Lord of the Mysteries

Chapter 1405 - In Modern Day 3

Chapter 1405 In Modern Day 3

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be nervous if the vice-president from next door came to me. After all, I’m not under his jurisdiction.

And I’m not a girl either. My sexual orientation is very normal. No matter how good he looks, it has nothing to do with me. I’m even a little jealous.

But now, I’ve just drunk a bottle of some strange beverage of unknown origins and obtained the abilities of an Assassin I’ve been dreaming of. No matter who comes near me, I can’t help but feel uneasy, afraid that others might discover my secret.

At this moment, the silver-haired guy stops in front of me and says coldly, “Do you have a lighter?”

Uh… This isn’t an attitude a person should have when asking someone for help. Why are you looking at someone like you’re looking at an object?

Also, the greatest hobby of youngsters nowadays is to stay up late instead of smoking. Why would I bring a lighter with me?

“No.” I shake my head.

At the same time, I sigh inwardly.

If the female colleagues in my company find out that the handsome vice-president next door smokes, they would definitely have their fantasies crushed. This vice-president’s appearance and temperament easily makes one believe he’s some untainted immortal. It’s impossible to associate him with vices like smoking.

With this in mind, I can’t help but ask casually, “Smoking?”

The vice president, who has long silver hair and a beautiful face, raises his right hand, revealing a cigarette between his fingers.

“People are under the impression that you don’t smoke,” I reply with a smile.

As a slave of society, it’s normal for me not to be afraid of the vice-president of the company next door. However, ensuring a cordial relationship is almost definite. After all, one has no idea when they will need to job hop and become their subordinate. Having one more friend means one more outlet.

Of course, if this gentleman keeps staying in the company next door, then I won’t consider such matters. I don’t want to enter a weirdo company that just yells slogans eight hundred times a day.

However, if they’re willing to pay me a salary of more than 30,000 yuan a month, I dare say that I’ll jump ship today. This is the business world, and the first principle is to not go against money. Anyway, as long as I don’t violate the law and do not commit crimes, what’s wrong with shouting slogans? If I get paid a hundred yuan with every shout, I can shout until I make the company go bankrupt!

Hearing my words, the vice-president seems to fall silent for a moment before saying, “A friend of mine taught me.”

When it comes to vices like smoking, who doesn’t get introduced to it by friends? Only a small number of parents will lead their children astray… Just as I lampoon inwardly, the vice-president next door says in fluent Mandarin, “He’s been dead for many years.”

“I’m sorry,” I respond reflexively.

After that, I find it strange.

Why are you telling me this?

This vice president doesn’t look too smart…

Since we aren’t familiar with each other, I exchange a few pleasantries and stop. I’m too lazy to bother. I point to the corridor leading to my workplace.

“I have matters to tend to.”

The vice president nods without any change in expression. He turns around and walks back to the window by the elevator lobby, as if he’s watching the rainy scene below.

I leave the elevator lobby and take a right turn into my workplace and head to the office where my department is located.

They’re all gone? They took all the umbrellas? I switch on the lights and scan the room.

That’s right. It hadn’t rained when clocking off at regular hours. I left ten minutes later and happened to be caught in the rain…

Seeing that there was no one in the office, my thoughts became active.

I originally thought of watching videos in the office, checking out the young ladies dancing indoors and finding inspiration from live eating broadcasts to figure out what to eat for dinner. But now, I’m very restless, and I want to test out the various abilities of an Assassin.

Among them, the thing that attracts me the most is Leap of Faith, no—Feather Drop spell. No, that’s not right either. Who knows what it’s called. In short, it’s the ability to temporarily change my body structure and land on the ground like a light feather.

This is undoubtedly the most surreal ability of Assassins.

Of course, it is also equally important to me that I’ve had my short-sightedness cured and gained excellent vision.

I have to give it a try…

I slip my glasses into my pocket and dash to the side window of the big office.

It faces a small alley. There’s a refuse room that’s erected there and no one usually walks past it, let alone when it’s heavily raining now.

Ten stories, an empty alley. It’s the best place to test the Leap of Faith. I open the window and cast my gaze down.

There are no signs of any pedestrians in the heavy rain. The roads are bleak and gloomy. It’s dark everywhere.

The refuse room looks like a small hand could cover it from the tenth floor.

Forget it.

It’s better to find somewhere lower for the first test.

Just as I reveal an embarrassed and polite smile, I hear a voice behind me.

“What are you doing?”

“…” Startled, I turn quickly.

Then, I see my boss.

He had walked into the large office with one hand in his pocket at some point in time. He’s looking at me.

“…Mr. Huang, I’m checking to see if the rain has stopped.” I quickly think of one reason.

My President’s surname is Huang, with the first name Tao, a very handsome, fashionable man.

At the same time, he’s a strange man who became a father at the age of 18. His daughter has already started college this year. He’s only thirty-six years old and is still swimming through the gals. He stays on the periphery amidst the embrace of news anchors and actresses.

CEO Huang doesn’t seem to have any doubts about my reason. He nods and says, “You didn’t bring an umbrella?”

The more you live, the younger you become… Glancing at the president’s hair which had been dyed chestnut, I honestly reply, “Don’t have such a habit.”

CEO Huang lifts his hand and strokes his chin.

“I have a few spare umbrellas in my office. Come over and take one.”

“You prepared so many?” I ask in a respectful tone. After all, he’s the one paying my salary, and it’s quite sizable.

CEO Huang smiles and says, “It’s from the few ladies from before. As you know, they always like to bring umbrellas with them.”

You’ve extended the battlefield of your flings to the office? Didn’t you say that the thing you’re afraid of the most is letting your daughter know about this? Doesn’t your daughter visit your office every week? I’m first left surprised before nodding.


CEO Huang doesn’t say anything else as he turns and walks towards the door.

The way he’s standing and how his body is posed gives me a strange feeling. I believe that if I were to seize this opportunity and unleash my full strength, I’ll definitely be able to backstab him.

Is this an Assassin’s instinct? Just as I have this thought, I see CEO Huang stop in his tracks and turn his head back.

Did he sense my ill intent? My body stiffens.

CEO Huang seems to be deep in thought as he slowly asks, “How’s your accent?”

“Passable,” I mutter carelessly.

CEO Huang nods.

“Help me pick up a VIP at the airport tomorrow morning. I’ll get Old Ai to send you the details.”

“Okay.” I don’t dare to say no.

After agreeing, I ask, “Mr. Huang, the VIP is a foreigner?”

“Yes.” CEO Huang gives an affirmative reply.

At the mention of this topic, I can’t help but ask, “Mr. Huang, why are there so many foreigners around us? We even have to come up with a foreign name in the company?”

CEO Huang leans back slightly and says, “What is an international metropolitan city?

“This is it.”

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