Long Live Summons

Chapter 8 – Birth of an Abnormal Genius

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Chapter 8 – Birth of an Abnormal Genius

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: Lol turns out I managed to translate this chapter pretty quickly. Anyway, this chapter’s title is a pun. The author uses the word abnormal(变态) that is also a slang for perverted. So title could also mean Birth of a Perverted Genius. Haha.

In Yue Bing’s eyes, her San-ge who had never went to school was even better in controlling monsters than the second-year students in her school.

Having not learned any of the controlling techniques, he had learned how to direct the flower to its target all by himself. He had synchronized with the flower and transferred his will into it. This feat was often a big hurdle for all of the students from the Plant Department when they were learning the control technique.

San-ge had managed to do it so easily.

Moreover, he learned it without anyone teaching it to him.

In barely a few seconds, he could order a Spitting Thorny Flower which had just been contracted and summoned for the first time to attack a target with [Poison Spit].

Such a natural and quick thinking skill, once he entered school, he would probably be considered as a genius that only came once in a hundred years by the teachers.

Yue Bing looked at Yue Yang who was thoroughly dismayed. Her greatest shock was actually not because of his quick thinking skills, but from the fact that this person, who was called a loser by the others, was absolutely not aware of how scary his natural abilities were.

“Ai?” Yue Yang was about to hide in the corner and draw circles on the ground when he suddenly saw the Spitting Thorny Flower in front of him wither and dropped to the ground.

A flash of information floated across his mind and made him smack his forehead again. He was really an idiot.

The advantage of the Spitting Thorny Flower from other monsters was that it does not need to be fed nor be taken care of. It also did not need a particular condition to exist. The monsters from the Animal Category and the Beast Category had to be fed in order to attack with their magic, while the monsters from the Insect Category and Fish Category needed to fulfil several conditions before it could exist in this world. Compared to them, the Plant Category and the Puppet Category were the easiest to manage. If the Puppet Category monsters was broken, it could simply be taken to the Puppet Palace to be fixed. However, if it was destroyed, then it wouldn’t be able to be revived. Also, the greatest disadvantage of the monsters from the Puppet Category was that they couldn’t evolve.

On the other hand, the monsters in the Plant Category can evolve, but their greatest disadvantage was their movement speed. They were extremely slow.

Furthermore, they lacked intelligence. Rather than training a Spitting Thorny Flower to spit poison, people would rather train a Wind Wolf, Shadow Leopard and engage in close combat instead…

However, the Spitting Thorny Flower also had its own advantage. Its greatest advantage was that it could devour a dead body and evolve. Other than monsters from the Puppet Category, as long as it was a living thing, it could devour them and digest them slowly. Then, it would evolve and level up using the powers in the dead body.

It’s just that in the beginning, this flower was extremely small and weak. One [Poison Spit] would have consumed all of it’s power, and it would quickly wither.

Of course, this did not mean it was really dead. Only if it was utterly destroyed, then it couldn’t be revived.

Amongst all other monsters, no matter if they were Holy Beasts or Mythical Beasts, there was only one type who would never die: the Guardian Beast from the summoning grimoire.

Guardian Beasts were the only type of monster that would die nor betray their summoner. Other monsters would have their own degree of loyalty. If their loyalty was low, the monster could even ran away during battles. Worst of all, it could disappear on its own from the summoning grimoire…

“Looks like you have already noticed it. Yes, the monsters in the plant category are indeed different from the others. They have a special ability, and that is ‘take root’.” Yue Bing then ordered her Spitting Thorny Flower to spit poison, and it quickly hit the mud target on the wall accurately in the middle of the cross. Her faultless move made Yue Yang red with embarrassment.

lls2-8She was indeed one of the genius in the family, her skills were top-notch.

Then, Yue Bing’s Spitting Thorny Flower started to slowly wither. However, it didn’t disappear like Yue Yang’s flower did.

Her flower only fell to the ground, and slowly, extremely slowly, it grew once again.

Yue Bing acted like a teacher as she explained it to Yue Yang, “Just now I had just commanded the flower to take root in the soil. As long as it touched the ground, it can replenish its energy from the earth. This flower could then recover in around ten minutes, and would not wither.”

Yue Yang was like a student who was seriously listening to his teacher as he nodded happily, “Alright, let me try again.”

“Eh?” Yue Bing froze when she heard that.

Try again?

Didn’t he just contracted a grimoire? New grimoire contractors should only be an apprentice, and an apprentice could at most summon a monster in a day. The Spitting Thorny Flower that he summoned had already withered and disappeared, what was he going to try again on? She had wanted to take the opportunity to educate him, to tell him that he should protect his monsters well and not let them die easily. This was because there was a limit to the number of times a person could summon their monsters. Thus, no matter if it was during battles or normal trainings, he should take better care for his summons…

He, could he still summon another monster?

On the other hand, Yue Yang didn’t know what was going on in the little miss’ mind. He excitedly tried to summon another Spitting Thorny Flower, and then concentrated hard to order the flower to take root on the ground.

“It’s a success, I could finally did it!” Yue Yang clapped his hands in happiness. Although he was not a genius, he believed that at least he was not mediocre.

Seeing all of these, Yue Bing almost fell on the ground.

And thus, the astounded sister and the fake brother started to have this banter.

“San-ge, didn’t you just contracted the grimoire? I say, you have only sucessfully contracted the grimoire a few days ago, right?” The shocked Yue Bing asked agitatedly.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Yue Yang nodded as he replied.

“Then what level are you now? Are you a Level 1 [Apprentice], or a level 2 [Braveman]?” Yue Bing asked again.

“Level 1 Apprentice.” Yue Yang replied truthfully.

“You are a Level 1 [Apprentice] of what rank? Beginner Rank, Intermediate Rank or Advanced Rank? How far are you from Level 2? What I meant is, did you perhaps leveled up to Level 2 without knowing and had became a Beginner Rank [Braveman]?” Yue Bing asked, full of curiosity.

“No, how could it be that fast. Take a look, I’m definitely a Beginner Rank Level 1 [Apprentice]. Leveling to level 2 is extremely hard, that I know.” Although Yue Yang had only been here for a few days, he understood that more or less from the knowledge provided by the summoning grimoire. He turned his Copper Grimoire to his stats page to let Yue Bing see his level and rank by herself. After confirming what she heard, the little miss felt a little faint as she asked, “San-ge, a Level 1 [Apprentice] could only summon one monster in one day, how could you have summoned two?”

“Ah…” Yue Yang scratched his head, “Actually I did not summon two.”

“You didn’t? then what is this?” Yue Bing pointed at the Spitting Thorny Flower that had just been summoned by Yue Yang. Was she only dreaming?

“That was the withered Spitting Thorny Flower I summoned previously.” Yue Yang felt weird. Was there something wrong?

“Even if it was that same plant, it has already withered and died, so you should not be able to summon it today anymore. How could you summon it again?” Yue Bing was so confused that she almost fainted. Could it be that her San-ge was a genius that only come once in a thousand years, which only exist in legends? According to the legends, there exist a genius who had an abnormal growth, who could summon any of his contracted monsters twice.

However, such a talent, let alone in a hundred years, even if it was a thousand years, it was hard to come by.

Could it be that her San-ge was such a talent?

Yue Bing looked at Yue Yang again with a different light. She saw a talent with abnormal abilities.

Yue Yang didn’t know that he was different from the others. He tried to explain in confusion, “Actually, the flower did not die. Just now when I first summoned the flower, I divided it into two. I left its main body and only summoned out one of its branch. But the main body and the summoned part has equal powers. Just now the branch had died, but its main body still exist, so it was not affected…Of course, this type of summoning would require strenuous effort…”

“What are you saying? You knew how to do a [Division Propagation] summon?” Yue Bing felt the sky around her turned dark.

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