Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 20 – First Level of the Mysterious Ice Spear Technique

Chapter 20 – First Level of the Mysterious Ice Spear Technique

Zong Ling landed. His heart filled with fear when he saw the forest, havoc was wrought upon it by monsters.

“Xue Ying, nothing must happen to you. Nothing must have happened to you!” Zong Ling’s anxious heart tightened as he followed the traces of destruction. “Damn it, damn it! Why couldn’t I be a Meteor Knight by now? I could have helped Xue Ying if I had broken through earlier. He would not have been alone in that hopeless situation.”

Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu, his life and death friends, ordered him to take care of their kids before they were taken away.

Zong Ling grew fond of Xue Ying, as if he were his own blood, as he had been with him while he grew from a crying baby into a young man.

Zong Ling’s worries increased overtime as he continued travelling through the decimated forest.

“Nothing must happen to him!”

“Nothing happen to him!”

Zong Ling rushed forward with great speed, jumping constantly from branch to branch.


Zong Ling was agile, making him able to jump dozens of meters from tree trunk to tree trunk, as his snake tail pulled him forward like a slingshot. In midair, he spotted a youngster clothed in black standing in the distance.

Zong Ling took a deep sigh of relief the moment he realized who the black clothed youngster was.

“Xue Ying!” Zong Ling hurried over to him.

“Uncle Zong!” Xue Ying pulled out his spear from the corpse of the Shadow Leopard.

“You killed the Shadow Leopard?” When Zong Ling saw the corpse, he could not believe it with his own eyes since this was supposed to be a terrifying predator famed for its high speed and agility.

Xue Ying smiled. “Luck. I really am lucky, if I was lacking in the least… I would have been the one to die.”

This was the first time he had faced death.

Although he had faced magical beasts before, the sharp claws and teeth of those beasts had allowed him to polish his body, as well as experience a taste of death. However, that was in group combat, which he had the absolute advantage in! But this one Shadow Leopard was able to completely suppress him in all regards!

“Shua, Shua, Shua.” Xue Ying stretched out his left hand, a spear sack appeared in his palm, and within it, there were at least 12 short silver spears. Originally, this spear sack was stored within his storage pedant.

“Enter.” He picked up the body of the Shadow Leopard but had to bend it a little, while also putting down the spear bag.


The Shadow Leopard vanished without a trace, leaving only a little room on the sides in the sack.

“Uncle Zong, let’s quickly leave, as the smell of the blood will attract other beasts.” Xue Ying carried the spear sack on his back, and he took out the Flying Snow God Spear.

“No need to worry. Normal beasts would not dare to come near us due to the Shadow Leopard’s scent. After that big fight, you’d better take a good rest.” Zong Ling smiled in a relaxed manner.

During the return trip.

Xue Ying was in a good mood. Even though he experienced a life threatening fight, a Shadow Leopard was worth 10000 gold coins! A Shadow Leopard’s satin like pelt was able to imbue items with cloaking effects, so it was considered a precious refining material. Naturally the Shadow Leopard’s pelt would fall into the hands of the rich nobility. This was an item much beloved by them. When worn, the Shadow Leopard’s pelt was both beautiful as well as honorable. How many people would gaze upon it with admiration and envy?

For Xue Ying, it didn’t matter. What counted was that it had brought them money.


Inside the camp in the Mountain Range of Desolation.

Four hours had already passed and the sky turned pitch black as Xue Ying and Zong Ling hurried back to their camp. Zong Ling rested after the meal, but Xue Ying didn’t.

“Shua, Shua~~~”

The bonfire in the camp was always lit in order to keep away the cold.

Xue Ying was sitting down cross-legged near the bonfire, with the Flying Snow Spear laid across his legs. He was sitting there with his eyes closed, whilst the fire illuminated his face.


The night was very silent…..

Xue Ying was carefully inspecting his body, feeling every muscle and bone, the expanding and shrinking of his inner organs, whilst his blood surged like a river…..

He had already reached the realm of Power Perfectly as One, and now with attentive understanding, he would consolidate it to increase his familiarity with it.


Suddenly Xue Ying stood up, and whilst holding his Flying Snow God Spear, he started to practice his spear technique.

Being one with the spear was like being a Flood Dragon.

The shadow of the spear was twinkling and the snow was dancing wildly.

“Fine spear, fine technique.”

Xue Ying stopped and looked at the Flying Snow Spear in his hand with a pleased expression.

If a spear was fast enough, it would cause the human eye to see multiple spears attacking simultaneously; this phenomena is called the persistence of vision.

Of course, different people would have different degrees of persistency.

Ordinary knights, Earth Knights and Heaven Knights all had a common degree of vision persistency.

Those in the Star tier would have a shorter duration of vision persistency.

But a Transcendent being… their vision persistency would be exceedingly short!

This time, during the exploration of the Mountain Range of Desolation, the speed of Xue Ying’s spear technique had reached the ‘Five Spear Realm’! When faced with a Star tier opponent, they would be able to see as many as five spears at once. If he also burst out the power of his primordial bloodlines… he would just barely be able to approach the ‘Seven Spear Realm’!

But now!

At the realm of Power Perfectly as One, he had perfect control over every single thread of power within his body. Even if he didn’t burst out his power, he could effortlessly attain the ‘Seven Spear Realm’!

As a spirit weapon, only in the hands of a Great Spear Master could the true magical abilities of the Flying Snow Spear be displayed! The inside of the shaft of the Flying Snow Spear was like the arteries and veins of a human body. When the spear collided with the enemy’s weapon, it would abruptly give rise to an opposite power! Generally, this power would dissipate within the spear.

However, the Flying Snow God Spear could perfectly transmit this power, not allowing any of it to scatter.

A common spear expert wouldn’t care about the vibrations of the spear. They might even think of it as a hindrance!

But for Great Spear Masters, they were able to perfectly take advantage of this power. They were even able to use this strength to execute even faster attacks.

“Power Perfectly as One. I’ve attained the ‘Seven Spear Realm’!”

“The Flying Snow God Spear is able to perfectly utilize all of its power, thus causing the spear’s might to become even greater. I can reach the ‘Eight Spear Realm’ with speed alone!”

“When I burst out the power of my primordial bloodline, then I can attain the ‘Ten Spear Realm’!”

Xue Ying felt excited.

The Shadow Leopard’s death wasn’t in vain!

During that last desperate strike by Xue Ying, his spear’s speed had reached the formidable level of the ‘Ten Spear Realm’. This speed was able to omnipotently suppress even Silver Moon Knights. Those who were weaker than Silver Moon Knights might not even be able to stop a few blows and could even die in a single blow!

“This still isn’t my limit. My spear can still go faster.” Xue Ying began to cultivate the Transcendent’s spear technique his father had left behind for him, the “Mysterious Ice Spear Technique”.

A powerful Transcendent Knight’s secrets.

He would only be able to learn the first level of this technique after becoming a Great Spear Master.


Dou Qi revolved within his body, maximizing his strength, causing the spear to whirl as if it was a large python, spinning in an astonishing arc.

While withdrawing his spear, he would reverse the direction of the rotation.

He struck out and retracted it.

This powerful rotation was reversed… This allowed the shaft of the spear to conceal its rotational strength within. Even Spear Experts would feel their palms grow numb in the face of such formidable power. Xue Ying had unleashed this power!

This was the kind of strength the “Mysterious Ice Spear Technique” needed to take advantage of!

“That’s not right.”

“The force exerted is wrong.”

“The torque isn’t pure enough.”

Xue Ying practiced again and again with his spear.

Hu la——

Hu la——

In the midst of night at the camp, one burst after another of what seemed like a screaming voice was heard. This made the scalps of all of the soldiers standing guard grow numb. As they watched their young master practice his spear techniques beside the bonfire, they couldn’t help but to revere him even more.

“The Young Master truly is the Young Master. Amazing.”

“Even after coming to the Mountain Range of Desolation, he continues to train like crazy during the night. It’s no wonder why he’s so powerful!”

“The young master was already training like a mad devil when he was eight years old. I couldn’t possibly endure such suffering.”

Those soldiers continued to quietly gossiped amongst themselves.


Xue Ying continuously practiced the first level of the numerous techniques of the “Mysterious Ice Spear Technique”. Even though the mysterious ice knight, Senior Gu Yuan Han, had written highly detailed descriptions of the techniques, it would still be very difficult to learn it. Luckily for Xue Ying, who is a great spear master, he had an extremely fine control over the spear so there was still some hope for him to learn it.

The night quickly passed and dawn came.


The spear struck out.

It was like the movement of a huge python that could rotate its body in a flash. There was a very short sound that resounded. It was not the normal whirring sound, but was just a very short ‘si’’. There was a visible arc of the rotation of the spear that could be seen with the naked eye as it retracted, only to be quickly struck out again.

Xue Ying showed an elated expression. There was a subtle blood red aura that suddenly appeared around his body. He had completely used up all of his power and the terrifying spear technique was able to be delivered to his heart’s content.


There were snowflakes surrounding the spear, and while striking, the spear would look as if it was stationary in the midst of the snowflakes.

After the twelfth strike, the stationary spear that was among the snowflakes disappeared.

This was the proof of reaching the terrifying ‘Twelve Spears Realm’.

The first level of the Mysterious Ice Spear Technique, Floating Snow, clearly had a large amplification effect on one’s speed. The Mysterious Ice Knight Gu Yuan Han’s spearmanship was originally famous for its speed! The second and third levels were even faster! But they were also much harder to master.

“Twelve Spears Realm.” Xue Ying smiled, ‘“I have finally succeeded in training the first stage of “Mysterious Ice Spear Technique”, Floating Snow.”

After becoming a Great Spear Master and learning the Mysterious Ice Spear Technique, Xue Ying’s power had increased by leaps and bounds.

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