Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1334 - Constructing Objects

Chapter 1334: Constructing Objects

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Scarlet Cloud City, within Xue Ying’s cavern-dwelling.

God Eagle Snake, Lightning Xiao, and Scarlet Demon bade farewell to Xue Ying after sending him to his cavern-dwelling.

“Brother Flying Snow, before I leave, I have to remind you something.” Scarlet Demon said with a low voice, “The experts gathered here in Scarlet Cloud City come from different worlds! Almost all of them are absolute experts from their own home worlds. More importantly, their personalities are different. Some might be proud and aloof, others might be ruthless, tyrannical… with around 3,000 experts, this means there are 3,000 over different faces. As a newcomer, you actually brought out a Chaotic Origin Lifeform that has never been seen within the Sacred World to use it as a trade. I’m afraid you might incur the greed of others.”

“Greed of others?” Xue Ying felt his heart moving.

He had never reckoned that all 3,000 over experts were all good people!

This was simply impossible!

Since they could cultivate to this stage, they should have experienced all kinds of different situations. Furthermore, judging from the situations back at his hometown Origin World, Realm Heart Great Land, and the Lightning World, the ratio of devils would usually not be too low! And ‘killing another party just to snatch his treasure’ was something commonly seen.

The reason why Xue Ying dared to publicize this fact is because he had known about the prohibition within Scarlet Cloud City!

It was forbidden to kill within the city. Those who dared would be surrounded and killed by all experts within the city!

“Brother Flying Snow.” God Eagle Snake reminded as well, “Due to the prohibition, the majority of experts would not dare to have any thoughts of acting against you. But those experts in Scarlet Cloud City that are ranked at the top, there are some who are ruthless, evil, and tyrannical. With their strength, they would usually behave overbearingly… so you must remember to be careful.”

“Do they dare to act within the city?” Xue Ying asked.

“This I doubt so. The entire Scarlet Cloud City is only hundreds of thousands of kilometers wide. It is also protected by many different arrays. The moment they strike, it would produce a strand of ripple that would alert the arrays! Those who dared to act would then be jointly attacked by the rest of the city, and he would definitely die! After all, this is the place where we cultivate. To ensure and guarantee absolute safety, nobody dares to challenge this point.” God Eagle Snake said, “But you can’t be always staying within the city right?”

“Then it’s fine as long as they don’t dare to act within the city.” Xue Ying chuckled.

“You…” God Eagle Snake shook his head.

“God Eagle Snake, what are you so worried about? Since Brother Flying Snow has decided to publicly hold an auction, he should be able to acquire several Grand Perfection God Emperor Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses. Just by converting them into roast meat should ensure he could last for several trillion years.” Lightning Xiao said.

“Regardless, just be careful.” God Eagle Snake reminded, “Let me pass you some detailed information on the experts within this city.”

Saying that, he sent over a set of intelligence report through his communication treasure.

“Many thanks!” Xue Ying felt grateful. This set of intelligence was relatively detailed. He could see someone called ‘North River’ from the list! Great Emperor North River also knew that there was only a total of over 3,000 experts in this city. If Xue Ying were to come, it was impossible for him to hide his identity. Furthermore, it was forbidden for one to kill within this place.

“Be careful.”

Scarlet Demon also reminded him.

After that, Scarlet Demon, God Eagle Snake, and Lightning Xiao left.

Xue Ying personally sent them off.

After they left.

Xue Ying ordered: “Wait here for me. If any guest comes, send a transmission to me.”

“Yes, master.” The two puppet servants acknowledged.

These puppet servants were pre-installed within the caver-dwelling and were slightly weaker. But since they could resist against the suppression of this world, they were specially made to serve the cultivators.

Nonetheless, there were only two of them in total for each cavern-dwelling.

‘I should refine a few more.’ Xue Ying thought. Others might find it slightly troublesome to refine more puppet servants, yet it was very easy for him. Xue Ying could refine them within his ‘Mirage Cosmos’! Then he would turn them real! Of course ‘constructing objects’ in the Mirage Cosmos was conditional. Firstly, the creator had to completely understand the detailed structure of what he was planning to make. Otherwise, it was impossible to do so. Secondly, the creator must have sufficient energy!

Some incredibly powerful weapons like that spear which Xue Ying purchased in the Lightning World were refined by Chaotic Origin Experts. Xue Ying was unable to grasp the materials used to create them completely. Furthermore, he could not see through the internal structure of the fully-refined weapon. Hence, it was impossible for him to ‘reconstruct the weapon’.

The rarer a treasure, the more mysterious it was and the harder it would be for one to see through its essence.

Usually, what Xue Ying could ‘construct’ were the slightly more ordinary items.

And re-creating the puppets living in this Sacred World was an easy task. He could do so after reaching the most rudimentary ‘Void God’ level.

“Hu hu hu…”

After the time taken to brew a cup of tea, six puppet servants were created. They were all female servants, and were left to handle the miscellaneous stuff within the caver-dwelling while he cultivated.

“This is awesome!”

Xue Ying sat within his garden drinking wine and eating the roast meat in big gulps. The roast meat was placed within the storage space, and this storage space was a dimension where time was stopped! Hence, when the roast meat was taken out, they seemed to be at the state they were just done.

And the two female servants were serving him by pouring wine by the side.

“I’m full.” Xue Ying waved his hand and kept the roast meat. Following which, with a thought, he brought out nine pieces of scales. Those scales contained the revolution of mysterious law inscriptions that held the profound mysteries of void.

Previously, he had purchased large amounts of miscellaneous items.

And he planned to examine them and comprehend them…

‘There are indeed many different kinds of Chaotic Origin material manifested from the Dao of Void here in the Sacred World. Speaking from this point of view, this is truly a holy land for cultivation.’ Xue Ying sighed inwardly, ‘It’s a pity that not a single material exists with regards to the profound mysteries of ‘Mirage and Illusory Realm’.’

In the entire Sacred World.

There was not a single Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform with the ‘Mirage and Illusory Realm Lineage’. Even other types of Chaotic Origin Lifeform contained not a single body part that had the profound mysteries belonging to the Mirage and Illusory Realm!

Xue Ying had asked Fu An before when he was still at the Fu’s Garden.

‘It seems that seeking for materials containing profound mysteries of the Mirage and Illusory Realm is hard even on other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.’ Xue Ying thought.

Back at his hometown Origin World, that Myriad Tentacles Dragon Son locked within the Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron might only have a small part of its body containing the manifestation of profound mysteries from the ‘Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm’…

But Xue Ying did not know that…

Even though the ‘Myriad Tentacles Dragon Son’ was weak, its bloodline was incredibly precious! It was the son of the Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother! Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother was one of the most terrifying Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform that several existences on the level of Yuan had to work together before they could kill it. Yuan even bestowed a droplet of Heart Blood from the Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother that gave Xue Ying’s soul a qualitative transformation.

Of course, Xue Ying did not know about this!

And the other was the Thousand-Eyed Existen! It was also one of the two terrifying Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that incarnated as the Broken Teeth Mountain Range, and had also injured Yuan.

Clearly, Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that contained profound mysteries of the Mirage and Illusory Realm had incredibly precious bloodlines.

At least none of them existed in the Sacred World!

Within the Sacred World, all Chaotic Origin Lifeforms existed in tribes! There were so many of them!

And with a huge quantity meant that their ‘bloodline’ were not that precious. The stronger and more heaven-defying an Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform was, the rarer and fewer in numbers they would be.

Day passed by day.

Xue Ying stayed in his cavern-dwelling completely immersed in cultivation. Even though he would occasionally research on the complete Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse he brought over from the Lightning World, it was hard for him to improve any further from it. Instead, it was these new Chaotic Origin Lifeform materials he got that brought him new understanding every single day, allowing him to improve on his ‘Chaotic Origin Refinement Body’ at a rate faster than he had expected.

Half a month later, Xue Ying had an enlightenment that enabled him to grasp the technique to maintain a fleshy body at the ‘Late Stage God Emperor’ for a short period!

‘It seems that I should be able to recover the strength of my fleshy body back to the Late Stage God Emperor Level in just 100,000 years.’ Xue Ying delightedly thought about it.

By re-cultivating and regaining his strength under different laws in different worlds, it had also deepened Xue Ying’s understanding on the Dao of Void.

‘Didn’t God Eagle Snake, Scarlet Demon and the others remind me to be careful? And that I might incite greed and trouble from other experts in the Scarlet Cloud City?’ Xue Ying lamented while he cultivated, ‘Why has it been so quiet during the past half a month?’

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