Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1333 - Excessive Purchases

Chapter 1333: Excessive Purchases

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Xue Ying and the rest continued eating until daylight the next day. Even though Scarlet Demon and the others were part of the first team responsible for saving any ‘newcomer’, there were only so many cultivators in the Sacred World. Rarely would there be a newcomer coming! Furthermore, the entire city spanned merely several hundred thousand kilometers. They were all scattered across the city, and could gather at any wall easily.

Within Fu’s Garden, Xue Ying and the others stood. They were prepared to leave.

“Flying Snow, this is the roast meat you asked for. A total of 300 cubic meters of food! It should last you for three million years.” The old man Fu An passed a storage wristband to Xue Ying with a huge amount of roast meat stored within.

Xue Ying checked through it.

There were really a lot of roast meat within. It was close to half the body of that dead Shadow Reaper. After all, there were many parts of its body like the bones and scales that could not be used to roast meat. Fu An himself had simply collected some as payment! These ‘roast meat’ could be easily made, and they tasted quite good.

“Thank you.” Xue Ying grinned after receiving it.

“It is only sufficient for three million years. Once the time is up, you would still have to hunt for more food.” Scarlet Demon said, “Since this will be the first time you are going out to hunt, it is best you find a huge team to hunt with as you are inexperienced. There should be at least more than 50 cultivators.”

“I understand.” Xue Ying nodded.

If he wanted to go out and hunt, he could apply for a slot by transmitting through his communication wristband to the ‘Scarlet Cloud Hall’.

The Scarlet Cloud Hall would keep the list of cultivators who joined the ‘hunting party’ public! A hunting party must have at least 30 members and at most 100! The moment a full party was formed, it would inform those who had succeeded in applying for the party, and they would head out together.

Such hunting parties would usually hunt near Scarlet Cloud City. They were doing so for ‘food’ and there was no need to visit some dangerous places. But even if the danger level was low… it was still possible for huge numbers of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms to ambush them. They could similarly die.

“Oh right, fellow cultivators.”

Xue Ying immediately asked Scarlet Demon and the others seeing that they were about to leave, “I wish to purchase some body parts of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms filled with laws and profound mysteries of the Void! Exchanging them with twice the amount of food. But I am only planning to collect one body part each. Also… I do not need the body of a Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform!”

“Body parts containing profound mysteries of the void and not Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeforms? That is a really weird request.”

“Good good good.”

“I have some prepared for that.”

Scarlet Demon, Lightning Xiao, God Eagle Snake, and Fu An revealed joyous looks.

Fu An even added: “I have butchered so many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms and have collected plenty of miscellaneous scales, skin, and feathers.” Being the best food operating business, he had collected various scales and bones. His accumulation in the Scarlet Cloud City could be ranked at the top.

“Let us exchange with Brother Flying Snow first. You should be the last one.” Scarlet Demon said.

“Right, you will be the last.”

“After you finish exchanging, can we still conduct any trade?”

God Eagle Snake and Lightning Xiao both said.

Fu An chuckled. He was not in a rush.

At that moment, ‘hua hua hua’ .

Scarlet Demon and the other two waved their hands, causing large amounts of scales, bones, horns, thick skin, hair and other items to fly out. All of them contained the profound mysteries of the void! One had to know that the body of a Chaotic Origin Lifeform was the manifestation of laws. Some parts would be manifested with different laws. Just like that ‘Thousand-Eyed Being’, its eyes contained the profound mysteries of Mirage and Illusory Realm, though other parts of its body contained other laws.

Similar logic.

An Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform specialized in flames could have more than 90% of its body structure made of the profound mysteries of flames. But there were still small parts of its body containing other laws.

A non-Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform would similarly have certain parts of their bodies containing the profound mysteries of the void.

“Those that coincides are not needed. Scarlet Demon, you should keep this piece of scale.”

“Why must I! We brought them out together so why must I be the one who keep it?”

“You brought out more than I did! Ai ai ai, this piece of scale of yours belongs to the scale of the Void Shadow Dragon right? Didn’t Brother Flying Snow say before that he doesn’t need body materials from any Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform!”

“There’s too many of it! So I took it out carelessly!”

“You deliberately did so right.”

“I do not care about this slight amount of meat that warrants me deliberately deceiving Brother Flying Snow. Here, Brother Flying Snow, you can have this tusk for free.”

They were absolute overlords back at their home worlds.

But now, for the sake of exchanging food, they were all competing for it. After all, scales, bones, hair and many other items could not be treated as food. Previously, they treated them like trash and placed them aside. At this moment, they could exchange it for ‘twice the food’. This was considered free food!

And the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in the Sacred World existed in tribes. Each tribe contained a huge number of members! Hence, it was easy to find similar items.

Which was why Xue Ying mentioned that he did not want any coincided items!

He was planning to get them for the sake of cultivation and training. Was there any point in getting the same item?

“Come come come.” Xue Ying happily exchanged for them. He collected large amount by large amount of those body parts of Chaotic Origin Lifeform containing profound mysteries of void.

God Eagle Snake, Lightning Xiao, and Scarlet Demon had altogether exchange for close to 10 cubic meters of roast meat.

Each of them exchanged for food that could last tens of thousands of years!

“Is it my turn now?” Fu An grinned.

“Brother Fu An, please.” Xue Ying chuckled.

“You are really magnanimous for exchanging with twice the meat. Some who are stingy trade for just the same amount of meat.” Fu An said. In the Sacred World, meat was counted based on their volume! Due to the law suppression of this world, those that were weaker would become smaller. Even though they might expand or shrink during battle, their true form would still be the final state once they died.

Hence, a cubic meter of meat would hold the same amount of energy.

“Hu.” Fu An waved his hand as he spoke.

At that moment, a dense amount of materials were thrown out. Given the nature of his business, he would naturally not compete after seeing what had been brought out by Scarlet Demon and the other two.

The three of them had only exchanged for close to ten cubic meters of roast meat.

And Fu An alone actually exchanged for more than 190 cubic meters of roast meat!

“Brother Flying Snow, you have used up too much meat with your purchasing conditions.”

“That’s right, you actually let Old Fu earn so much!”

Scarlet Demon and the others could not help but blurt out.

“It’s nothing much.” Xue Ying chuckled before waving his hand and bringing out another Shadow Reaper corpse. This time, he had collected two corpses of Shadow Reapers, “Garden Master Fu An, could you help me roast this meat as well?”

“Hahaha, you have another Shadow Reaper with you?” Fu An guffawed. He earned a great deal from Xue Ying earlier on. With a delighted mood, he said, “Alright, I shall not charge anything from you for this Shadow Reaper. I’ll give you 320 cubic meters of roast meat in total.”

Xue Ying exchanged for another batch of roast meat.

At this moment, he felt good. Getting those materials that were filled with profound mysteries at the Chaotic Origin Level was not easy.

“You still say you are not planning to charge him? Hmph hmph, you have brought out almost all the materials that could be traded just now already!” Scarlet Demon snorted.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

“Haha, it’s not almost! Instead, I have completely exchanged them away!” Fu An delightfully said, “If I didn’t give the three of you a chance to exchange, you three would not even have the chance to exchange a single item away! Other than the prisoners, I have butchered all ordinary Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms personally. Naturally, I would have all their materials.”

Xue Ying nodded.

He collected all of them?

“Brother Flying Snow, why are you exchanging for these materials? Usually, more than 90% of the body of Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are filled with the profound mysteries of void! It’ll be more helpful to you to research their bodies.” God Eagle Snake looked at Xue Ying.

“No rush.”

Xue Ying explained, “I am planning to purchase them publicly.”

“Publicly? Do you still have many more corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms?” God Eagle Snake, Fu An, Scarlet Demon, and Lightning Xiao were startled. The other party was planning to publicly announce that he was purchasing lifeforms with the Void Lineage? How high would the price get!

“No, no, I don’t have many left.” Xue Ying shook his head.

“Then why are you planning to announce to the public?”

“That’s right. Others have killed Chaotic Origin Lifeforms with the strength of Grand Perfection God Emperor before! Their bodies are larger and contain more manifestation of laws. How high would this price be! One with the strength of a Grand Perfection God Emperor would be worth more than 10,000 times that of this Chaotic Origin Lifeform you have. How are you planning to exchange for it?” They looked at Xue Ying.

“I have a Chaotic Origin Lifeform that I brought over from my hometown. After checking through, I realize that it does not exist in this Sacred World.” Xue Ying chuckled.


He had two corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that he brought over from the Lightning World.

One was acquired from the Crown Prince of Iron Dragon Hall!

And the other from Specter Religion Master!

“A Chaotic Origin Lifeform that does not exist in the Sacred World?” At that moment, the other cultivators exclaimed in shock.


That would be simply priceless!

Because Dao Cultivators that comprehended the laws and profound mysteries cared a lot about acuiqiring corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms since these bodies were the manifestation of laws! A Chaotic Origin Lifeform that had never appeared before was sufficient to make even the strongest experts in Scarlet Cloud City desire for it.

While the four of them including Scarlet Demon were feeling envious, Xue Ying released news through his communication wristband via the Scarlet Cloud Hall to all cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City.

The news was simple.

“I have a complete Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse brought from another world. It doesn’t exist in the Sacred World! I am willing to trade this with the complete corpses of ‘Void Lineage’ Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. 10,000 years from now, the highest bidder will win. The minimum price is ‘three different Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeforms at the Grand Perfection God Emperor Level’.”

The moment Xue Ying released this news, it had created an uproar amongst many experts in the Scarlet Cloud City.

Especially for experts who cultivated on the ‘Flame Lineage’.

If not for the earlier agreed ‘prohibition’ in the city––that killing was forbidden in the city and violators would be jointly killed by all other experts! If not for this prohibition, Xue Ying might have been killed by some other experts. It would be natural then he would not have publicized this news.

“What? The corpse of a Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform that has never appeared in the Sacred World before?”

“This asking price is simply too high! The minimum bid is a Grand Perfection God Emperor corpse and three different kinds of it?”

“That is seriously ruthless. Does he think it is so easy to get the corpse of a Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse? This newcomer is truly ruthless in his asking price, and this is even the minimum bid.”

Scarlet Cloud City was completely in an uproar.

The reason why Xue Ying chose to set the minimum bid as three Grand Perfection God Emperor corpses and not a higher price…

Was because killing a ‘Grand Perfection God Emperor’ Chaotic Origin Lifeform is not easy. Like in the Lightning World, it was impossible for anyone to kill one! Even in this Sacred World, it was still hard to kill a Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform even when there were more experts that coordinated better together! Furthermore, the bodies of a Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform was huge! Just based on the meat it could exchange is sufficient to last for close to 100 billion years!

“Even though the price is savage, I’m afraid the final price might be higher.”

“Those few peak flame experts are all wealthy.”

Even though they felt the price was exaggerated, they understood the final price would be even higher.

At the same time when various parties were restless, in one of the cavern-dwelling within Scarlet Cloud City, here lived a newcomer that came not too long before Xue Ying did––Great Emperor North River!

‘Purchasing the corpse of a Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform? And the minimum bid is so high?’ When Great Emperor North River received the news, the muscles of his eyelids twitched.

He felt burning in his eyes.

Envious and jealousy!


He, Great Emperor North River, had maintained a low-profile in Lightning World for a long time. It was impossible for him to procure and bring any corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeform in his Eden Treasure! Hence, Great Emperor North River was currently still distressing over the lack of ‘food’! He had already applied… the join the newest hunting party. Because the current food he had, was received from the experts that saved him––it could barely last for another 10,000 years or so.

‘I do not even have sufficient food, yet he is auctioning something that could make peak experts that cultivated the Dao of Flames in Scarlet Cloud City mad.’ North River shook his head. Both of them originated similarly from Broken Teeth Mountain Range and had been through Lightning World. Yet why would the days spent after reaching here be so drastically different between them?

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