Long Live Summons

Chapter 816.1 - The Perfect Realm of Innate Supremacy

Chapter 816.1 [ The Perfect Realm of Innate Supremacy ]

The fifth floor of the sky ladder.

Even the strongest can not stand the heavenly punishment, exhausted leaning against the stone and sitting.

A hundred meters around him, Dragon Emperor, Hades Emperor, Balut, Hashin and other Tongtian Tower powerhouses lay sprawled on the ground, no longer caring about their image under fatigue. In Demonic Palace Sky Wrath, Sky Crime, Sky Fury, Sky Assassinate, Sky Sword and others also tired like a dog lying on the ground, painting uncertainty, only Sky Calamity that Little Ni is smart enough, early on begged Yue Yang to take her into the heavenly staircase inside to find Sky Crime together to cultivate, did not participate in this battle. Although her strength, to catch up with the sudden progress of the Phoenix Fairy beauty have enough difficulties, however, her own self-cultivation in the following five thousand steps should not be a big problem.

Dragon Turtle Elder and Nangong Elder also came, if not for the two of them to help, heavenly punishment they want to kill the temple elders estimated that it will take some effort.

In this over-ranking challenge, no one can remember how much time was spent in this battle.

The entire super power of the Tongtian Tower came out in unison.

Battle to the sun and moon.

Exhausted from the battle.

This, only just to take out a heavenly level five of the temple elders …… if this temple elders a little stronger, or before that, no Yue Yang heavy setback his morale, it is estimated that the results will be completely different.

“It’s too terrifying, so there is no law restriction, the heavenly rank 5 is surprisingly powerful to that extent!” Barut Demon King was still scared to death.

“How did that kid capture the divine hall elder all by himself?” The Dragon Emperor could no longer imagine Yue Yang’s strength.

“He’s a pervert himself!” The Underworld Emperor could not explain.

“How do you feel?” Old Man Nangong asked while he was healing Sky Crime.

“Exciting.” Tianzhu replied coolly.

In fact, he knew that what Nangong asked was not the battle feelings, but the enlightenment in this battle, whether there is the possibility of improvement. However, Tianzhu felt that this battle was really exciting, the kind of ultimate challenge that could have the enemy killed in seconds at any time, always walking on thin ice, was an extremely valuable experience in a lifetime. Compared to that, the last battle with the Black Hell King and the Ancient Demon King and theirs was simply child’s play… even, even the battle of the Nine Luminaries King invasion by the Queen of Heaven, was not as tough as this battle.

Navagraha Empress led the invasion of the Nine Luminaries King, and the hardest part was undertaken by the Supreme, the Night Empress and Yue Yang.

Now, the supreme and the Night Empress went to the heavenly staircase, Yue Yang went far away to the heavenly realm to cultivate, that heavy burden down, let become the chief of Sky Execution almost can not breathe.

Nangong Elder smiled, and while alerting the crowd for safety, he took notes of the battle in passing. He hoped that not only the super powered people present in the battle, but also the future generations, could also gain experience and grow and improve in this challenge.

Yue Yang’s figure appeared on the battlefield at some point.

The voice rang out clearly, and everyone realized that he had returned. Yue Yang smiled at the Sky Crime and suddenly threw two black shadows on the ground: “Exciting, isn’t it? It’s more exciting yet! These two are also pantheon elders, and they are even more powerful than the pantheon elder before! One of them is called Red Crane and the other is called Red Peak, both have abilities they are uniquely good at, you guys, keep up the good work!”

Sky Crime stayed.

Sky Wrath and Sky Calamity were scared white, they just killed a palace elder, and two more came?

Balut Demon King hit his head on the stone wall, there is a kind of suicidal impulse, since the acquaintance of Yue Yang this pervert kid, his life is finished!

Even Nangong elder also think Yue Yang whole two more palace elders out of the move is not a bit eager to achieve, there is pressure is good, especially this kind of death pressure, more likely to make people progress.

But now everyone can’t force much of a battle even if the pressure of death is high.

After all, everyone is already the limit of the limit …… “These two palace elders, is not a simple character, in the heavenly realm, a total of five heavenly level five or more strong and a heavenly level four peak of the strong teamed up to cooperate, but also paid the price of serious injuries to take down. ” Yue Yang reveals just like the sun that bright smile, this kind of owed smile, not to mention Barut, Haxin and other great demons, even the mature and stable Dragon Emperor and Hades Emperor, have an impulse to beat him. Yue Yang hung in the air calmly amidst the murderous gazes of the crowd, and before teleporting away, he left a sentence: “By the way, I tell you that Red Peak and Red Crane, the two elders of the temple, have a quick recovery, at least, not slower than you!”

“This bastard, I’ll kill him!” Barut cursed.

“How abominable!” The Dragon Emperor also gnashed his teeth in hatred.

“What now?” Sky Wrath and Sky Calamity both panicked as they looked at their boss, Sky Execution.

“Stimulating!” Sky Execution responded, or two words, but it was obvious that his voice was a little tremulous, completely lacking the usual coldness.

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