Long Live Summons

Chapter 7 – Summon, Spitting Thorny Flower!

Chapter 7: Summon, Spitting Thorny Flower!

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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The small girl stuck out her head and looked around, thinking of stirring trouble. But unfortunately she was caught by the beautiful woman and spanked in the butt several times.

Yue Bing raised her hands and summoned her summoning grimoire.

Her summoning grimoire was similar to Yue Yang’s grimoire, copper in colour. However, after years of practice and battles, she had surpassed the Intermediate Rank and rose up to the Advanced Rank. Her Advanced Ranked summoning grimoire emitted a brighter luster than Yue Yang’s Beginner Ranked summoning grimoire. It was also thicker and smoother in texture. The illustration on Yue Bing’s Advanced Ranked summoning grimoire also looked more vivid than Yue Yang’s. Just from the outer appearance itself, it was obvious that their levels were vastly different.

Of course, no matter if it was Beginner Ranked, Intermediate Ranked or Advanced Ranked, a copper summoning grimoire was still the lowest level of summoning grimoires.

Above Copper, there were Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Grimoires.

“I will now give you the Spitting Thorny Flower…San-ge, you have to receive it in your mind.” She touched her Advanced Grimoire to Yue Yang’s Beginner Grimoire and a bright light flickered.

As Yue Yang received it in his mind, his summoning grimoire suddenly turned its pages by itself.

lls7-2In the previously blank third page, there was an illustration of a weird looking flower. On top of the page, these words were written:

Spitting Thorny Flower – Fighting Type

Level 1


When Yue Yang saw this, he felt a weird connection with his soul. Faintly, as if listening to a call, he reached out his hands and touched the Spitting Thorny Flower illustration. In the next moment, a bright light suddenly shone from beneath his hands, and rays of light escaped through the gaps in his fingers. The light then started to envelop the back of his hands and towards his arms. At the same time, the related knowledge of Spitting Thorny Flower Beast appeared in his mind.

“…” Yue Bing’e eyes widened at the sight of this. She hadn’t even told him how to make a contract with a beast in the plant category, how could he contracted it already?

And the weirdest thing was that he did not chant any summoning incantation.

Could it be that San-ge, who was labeled a loser by others, had already attained the realm of chantless contract?

Yue Bing decided to observe quietly.

She felt that her San-ge was not the loser that other people sneered at, he could possibly be an extraordinary genius, the real deal.

“Can you summon the Spitting Thorny Flower?” Yue Bing deliberately did not tell him how to summon the thorny flower. Although summoning the thorny flower was an easy skill to grasp, it would still be difficult if one did not know the method of summoning. This was because the method to summon a plant category, insect category, animal category, beast category and etc were totally different from each other. A student may be proficient in summoning monsters from all sorts of categories, but if he did not learn how to summon a monster from the plant category, he would still have a hard time summoning them. Even if it was the easiest monster, the Spitting Thorny Flower.

“Alright.” How could Yue Yang knew what his sister was thinking about? He thought that everyone in the Soaring Dragon Continent would be able to do what he did.

He placed his hand on the Spitting Thorny Flower’s illustration and closed his eyes. He then tried to connect his soul with the Spitting Thorny Flower.

A golden light flashes as a purple flower with a green stalk and giant leaves slowly appeared a metre in front of Yue Yang. It grew out until it was around a metre tall before stopping.


lls2-5Seeing the Spitting Thorny Flower, Yue Yang thought that it looked extremely ugly. Its appearance looked almost like those man-eating flower monsters that usually appeared in games. The flower only had two petals that looked like a beast’s mouth, with hundreds of sharp teeth inside. It looked extremely scary. He could see a green and slimy looking liquid inside the flower that smelled very bad. Looks like it was a type of poison.

Other than the flower petals that looked like a beast’s mouth, this Spitting Thorny Flower was filled with thorns all over its body. Yue Yang had actually wanted to pat it a little, but seeing that the thorny flower was not adorable at all, he took back his hand.

On the other side, Yue Bing’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets.

She thought, San-ge was indeed a genius! He had never went to school before and never learnt the method to summon a monster from a plant category. But he managed to summon the Spitting Thorny Flower out with telepathy!

When Yue Yang looked up at her, the little miss quickly changed her expression, pretending as if nothing had happened. She did not praise Yue Yang nor cried out in surprise. Her expressions was normal, as if all of these were nothing out of the ordinary.

The little Miss Yue Bing even said, “Your summoning speed is a little slow, but since it’s your first time, it’s okay, I guess…”

Yue Yang was disappointed when he heard that, thinking that he really had no talent at all. Looks like his summoning ability was limited, he’d better train his Innate Invisible Sword Qi instead.

He scratched the back of his head and replied the little miss, “Actually, I think it’s already good that I could summon it out. What should we do next?”

Looking at his reaction, Yue Bing giggled secretly.

lls6-5But on the outside, she acted like “I am the teacher”, and immediately summoned her Spitting Thorny Flower. When Yue Yang saw that the flower she summoned was ten times bigger than his, he immediately felt respect towards her. She had indeed lived up to the name of the Yue Family’s genius girl. Yue Bing gestured with her hands and pointed towards the walls nearby. “Try to make the Spitting Thorny Flower attack a target. The Spitting Thorny Flower has the ability to spit poison at a chosen target.” This little miss, in order to test Yue Yang, had once again left out the instructions on how to make the thorny flower attack a target.

If it was another person and they did not know the method to order the flower to attack, when they tried to command it in their mind, the flower would probably walk towards the target and chomp it with its sharp teeth instead of spitting poison at it.

Commanding the flower to execute its [Poison Spit] attack was a control skill. This was one of the topics tested in school.

If a student from the Plant Department couldn’t get his Spitting Thorny Flower to spit out poison or make it climb more than 3 metres high, he would fail his exam. Hence, making the Spitting Thorny Flower execute its [Poison Spit] attack was one of the most basic control training that the Plant Department students would need to train for. Yue Bing was not even treating Yue Yang as a person who had just contracted a grimoire anymore, she treated him like one of students who was taking an examination instead.

“Attack the wall, Poison Spit.”

At the sound of Yue Yang’s command, the Spitting Thorny Flower did not react at all.

This distressed the boy greatly. He could not even execute such a simple command for a [Poison Spit]. Seems like although he had talent, it was extremely limited.

Seeing Yue Bing’s austere and solemn looking expression, Yue Yang felt like he was back in his old school, being punished by his teachers. He quickly encouraged himself to do better.

Why can’t I do it? Yue Yang thought for a while, and suddenly, the answer flashed across his mind.

He smacked his forehead, ah, he was really an idiot.

Even when training a military dog, they would need a target.

Let alone the Spitting Thorny Flower which was a plant, it would be weird if it could understand his words.

Yue Yang ran towards the wall and grabbed a handful of mud on his way. He made a circle on the wall with the mud, and drew a big cross in the middle.

Then he quickly returned. Not caring about getting pricked by the flower, he put his hands on top of the flower crown. He tried to connect with the flower with his soul, and then he opened his eyes slowly. Looking at the target on the wall, he took the image and tried to synchronize it with the Spitting Thorny Flower’s thoughts, ordering it to spit at the target.

Then a “hiss!” could be heard.

The Spitting Thorny Flower had opened its mouth and spat a ball of green slimy liquid out. The spit flew in an arch in the air and splashed on the wall in the end.

Yue Yang was disappointed when he saw this, as the poison was off the target by at least 2 metres. The mud circle was still perfect without a spot.

“Gosh, how could its targeting skills be so bad?” Yue Yang was so embarrassed that he felt like digging a hole and hiding himself inside.

“…” Yue Bing pretended to be calm, but in reality, she was shocked beyond belief.

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