Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1335 - Devilish Personality

Chapter 1335: Devilish Personality

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Indeed, there were experts in Scarlet Cloud City that came to visit Xue Ying.

“Brother Flying Snow, since you are starting an auction for us, I wonder if it is possible for me to have a peek at that Chaotic Origin Lifeform?” A red-haired male visited Xue Ying.

“Of course you could, Brother Yun Xu, please have a look.” Xue Ying brought out his Storage Eden Treasure, “I have released the restrictions. Brother Yun Xu can send your consciousness in to have a look.”

That red-haired male looked into it.

He easily saw that huge Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform within the Storage Eden Treasure. This Chaotic Origin Lifeform was like a huge volcano. Even when its dead, its body was still faintly ignited with flames. Its might was terrifying. This was one of the treasures given by ‘Specter Religion Master’ as a form of apology. Right now, Xue Ying was slightly rueful… if he had known that Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were this important here at the Sacred World, he would have tried securing more corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms back at the Lightning World from ‘Specter Religion Master, Iron Dragon City Master, and Wise Wizard City Master’.

Of course, it was impossible for Xue Ying to know this prior to coming to this second world.

‘It was due to my strength back at the Lightning World that gave me the power to extort from quite a few experts. Only then did I have such a harvest. That Great Emperor North River… had maintained a low-profile all along. I doubt he would have gotten any corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. After all, his name North River is listed on the newest hunting party application list.’ Xue Ying sneered. It was forbidden to kill in the city, though Xue Ying did not really have any inklings of dealing against Great Emperor North River here.

Given their identities, they would rather live peacefully during ordinary times.

But if any of them had the chance! Xue Ying or North River would definitely not show any mercy to the other party.

“Good, good! It is indeed a Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform that is never seen before in the Sacred World. Furthermore, judging from the remnant aura left after its death, it should be at the Middle Stage God Emperor strength?” The red-haired male asked.

“That’s right.” Xue Ying nodded.

“It’s a pity that it is slightly weak.” The red-haired male said.

“It is indeed slightly weak and can’t compare with the corpses of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in the Sacred World since even Late Stage God Emperor corpses are commonly seen here.” Xue Ying chuckled. He was too lazy to dispute. This treasure was precious at its uniqueness in the Sacred World!

The red-haired male slightly nodded without elaborating further. He then rose and said: “Alright, Brother Flying Snow, then I shall be leaving now.”


Xue Ying stood up and sent him off.

Following that, many other experts came one after another to check the corpse.

After all, even though Xue Ying had announced this matter to the public, if other experts had not viewed the Chaotic Origin Lifeform personally, would they use all their strength to prepare for the auction?

One day.

A short and small old man arrived before the cavern-dwelling of Xue Ying. There were currently two puppet guards standing by the entrance.

“Tell your master that I, Xie Fan, wants to see him.” This short old man had drooping eyelids. His eyes were faintly glowing in red.

As the puppet guards were refined by Xue Ying personally, they could transmit to the soul of Xue Ying directly. At the next moment, one of the puppet guards said: “My Master has agreed. Please come along with me.”


The short small old man responded simply before heading in.

Under the guidance by that puppet guard, they soon arrived before a courtyard. Xue Ying had already stood up in preparation to welcome him.

“Greetings Brother Xie Fan.” Xue Ying was relatively polite.

No other choice.

‘Xie Fan’ was a Dao Cultivator who had reached the level of Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body! In terms of strength, he was slightly stronger than Cloud Phoenix City Master.

At the Scarlet Cloud City, he was definitely an expert ranked at the top dozens. He was even faintly qualified to be ranked in the top ten!

Xie Fan.

He had two great specialties. One was his powerful fleshy body. Other aspects of his fleshy body was average for his level, though it was ‘especially heavy’––the heaviest out of all experts in Scarlet Cloud City! As long as he released his aura, the heaviness of his body would create a gravitational force that could cause even time-space to distort. That would then incur a terrifying domain in his surroundings. With this fleshy body, it was hard for others to injure him. When he went on hunting for Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, his survivability was naturally great! The other aspect he was known for is his outstanding close combat skills. Even when he fought against a Chaotic Origin Lifeform at the level of Grand Perfection God Emperor, he could smack that lifeform to death!

That was something Cloud Phoenix City Master could not achieve in the Lightning World.

And ‘Xie Fan’ in Scarlet Cloud City belonged to the faction under the City Master ‘Weather Leaf’! After all, experts would usually join the same clique. They had to work well together during their hunting for Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. Some stronger experts that were closer, to the extent that they had experienced life and death together, would gradually form a tight-knit faction.

And Xie Fan, even though he was ruthless and vicious, was the right-arm man of Weather Leaf!


The thin old man ‘Xie Fan’ nonchalantly responded. His droopy eyelids lifted up and he let out a rare smile, “Brother Flying Snow, I’ve heard that you are planning to hold an auction between the experts in Scarlet Cloud City?”

“That’s right.” Xue Ying smiled, “Brother Xie Fan, please have a seat. We can talk more regarding that.”

Only then did Xie Fan sit down opposite of Xue Ying. The female puppet servant by the side immediately came over to pour wine for them.

“In my opinion, I don’t think you have to go through all that trouble.” After Xie Fan finished drinking a cup of wine, he placed down the wine cup before casually stating his opinion with a frown, “You should just pass that Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse to me. I’ll simply give you three complete corpses belonging to different Void Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. Both you and I would end up in a win-win situation then!”

Xue Ying’s expression changed at that moment.

Directly demanding from him?

And the other party was only willing to fork out the minimum price of three corpses?

“Rest assured. I’ll guarantee that all three of them have the strength of Grand Perfection God Emperor.” Xie Fan looked at Xue Ying with a smile that did not seem like one.

“I have already announced that I’ll be holding an auction.” Xue Ying shook his head, “If we do it according to what you said, by then I’ll not be able to bring out the corpse of that Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform at the end of the 10,000 years period. If I say things without really doing it, then the experts in the city would ridicule me.”

“Rest assured. After we finished our transaction, I’ll immediately announce to the public that I’ll be hosting an auction.” Xie Fan said, “Let me take on the role of a host for the auction. I’ll similarly let the experts within Scarlet Cloud City compete for it. They will definitely not reproach you for what you did.”

“If during the auction, the highest bidder chose to exchange five or more Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses for it? Are you going to allocate them back to me?” Xue Ying coldly stated.

“As I said before, I’ll only be exchanging three Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpses with you. Since we have conducted the trade, all the benefits of selling that Flame Lineage Chaotic Origin Lifeform will naturally belong to me.” Xie Fan said as a matter of fact.

Give his treasure to Xie Fan?

And let Xie Fan sell it in public?

“Xie Fan, are you treating me like a fool?” Xue Ying placed down the wine cup. His expression turned frigid within moments.

“Hahaha…” Xie Fan chuckled. His laughter was cold and sinister, “Being a fool would let you live longer!”

“Just with you?” Xue Ying’s expression became cold.

“Right!” Xie Fan stared at Xue Ying. A terrifying air of killing intent began emitting from Xie Fan. Even the surrounding time-space around them started getting distorted, “Just with me!”

“Why, are you thinking of attacking me within the city?” Xue Ying retorted coldly.

“Of course I don’t! But there will definitely be a chance isn’t it? So it’ll be better for you to listen to me obediently. That’ll be good for you and I.” Xie Fan coldly chuckled. Such affair of forcibly snatching the treasure away, even if they were conducted, would definitely be made known to the entire city! But Xie Fan did not care about it. This was simply his vicious and overbearing personality, and everyone in the city knew about it.

To some experts, having the ‘heart of a devil’ was simply their nature! They would rather go according to their temperament without concealing it.

“Since you don’t have the courage to act within the city, then simply scram!” Xue Ying roared.

When Xie Fan heard that, his expression shifted slightly, “What gall!”

“Less nonsense.” Xue Ying’s eyes became cold. He simply waved his hand, causing an unseen ripple to sweep across. The wine flask and wine cup that were originally placed before Xie Fan simply flew away, smashing against the floor some distance away, “Hurry up and scram! Allowing you in to drink my wine is simply defiling my good wine and tarnishing my wine flask and cup.”

“Good. Very good.” Xie Fan stood up. He gave a cold sneer, “You are truly courageous.”

“You are very courageous too for being the first one that dared to threaten me after coming to this Sacred World.” Xue Ying sneered back.

“Hmph hmph hmph…”

Xie Fan sneered before turning around and leaving the place.

Xue Ying watched as the other party left. His eyes were frosty.

What a fool!

Xue Ying would never show any mercy to such devils. If he had the chance, he would definitely eliminate the other party.

‘Indeed, as God Eagle Snake and the others have said, there are some who dared to coerce me within the city.’ Xue Ying thought.

Other than this Xie Fan, there was actually another female expert called ‘Mo Shu’ that dared to threaten him directly in the city! Both of them were notorious! In the end, both of them were angrily rebuked and chased out by Xue Ying! Other than them, no other experts had come to threaten him any longer. Xie Fan and Mo Shu were both incredibly powerful experts––they were both ranked in the top few dozens. Ordinary Grand Perfection God Emperors did not dare to provoke them. Many other experts in the city were also paying attention to this cultivator called Flying Snow, to see what battle would happen in the future between him and the other two terrifying experts, Xie Fan and Mo Shu.

Time passed.

In the blink of an eye, the 10,000 years time limit for the auction was up!

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