Long Live Summons

Chapter 817 - Unrepeatable Breakthrough

Chapter 817: Unrepeatable Breakthrough

Yue Yang felt as if he was moving like the streaming snow of a snow-capped mountain. With the assistance of Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Xiao Wen Li, he advanced bravely and diligently.

With every second’s passing came new insights.

At first, Yue Yang thought that the insight of the supreme realm would already be the end of said realm; that even before breaking through, it would make up the whole of his realm. But now, he quickly discovered that the end that he thought of had already passed behind him all of a sudden. Many new things rushed towards him, making him feel the urgency of almost not having enough time to experience everything. Because there was no need to worry about his own personal safety, he could immerse himself in the enlightenment of the new realm with his whole body, and there was an inexhaustible supply of the law of unwilling energy obtained from the Earth Demon Temple…The progress of Yue Yang’s thought realm was advancing like a sky eagle spreading its wings, flying higher and reaching a world that was completely unimaginable before.

Of course, it was not only him who benefited, but also Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian who were united with him.

Even Xiao Wen Li’s face shone brightly.

It showed the colour of enlightenment.

Naturally, she had further restored the memory and realm of the fights in her previous life.

Not knowing the passage of time at all, and unaware of what’s happening outside, the four hearts beat together while flowing smoothly into the new world where energy and wills were intertwined. Even Yue Yang, who was leading, was clueless towards this enlightenment, not knowing when it would end, let alone how far they could go.

He only knew one thing.

It had only just begun…The real advancement had yet to come, and they were far from reaching the limit!

The energy beam of more than a thousand meters high was slowly growing as the essence of Yue Yang’s thoughts faded, constantly climbing the new realms and gradually improving.

The starting point of the Heaven Stairway was shrouded in this mysterious and beautiful lawful energy. Sickly Beauty, Yue Yu, Bao Er and the others who had returned from the stairway arrived as the first batch. Because they were afraid that it would affect Yue Yang, they all suppressed their excitement forcibly, watching from a distance, not daring to approach. Yue Bing and Yi Nan returned from the higher stairway, surpassing Liu Ye, Xia Yi, and Hai Lan, and rushed to the foot of the ladder as the second batch.

Unlike Yue Yu, Yue Bing and her elder brother were inductive.

Unable to contain her excitement.

She was completely unaware of Yue Yu’s stoppage, rushing towards Yue Yang senselessly and quickly merged into the world of enlightenment. She assisted her brother with her unique insight, and contributed her meager and indispensable strength.

“Bing’er has also passed, is this really okay?” Yue Yu was very worried that her younger sister would affect Yue Yang’s cultivation.

“Not only is it okay, it seems to be more helpful.” The Sickly Beauty made an accurate judgment.

“Then, what shall we do?” Liu Ye and the others also arrived.

They were also eager to help Yue Yang, but they were worried that they would not be able to integrate in tacitly like Yue Bing. One must know that Yue Bing and Yue Yang share the Gemini Inherent Skill and Inner Mirror Inherent Skill. They can use Spiritual Telepathy at any time, and there was absolutely no problem with their tacit understanding. They didn’t know whether their intrusion would be helpful to Yue Yang, and they remained undecided in their hearts.

Even Sickly Beauty, who knows Yue Yang best, now looked at Yi Nan cautiously.

In the Virgo Temple of the Twelve Zodiac Temples, Yinan shared the Spirit Mirror Inherent Skill with Yue Yang, Yue Bing, and Xue Wu Xia. In addition to the formal marital training of the Intimate Couple Practise, her spiritual tacit understanding would not be under Yue Bing.

In response to everyone’s desire to help, Yinan was slightly at a loss.

She now had a desire to integrate into the energy field as soon as possible, but she was not sure that others would also be able to integrate like herself.

While being indecisive, the Southern Goblin King, Drunken Cat Big Sister and Sky Disaster have already caught up. The Southern Goblin King, who had long been among the upper rank of the Eastern Goblin Tribe, had conquered countless territories and even became the hegemon of one party, was more decisive than ordinary people. She made a suggestion for girls with tacit understanding or pure hearts, such as Yi Nan and Liu Ye, to try to integrate first to see if they could give Yue Yang more help.

The Hai Ying Wu Hai Lan, who was already the empress of the ocean, and the well-informed Sky Disaster in the Demonic Temple also expressed their support.

In the end, Yi Nan and Liu Ye carried everyone’s hope.

With their deterred state of mind, they slowly stepped into the enlightenment energy field centered on Yue Yang.

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