Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 19 – Life or Death in an Instant

Chapter 19 – Life or Death in an Instant

“It’s a Shadow Leopard!” Zong Ling was shocked. His combat experience prompted him to retreat rapidly. Shou Shou Shou! Thanks to the power of his tail, he was able to flee to the top of a remote tree with just three breathtaking jumps.

But the Shadow Leopard’s murky pupils merely glanced at Zong Ling coldly before continuing to gaze at Xue Ying.

It didn’t care about the silver haired serpent man. The leopard was a level five magic beast which was famous for its speed; it could kill a heaven ranked knight with just one attack! Besides, the leopard’s body was so strong that there was no way that a heaven ranked knight could injure it. So it ignored Zong Ling, and focused on Xue Ying.

This young man in black… was a big threat!

He was able to counterattack after the sneak attack.

“Uncle Zong, you should leave, run as far as you can.” Xue Ying said in a low voice.

“Xue Ying, be careful. Shadow leopards are fast.” Zong Ling knew he couldn’t help and retreated.

Xue Ying gazed closely at the shadow leopard and smiled, “I never imagined encountering a level 5 magic beast.” He released the straps that ran around his chest and the weapon box fell to the ground. It had been completely trashed by the leopard’s attack. Xue Ying’s coat wasn’t that much better. Fortunately, Xue Ying hadn’t been severely wounded due to his inner armor.

“He, he~~” The shadow leopard panted lightly as it circled Xue Ying. Its steps were incredibly light, as the pads on its’ feet muffled the sound of its footsteps.

Xue Ying’s eyes followed the leopard.

One man, and one magic beast.

They looked into each other’s eyes!

It’s life or death in an instant!

“Shua Shua!” The Shadow Leopard suddenly burst into action; it jumped to the outside then instantly charged toward Xue Ying the instant it’s paws contacted the ground.

“Die for me!” The spear was like a snake in Xue Ying’s hand and moved in front of the leopard in a moment.

The leopard kept its eyes on Xue Ying.

It rushed forth again. It’s four paws were practically hovering about the ground as it moved forward softly, yet with lightning speed. It kept changed it’s directions, from one direction to another in order to evade the sharp point of Xue Ying’s spear.

Again and again, it would pounce towards Xue Ying, then suddenly change directions.

Xue Ying was focusing his entire strength on defending.

“Shua shua shua…” The Shadow Leopard became a phantom demon as it continuously circled around Xue Ying.

In response, the point of Xue Ying’s “Flying Snow God Spear” turned into countless phantom images and created an illusion of numberless drifting snowflakes.

“Too fast, simply too fast.”

“Not enough, this still isn’t enough!” Xue Ying was aware of how slow he was. Although he was skillful enough in the “Mysterious Ice Spear Technique” to become famous, when compared to the Shadow Leopard, the gap between them is abundantly clear! The Shadow Leopard circled around Xue Ying as if it was in it’s own domain. Again and again, it would look for an opportunity. This kind of phantom movement wasn’t even the limit for the Shadow Leopard! It was simply a basic movement for it.

Within the Shadow Leopard’s tranquil eyes, everything was in it’s control.


The atmosphere began to twist as the Shadow Leopard suddenly accelerated. Abruptly, it began attacking Xue Ying.

“This is the moment!” Xue Ying’s said as his eyes turned red and a red aura began emitting from his body. It was at this moment, that Xue Ying burst forth the full power of his primordial bloodline.

Power burst!

“Hong!” The point of the spear spun, tearing apart the atmosphere, as it thrust towards the Shadow Leopard that was streaking across the sky.

The Shadow Leopard felt alarmed.

The speed of this spear completely surpassed its expectations! If it had been prepared for this spear before hand, it would have been able to effortlessly dodge it. But it had used all of its strength and was now already in front of Xue Ying! Their distance was too close and its speed was too high. It was impossible for it to dodge.

“Hou~~~” It issued out a cruel roar and swiped at the spear with its front pair of claws.

The rotating spear moved as if it was a large wandering snake!

This move made the spinning spear lose most of its impact, but it still thrusting towards the Shadow Leopard’s abdomen.

The Shadow Leopard twisted its body as if it didn’t have any bones at all in a bid to avoid this terrifying spear.


The spear streaked across the Shadow Leopard’s soft white abdomen, causing a trace of blood to appear.

Borrowing the force of the spear, the Shadow Leopard leapt towards an elevated tree branch opposite of Xue Ying. On its abdomen was a two foot long cut. However, this cut had already been forced closed, leaving only a bit of blood to continue dripping. Within its dull gray eyes was a cruel madness as it tenaciously watching Xue Ying below.

“In spite of all that, I still haven’t killed you. You sure are lucky.” Xue Ying said as he attentively watched the Shadow Leopard. He hadn’t resigned yet in his heart. When he burst out his strength, it had the best effect when the opponent didn’t expect it. But now that this Shadow Leopard was on guard against him, it would be even more troublesome for him.

“Sou sou sou.”

The Shadow Leopard was also furious. Suddenly, it dashed down the tree three times before attacking Xue Ying.


The blood red aura on Xue Ying’s body soared as he seized his spear tightly and thrust. The Shadow Leopard dodged to the side in response.

“Get lost!” The spear thrust into nothing but air. However, Xue Ying immediately changed his thrust into a sweep!

The might of the spear’s sweep could cause the heaven to fall and rend the earth, causing the Shadow Leopard to also expose a frightened expression. If this sweep connected with the Shadow Leopard, it would result in Xue Ying’s victory! Even if it didn’t kill the Shadow Leopard, the sweep would still gravely injure it! How could it have known that Xue Ying had awoken the primordial bloodline of Power. As the spear sweeped across, all of its power passed through the shaft. Only with this would Xue Ying be able to display his advantage.

The Shadow Leopard’s body undulated as if it was water. Its claws lightly held onto the spear and used the force of the spear to minimize the damage inflicted on it.

“Hong~~~” Following the sweep of the spear, a tree that had been struck on the side suddenly began rumbling before splitting apart in a big explosion! The entire tree had been cut off! With that explosion, the tree began to collapse.

“Die for me.”

Xue Ying rushed forth, thrusting, slashing and sweeping with his spear.

A continuous torrent of attacks enveloped the Shadow Leopard and in response, it unceasingly evaded as it retreated. It seemed that the surrounding mountain forest was out of luck. Xue Ying’s spear was able to shatter and completely penetrate a boulder that needed two or three people to wrap around it! How could these trees possibly bear this destruction?


The whole time, they were fighting in close quarters.

Xue Ying had long since discovered that Uncle Zong was hiding far away. This let him secretly heave a sigh of relief, yet he still felt very anxious within his heart.

This was because under the influence of his power burst, he was only able to hold some advantages with his frantic assault.

However, the Shadow Leopard is able to immediately catch up whenever he retreats. Thus, it is basically impossible for him to escape. The Shadow Leopard was simply too fast! If the Shadow Leopard wished to stalk them afterwards, Xue Ying wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“What shall I do? I’m continuously losing strength and can’t hold on much longer.” After using his special power, Xue Ying felt that his energy was draining drastically.

Once he used up his energy, he would die!

“He he~~~”

The Shadow Leopard was an experienced hunter, which kept on looking for the opportunity to strike.


Xue Ying’s fierce consumption of his physical strength had finally opened up a gap in his attacks. The Shadow Leopard moved like lightning and appeared right in front of Xue Ying.

“Not good!” Xue Ying heart shuddered and his scalp felt numb.

He was faced with a crisis of death so suddenly!

“Just die for me already! Die! Die! Die!” Xue Ying went crazy and his eyes reddened. Either you or I will die. He struck out his spear with all his might.

This was his last struggle!

He struggled just like a wild beast would when facing death. Xue Ying was suddenly facing a death crisis, but this could also be an opportunity to cultivate his instinct to survive.

His entire body surged with energy. The time seemed to slow down as the Shadow Leopard vicious tooth could be seen clearly.


The breeze generated from the fight felt refreshing on his face.

Hua~Hua~Hua~ His blood flow could be felt clearly as if it was a surging river,

Si si si~~~ His muscles and bones were also transmitting their power to him.

“A power perfect and pure.”

When Xue Ying faced the threatening death crisis, he instinctively broke through the lack of comprehension of his power, his blood flowed and his bones and muscle connected together and transmitted power…. He could clearly feel everything. It was so beautiful. At that moment, he felt as if all of his power was in his control. The control over his power was incomparably delicate and didn’t waste any of it. He even had a surplus of energy.


His whole body’s strength was being transmitted like water. He had never had such wonderful control over his own body before.

His whirling spear pierced through the vast sky as its speed suddenly increased sharply!

Pu ji!

In a flash, the point of the spear withdrew from the stupefied Shadow Leopard’s abdomen and was thrust into the back of the Shadow Leopard.

While holding onto the spear, Xue Ying saw that the impaled Shadow Leopard was still twisting and struggling to break free. Its blood unceasingly flowed. Xue Ying tenaciously stared at the Shadow Leopard, and the Shadow Leopard stared back. However, within the dull gray eyes of the Shadow Leopard, there was panic, fear, anger and anxiety. Its powerful life force allowed it to struggle for nearly half a minute. It was only when the last of its blood flowed down onto the ground that it finally succumbed to death.

Once Xue Ying body relaxed his body, he lay on the ground covered in ice cold snow. The Shadow Leopard continued to glare as the spear protruded from it’s body beside Xue Ying.

“It’s your death, and my survival!” As Xue Ying looked at the corpse of the Shadow Leopard, he rejoiced that after this calamity, he had a renewed life.

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