Long Live Summons

Chapter 816.2 - The Perfect Realm of Innate Supremacy

Chapter 816.2 [ The Perfect Realm of Innate Supremacy ]

The two near-dead temple elders on the ground, quickly summoned war beasts to protect their bodies, and desperately absorbed the heavenly magic core energy to recover. The crowd is another burst of curses, these two guys and private goods, Yue * * * did not search out, perhaps deliberately did not search, anyway, these two guys before just play dead.

Red Crane and Red Peak, although now a finger can not move, but they are very calm, because the opposite group of people are equally tired.

They don’t know what their future fate will be.

But what is certain is that the battle, it’s inevitable.

Sky Execution took out a martial spirit pill, tapped into both lips, slowly swallowed. Spiritual pills are not used now, when to wait? For the time being, they don’t care about any breakthrough, first restoring the battle power to take out these two divine temple elders, and then, if you can take out these two palace elders, It’s hard not to break through on your own!

Dragon Emperor, Underworld Emperor and Balut Demon King, one by one, they also pulled out the martial spirit pill without stint and took it.

In any case, it is necessary to grab the Red Crane and Red Peak before the two recover their battle power.

Otherwise, victory is slim.

This will be a competition of time, will, and then will be power and realm!

Heavenly staircase.

When Yue Yang reached the bottom level of the heavenly staircase, he released all the energy of his entire body. This included the unconscious law energy source that he did not have time to fully absorb in the Earth Demon Palace, intending to continue to enlighten the ascended supreme realm and reach the perfect ascended supreme realm. He did so for three reasons: first, to perfect himself; second, to give a signal to the Night Empress and the supreme, telling them who were climbing above that he had reached the Ascended Supreme; third, in the hope that after reaching the perfect ascended supreme, he could summon the ‘sacred treasure canon’ that he had been unable to summon.

Divine treasure code, there had been no movement until it reached the ascended supreme.

After Yue Yang reached the innate supremacy, it had some kind of response.

But Yue Yang still could not summon.

That feeling is like the previous lack of energy can not instantly summon the treasure…. Yue Yang can be sure that he has the possibility to summon the sacred treasure, just the wrong method or skill is not enough, or too much energy demand, they can not yet meet.

Therefore, he hopes to enlighten to the perfect innate supremacy, absorb more law energy, and accumulate more innate true qi.

Not the fate card kind of enlightenment born golden giant, but Yue Yang innate supreme realm burst, golden energy jet is also a thousand meters high, by the nirvana fire of the collection of fire pillar as the core, heavenly fury red lotus and frost snowflakes all over the sky, seems to split the whole sky of the sky stairs into two, purple lightning and law power around the collection of fire pillar, constantly absorbing refining that unconscious energy source.

With Yue Yang’s great outburst, a heavenly rune emerged.

Thousands of arcane patterns are interwoven, and together they form the core of a galaxy-like radiant and infinite cluster of light, with Yue Yang at the center, slowly rotating.

Yue Yang this moment unconsciously emitted the divine consciousness pressure, even up to 200,000 orders of supreme and night queen have sensed …… little Wen Li on the birth of the golden snake demon statue, in Yue Yang’s creation field, silent cry. Her mind, resonating with Yue Yang, both to help Yue Yang absorb the power of the laws faster, and together with the enlightenment perfection higher realm.

The perfect innate supreme can’t be missing her participation.

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian, they were also the same, one with the divine idea domain and the other with the holy power domain, helping Yue Yang to enhance his might, and in their minds, also using the tacit understanding of dual cultivation, the three were one, climbing together to a higher and more perfect mirror of the innate supremacy. Although the two of them are only auxiliary, they can also become a not weak help, allowing Yue Yang to rapidly improve.

In the safe place of the heavenly staircase, Yue Yang did not have to worry about the safety of his surroundings in the slightest, and could do his enlightenment without any distractions.

“It’s brother!” Yue Bing, who was telepathically connected to Yue Yang, reacted the fastest and jumped up in surprise at once. Even though she could not see Yue Yang, but in this familiar consciousness might, she could easily tell that it was her brother.

“Let’s go down.” Yue Yu made this one decision without thinking.

“Quickly, quickly.” Yi Nan can’t wait, and Yue Bing the two speedily rush to the steps of the heavenly staircase, that even if they know, at least a few hours, to see him, however, they can’t even wait a second now.

“This kid is now so powerful that even I am already looking over my shoulder …… jealous ah, every time he is with Xue Wu Xia, he will break through and improve, could it be that Xue Wu Xia is so exaggeratedly prosperous, it seems that the position of the first wife is really difficult to shake at the moment!” Still climbing higher up the ladder of heaven, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, surprised beyond measure, stopped in her tracks.

Since sensing Yue Yang’s energy, the original efforts to move up the crowd of women, are excited to return down.

Even the Supreme Being and the Night Empress, who are currently at the top, looked at each other.

The Supreme Being pondered for a moment.

Shaking head.

The Night Empress, however, does not return down alone, but waits quietly, as if waiting for the Supreme Being to change his mind.

After another moment, the Supreme Being asked rhetorically, “Do you think it’s really possible for him to reach the perfect Innate realm of Innate Supremacy?”

The silhouette of the Night Empress shifted slightly within the starry sky field and seemed to raise her jade hand to cover her mouth and snicker: “If you are willing to help him, I can guarantee that he will succeed!”

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