edit: For curious readers, here’s the acupoints positions: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/88/6d/48/886d48e7ffc77b74059c3ab657a26a9a.jpg

Lastly, it filled the Shao Shang acupoint in his thumbs.

The energy surged a few times, and flashes of Sword Qi started shooting off from his thumb.

Seeing such a pleasant change had caused Yue Yang to be extremely shocked, and he accidentally woke up from his dream.

In the actual world, Yue Yang tried hard to re-enact the experience in his dream.

He kept trying until he saw a flash of Sword Qi pierced through his walls…

Yue Yang finally realized that he had successfully broke through the first energy channel of the first stage of the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi skill, the Hand-Taiyin.

The Sword Qi that came from his body was only a few inches long, incomparable to the Heavenly Sword Goddess’ 10-meters long Sword Qi that could be swung around. However, although his Sword Qi was still so pathetic, Yue Yang was so ecstatic that he felt like turning into a wolf, looked up to the sky and gave a loud howl…

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