Lord of the Mysteries

Chapter 1406 - In Modern Day 4

Chapter 1406 In Modern Day 4

After borrowing an umbrella from CEO Huang, I decided to immediately leave the company and return to my rented apartment. I plan on testing out my new-found Assassin powers in what’s considered the safest environment.

I live in those old districts that haven’t been spruced up. I spend nearly an hour commuting via public transport. The place is filled with old and shabby houses. It’s completely different from the high-end buildings found in the new city districts. But living here is more convenient. Besides, the rent is quite cheap.

Since I’m clocked off on the dot today, and there wasn’t much of a delay during the journey back and forth, it’s still not yet six o’clock. Even if I settle my dinner near my neighborhood, I’ll arrive home before seven o’clock. It’s in line with the habits of a modern person. Therefore, I didn’t consider settling my dinner near the office. Instead, I rush to the bus stop with my umbrella.

This umbrella is colorful, and it has rabbit ears on it. It really isn’t suitable for a stealthy man like me… I look up and run out the door.

One has to bow when under the umbrella after all.

By now, the storm has gone on for about ten minutes, and the ground is beginning to pond. If it were in the past, I would’ve stepped into a puddle and stained my shoes and pants with dirt and mud. But now, my feet are deft, sharp, accurate, and each step is light—I manage to keep my pants and shoes clean in the rain.

As expected of an assassin… I glance at the bus stop that’s just a few feet away from me. Just as I’m about to cross the non-motor vehicle lane, I suddenly see a man walk past me without an umbrella or raincoat.

His hair is already wet under the heavy rain. His clothes cling to his body as they droop down, water streaming down continuously.

His image is so pathetic, yet his posture remains so relaxed. He isn’t running at all. All he does is keep his hands in his pockets as he strolls forward.

Impressive… Due to the rain and the dark sky, I’m unable to discern his face clearly. I only watch him walk past me.

Perhaps sensing my gaze, the man suddenly takes out a cigarette from his pocket and puts it in his mouth. He mutters softly, “Wimp.”

“…” I dig my ear with my empty right hand.

Who is he talking about?

Forget it, I won’t argue with a lunatic.

I’m in a good mood today.

I ignore the man, step up to the bus stop platform, and wait for my bus to arrive.

My luck isn’t bad. It takes about a minute before Bus 35 arrives.

Taking out my travel card, I close the umbrella and rush forward.

Hearing the beep, I suddenly feel a little emotional.

If only the travel card can be stored on my phone’s NFC, it would be more convenient… I only need to bring my phone when I’m out. Door locks, the subway, and public buses can all be resolved through my cell phone… If I switch my door lock to a fingerprint one, I don’t even need to bring my keys with me. That’s what I call convenience… As I think about it, I find a seat.

Perhaps due to the heavy rain and that it’s some time after peak hour, there are still quite a few empty seats left on the usually crowded bus.

Unfortunately, the prerequisite for switching to a fingerprint lock is for me to have my own house… My fantasy is defeated by cold reality.

In this international metropolitan city, with my salary, I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford a house if I don’t get help from my parents.

I can’t help but wonder how to use the powers of an Assassin to make money.

Take on assassin missions? No, it’s illegal. Although I’m a real, powerful assassin now, I can’t beat bullets. Besides, I don’t know where to take on such missions either…

It’s against the law to break into houses and steal. Besides, other people don’t have their money dropping from trees, unless I can lock onto a corrupt official…

I have agile footwork, nimble limbs, and eagle-like vision. How do I earn money with these?

Be a security guard?

But how much can a security guard earn every month?

Or, try dancing? With this kind of control over the body, my dancing will definitely be very impressive. Then, I can do a live broadcast? However, I’m tone-deaf…

As I think through the possibilities, I suddenly feel a little depressed.

It wasn’t easy for a miracle to fall from the sky, yet I can’t use it to improve my life or earn lots of money with it.

It cured my short-sightedness at the very least. It’s a medical miracle that can’t be bought even with millions… I exhale slowly and tell myself not to be too greedy.

At this moment, I suddenly feel a chill.

It’s not from the air-conditioning, but a coldness that pierced through my skin.

I turn my head and look to the side, only to see that there’s no one sitting there.

My instincts tell me that there’s something invisible there.

Hiss, a ghost? I can sense ghosts after becoming an assassin? I first widen my eyes and carefully observe. Then, I retract my gaze and pretend not to notice anything.

If the ghost realizes that I can see it, I’m doomed!

Assassins do not have abilities to deal with ghosts!

My body uncontrollably tenses up. I try to act as if nothing had happened, but I’m helpless.

The chilly feeling grows stronger, as if it’s getting closer and closer to me.

I look straight, but a vision appears in my mind.

A blurry man with a bluish-black face draws nearer and nearer to me. He leans to my ear and blows his breath on my face to test my reaction.

This cold lasts for nearly a minute before it gradually weakens.

Before long, the bus stops and the two doors open at the same time.

The cold and terrifying aura disappears.

The ghost reached its stop? Even ghosts use buses to travel? Amazing… I relax and have a better understanding of the changes in my body.

I’m not surprised that there are ghosts because I have become an Assassin. Everything is possible.

The bus stops along the way and I arrived at Ankang North Road 50 minutes later.

My rental apartment is nearby.

Since the storm has stopped, I don’t use the umbrella. I get off the bus and go straight for the place I had planned on eating while on the bus.

“Yuzhou Stir-fry.”

There are many old shops in this old district that serve delicious food at cheap prices. This is one of them. If it weren’t for the rain earlier, many tables would be set up outside.

Inside the store, I casually glance around.

“Eh…” I smile as I walk to a table and sit opposite a young man.

He ordered only a bowl of Yuxiang shredded pork and white rice. He’s looking at his phone while eating with full focus.

“Not on a date?” I rap the table, startling the guy opposite me.

He’s my childhood friend, Peng Deng. Recently, he’s also been working in this international metropolitan city. As I helped him find a place to live, we ended up living very close to each other. It’s all in the same neighborhood.

“How can I have a date when the weather is so bad?” Peng Deng looks up at me.

He doesn’t put down his phone and asks, “Want to play some ranked matches tonight?”

“I’m not free.” I have no intention of playing games right now. I just want to try the “Leap of Faith.”

Peng Deng studies me intently for a few seconds.

“You have a girlfriend?”

“I hope so too.” I turn my head to the boss. “One stir-fried sliced beef, one tomato fried egg soup, and a bottle of Coke.”

When something good befalls one, celebrations are in order.

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