Long Live Summons

Chapter 9 – The Guy Who Was Up To No Good

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Chapter 9 – The Guy Who Was Up To No Good

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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“Ah, didn’t the flower has the abilities [Poison Spit], [Take Root], [Division Propagation], [Corpse Feeding] and [Spores]? I can’t use [Corpse Feeding] as there are no corpses around right now, and [Spores] require the flower to be of higher level. That’s why I used [Division Propagation]. Wahh! What are you doing?” Yue Yang was flustered as Yue Bing had suddenly grabbed his sleeves tightly.

“You understood [Division Propagation]? Did I hear correctly?” Yue Bing was so agitated that her whole face was red as she grabbed Yue Yang’s sleeves tightly. Her eyes glared at Yue Yang as she interrogated him.

Amongst the plant category, most of the monsters would have the [Division Propagation] ability.

Especially the flowers, vines and mushrooms types. Almost all of them could propagate. However, other plant types such as trees and bamboos may not be able to.

The teachers in the academy would only teach students how to use the skills [Take Root] and [Poison Spit], but [Division Propagation] was not that easy to teach. Some teachers may not even mention the existence of this skill. Yue Bing had seen it executed before, which was the reason why she knew about [Division Propagation]. She had asked her teacher to teach her before, but that greedy bastard hinted that she would need to at least pay him 50 gold before he would be willing to teach her the hidden, almost cheat-like skill. Unfortunately, all of the family’s fortune had been used to buy the Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill from the Floating Mist Market for Yue Yang.

Having no funds, Yue Bing could only refuse this bribing offer. Hence, she never had the chance to learn the [Division Propagation] skill.

And now, the one who was labeled as a loser could actually execute such a hidden skill without being thought by any teacher.

How could this not agitate her?

“Third Brother, teach me! Teach me how to make this plants do [Division Propagation]!” Yue Bing was excited beyond belief as she shook Yue Yang’s sleeves as hard as she could.

“Alright…First, let me go…Calm down…” Yue Yang was nervous. He thought, this little miss was too eager to learn. Alright, since she had taught him just now, it was his turn to teach her. “Seventh Sister, it is actually very easy. It’s just like normal summoning. First use telepathy and synchronize with the Spirit Beast as one, to the point where you sort of feel that you can totally control the beast summoning. Then command it to execute [Division Propagation]. However, at this point, you should be sure that you have enough spirit power. Then the flower should give you an image, like there were two thorny flower plants, one should be the main body while the other is the secondary body. You should then visualize leaving the image of the main body in your mind and summon the secondary body out…As long as your spirit power is enough and the image of the main body you hold in your mind doesn’t change, then you would have the power to use [Division Propagation] to summon the flower unlimited times. However, that requires a lot of effort, your brain will be a mess. It’s difficult to bear.”

Yue Yang told her what the Copper Grimoire had taught him when the knowledge of the Spitting Thorny Flower came into his mind. He also included his own experience.

He knew that even in the Plant Category, there should be an even greater hidden knowledge.

Right now his level was too low, just an Apprentice, hence he couldn’t pull out all of those knowledge.

Maybe, he thought, he could understand all of these knowledge because he had the [Divine Vision] skill. That’s why he could see through the flower’s hidden ability. Otherwise, how could the little miss who had studied for so many years in the Academy, also knows as a true genius, had not learnt the [Division Propagation] skill?

“Oh, okay, I’m going to try it immediately.” This time it was Yue Bing’s turn to act like an eager student as she nodded her head vigorously, her face showing an excited expression.

“Go about it slowly, don’t rush it…” Yue Yang had not even finished his sentence before the little miss placed her hands on the flower illustration. She closed her eyes and imagined, testing it out.

There wasn’t any reaction for quite a long while and Yue Yang had thought that he taught her wrongly.

Suddenly, Yue Bing’s expressions changed into pain as she turned deathly white.

Her small hands started to tremble.

This continued for around a minute, before a golden light started to glow at her fingers. Two Spitting Thorny Flowers appeared in front of her at the same time. The one on the left looked somewhat taller than the right, and its trunk was also slightly thicker. However, other than this, the two plants looked more or less the same, no matter the colour, shape or movements. Their differences were negligible. At these, Yue Bing’s forehead started to be drenched with sweat. It was as if she had won a great battle.

She opened her eyes, wiped away the sweat with her hands and gasped for breath

Although she looked extremely tired, but her eyes only showed the excitement and joy of succeeding the feat.

“I’ve succeeded, succeeded! Thank you, Third Brother! I’ve always wanted to learn [Division Propagation], but there wasn’t any teacher who was willing to teach me. Thank you, Third Brother!” Yue Bing thought about the grievances she had suffered in the Academy, and her eyes started to turn a little red.

But the little miss was extremely strong. She did not cry but instead bowed towards Yue Yang.

Yue Yang immediately shook his head and hands, “No, it’s okay. Seventh Sister, if it wasn’t for you who had given me the Spitting Thorny Flower, I wouldn’t even know about such a skill…”

When he said that, Yue Bing immediately snapped out from her excitement.

That’s right, didn’t Third Brother just gotten the Spitting Thorny Flower monster? How could he know about [Division Propagation]?

Seeing the little miss looking at him with a weird gaze, Yue Yang was deeply confused. He hurriedly tried to lie to her, “Seventh Sister, it’s like this. My Innate Skill is [Camouflage]. This meant that I can find out monsters hidden abilities and attributes. But my skill is only at level one, I can only find out the hidden abilities that were Beginner Ranked.”

“Indeed, I didn’t see your skills just now, so I didn’t notice that. I didn’t know that Third Brother’s skill was such a godly [Camouflage] skill!” Even if Yue Bing was a genius, she was still a teenager. She easily believed Yue Yang’s lie.

“Yeah, but you should never tell others, otherwise, they might get jealous.” Yue Yang was a low-key person and he didn’t like to be the centre of attention. His biggest dream was to be a shut-in millionaire. (TLN: Lol me too!)

“Third Brother, just now, did you say that the flower had the [Corpse Feeding] and [Spore] skills other than [Poison Spit], [Take Root] and [Division Propagation]?” Yue Bing had now truly became Yue Yang’s student. After learning the [Division Propagation] skill that she had very much coveted for many years, she thirsted to learn the other two abilities. Yue Yang only knew now that the knowledge he had was even deeper than a student who had spent four years learning in the Academy.

Yue Yang wanted to put his nose up on the air, wore a scholar robe and grow a long beard, then listened to the beautiful miss Yue Bing sweetly calling him Teacher Yue.

However, after he had finished his imagination, his mischievous nature returned.

Although Yue Bing did not meant him any harm, but if he told her everything, he wouldn’t feel right. He was obviously a shameless bastard, how could he be nice towards her for free?

Thus, Yue Yang decided to keep the secret of the thorny flower hidden.

“The thorny flower’s [Corpse Feeding] ability enable it to swallow a monster corpse whole and digest it slowly. When commanding the flower to commence with [Corpse Feeding], you would be required to be fully synchronized with it. For example, if you ordered the flower to eat an Iron Fur Mice, you yourself must be willing to eat the Iron Fur Mice in your mind.”

Ordering the flower to execute [Corpse Feeding] was nothing much, but did she had to be willing to eat the mice herself?

When the little miss thought about that, she almost puked.

Actually, the guy who was up to no good had used a mouse as an example on purpose. With regards to the [Corpse Feeding] ability, it was definitely not that simple. He had kept the real method secret.

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